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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I am currently on ESA (the work related group which I protest but nothing changes) and on Avanta's work programme, which is a waste of time (I've been telling them for over a year I want to go back into education and each month they say "hey how about self employment", etc..). Basically, I'm currently in Newcastle staying with family and must attend the monthly appointment which is in Bolton. That's a £50 rail fee away (with my railcard), just for me to walk in and say hi, tell them I don't want self employment I want to go back to education, and yes I am still seeing a therapist. It is a complete and utter waste of time. My question is are they required to reimburse that £50 rail fee even though I'm travelling from Newcastle, and not my registered home address? Because quite frankly it is a waste of time and money (that's a large portion of my ESA gone) to do something that terrifies me (I have severe social anxiety), but I've missed one or two appointments already and my advisor has been sending angry voicemails telling me I must come or they'll sanction me. It's bad enough that I'm being forced on the train journey which is a horrifying prospect, but hopefully I can regain the money spent? Thanks for your help!
  2. Received a letter this morning about my 1st appointment for the wrag based wp It says I have to either take a C.V. with me or record some details in relation to previous work experience. Why would they want these - surely I am not going to be forced into work thanks for any advice
  3. Hello, I'm on ESA in the Work Related Activity Group, and have been hassled by Avanta as part of the work programme since last year. Avanta have so far tried to make me become self-employed, which didn't work as I don't have the relevant qualifications. They've now sent me a letter saying I have to go to a group activity entitled "Job Applications". The blurb says, "Customers will be expected to actively job search and apply for jobs online in the centre. This will be a group activity, and evidence of job applications will be expected to be shown to your job coach." Underneath it says, "This activity forms part of your work related activity action plan. If you do not undertake the activities required in this notification your benefit could be affected." I have anxiety and depression as well as spinal problems which give me a lot of pain. I'm also on DLA. I thought that the whole point of ESA was that I'm not fit for work? I'm not in any state to work - I can't sit or stand for long enough to perform any work as it is. The only partial relief I can get from the pain is lying down. Can they make me do this? I've got enough on my plate at the moment with other problems as well as my health, and now I'm scared that they're going to try and make me get a job that I won't be able to do. Please help.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm currently on the work programme through JSA (Avanta) and they have a habit of popping round and hand delivering letters for appointments, sometimes only giving me 3-4 hours notice of appointments. This is a pretty big problem, as on occasion I have stayed out overnight and on getting back home the next afternoon, I find I've missed an appointment because the letter was just sat unopened at my door... There's even been times when I've been in the house and not noticed an appointment letter has been posted, as they're giving me 2-3 hours notice.. Unless I sat staring at my letterbox for 9 hours of the day, it just can't be expected that I can attend those.. But nevertheless I keep having to fight off sanctions for these (overturned 8 since January). I've looked all over the place and I can't find it in writing how much notice they're required to give for appointments. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Being currently unemployed, I was passed over to Avanata work programme by the DWP, I have claimed expenses for professional membership, provided them with copy of invoices, but now Avanta refuse to reimburse after I have paid them. They are now stating that unless I provide orginal receipts and also confirm I will provide them with employer details once I secure a job and keep in touch with them for two years once employed they will refuse to reimburse me. I have stated that I will not provide future employer details as I consider this private and confidential and that there is no legal requirement to disclose such private information. They have basically confirmed that they will get a performance related payment from DWP once I disclose any employer information to Avanta. I have raised this as a complaint with Avanta and copied the complaint to the DWP, and after a month I got a reply from Avanta saying basically the above. How can I appeal against the decision not to reimburse me and is there a legal course of action one could take to recover amounts previously agreed would be paid. I am now out of pocket by over £100. Do the DWP have any involvement or contractual responsibilities as they simply keep telling me to go back to Avanta.
  6. Hi I had an RBS Advanta card from 1998. Sometime after 2000 it suddenly changed to Mint. I have a CCA for the Advanta card but I have never agreed to any T&Cs for the Mint card. I was never informed that the card was changing. RBS have admitted that the PPI was mis-sold , but this, as far as I am aware, only applies to the Advanta card. I am now thinking that all transactions after the card was changed are null and void. Any thoughts on this?
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