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  1. Update on this -PlayStation want £400 to un-ban the account. My bank said PlayStation had 45 days to dispute the chargebacks and provide proof that the transactions were legit -which they failed to do. So are they admitting liability ? Of course the net is awash with complaints about Sony's policies, so this is not a unique situation. Someone has claimed online they have written to london hq and got refund on several occasions - although they were lacking on detail. Might try this - but i'm not convinced tbh
  2. Yes there is access - but there are 2 consoles.The affected one is in the main living room in full view of everyone- as it is the main living room -so it would be virtually impossible to do the transactions .Yet oddly , the console in the other room has far far greater privacy - but is not the affected machine
  3. I had over £400 of unathorized transactions on my PS online account involving the fortnite game. These were regular weekly amounts of £19.99 and £7.99 every week. I contacted Halifax bank and they chargebacked all the amounts-so far. Sony told me the transactions were made from the serial number of my PS console (after i supplied the number , i should have given a friends serial number to test their claims) However, even it was my machine (i am 99.99% convinced it was not) a friend claimed a remote hack can access the account and console. PS banned me from their network as they dont like chargebacks - and apparently their rules insist that users must contact them first for any unauthorized transactions. There rules are saying if there are unauthorized transactions you must not contact your bank until you contact PS first -surely that can't be right legally and goes against consumer law ?
  4. i emailed them and they stated that "No glass is covered under the guarantee"
  5. i purchased a Shower screen with pivot door in 2010 for £90 off a ebay shop. Today , it worked loose from the frame me and a couple of friends tried to reinsert it back into the frame - upon which the glass shattered cutting both my friend's hands:mad2: The specifications say it is 6mm safety clear glass ,BS EN 12150 & CE certified. Checking on the ebay shop the company just states 25 year guarantee in general - and that's it .And it states it for all its products even the smallest and cheapest. There is only basic vague refund info and nothing fora potentially faulty item. i admit it is 7 yrs since purchase , but, if i can avoiding paying £90 for another , do i have any claim for a refund ?
  6. Damn ! -that's awkward!
  7. This company has some very poor reviews - my friend only discovered after purchasing a CV joint , which was badly made and would not fit. They refused a refund and would only offer a exchange. I believe my friend returned after the 30 days period ("No quibble returns policy"??) Looking at the T/Cs -there is nothing to me that says they are complying with any aspect of "No quibble returns policy" What do other's think-are they within their rights -or taking the pxxx ?
  8. Thanks.I was wondering if you had your "Employer hats" on would you employ on that reference ?
  9. I have decided to accept settlement from an ex -employer on condition of a good reference.(I was made redundant)So , before i sign,is the reference they have submitted ok ? "I confirm that was employed by 1st April 2014 following a TUPE Transfer . This role involved providing support in all public-facing areas at the various Trust sites including reception, gift shop, tea room, welcome areas and within properties and visitor areas.The employment with the Trust ended on 31st March 2015 due to redundancy following an organisational restructure"
  10. Tried that -but no luck on it.They have given me a procedure to restore it but one of the steps are wrong -so i need to clarify that with them. Thing is, Toshiba could argue that i had an empty satnav in the first place ?
  11. I have a tomtom satnav (2007) i went on its site to update it.However , all that happened was that it wiped off all my maps - so basically i have nothing. .They have offered me a 25% discount voucher code to use on their products.So what are my rights ?given that i had a perfectly working Sat nav turned into scrap by the maker?
  12. Thanks, i guess most suppliers would be very reluctant to pay for a reinstall.I doubt the smaller shops would def be a no no
  13. What's the situ when you purchase something that has to be professionally installed by , say , an electrician and that item fails within the guarntee period and then you have to have to pay an installer again to have the new one fitted ? Are the supplier or maker of the product liable for your re-install cost? Thxs
  14. tali

    Legal Expenses cover

    I'm sure they would renege on that.And i'm sure they would probably be legally within their rights to do it.Odd
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