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  1. New veterans ID cards rolled out to service leavers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-veterans-id-cards-rolled-out-to-service-leavers
  2. Having read this forum and had a pretty good solicitor in a recent case, I have cobbled together what I perceive quite a nice defence, if anyone is interested. Obviously people would need to tailor to their own needs. Just really mentioning this to give something back to an excelllent forum and Dx100 help. shall I post it up? It does not include which I have read here recently.: 1) Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 The Office of Fair Trading v Abbeyicon National PLC and others (2009) 2) Show how they have complied with sections III & IV of Practice Direction - Pre-action Conduct. The only issue I have is that I have used a few times and I dont want a judge to think I just copied a template off the internet. I would be happier to give it to MODS for them to give it to trusted / known posters? Am happy to PM someone if they wanted to "disguise" it.
  3. Hello I have several outstanding debts with payday loan companies and credit card companies which have now been assigned to DCA's apart from where mentioned details below. Drafty PDL- now being chased by Asset Collections £746.55 Sainsburys CC - Wescot £1039.97 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft Vanquis CC £566.68 - Moorcroft The money shop PDL £768.84 - BW Legal EE -phonebill £155.03 - Moorcroft Capital 1 CC £245.58 - Fredrickson/lowell Tesco CC £539.66 -moorcroft Very £897 no dca actiity Safetynet credit £503.89 PDL - Opos satsuma PDL £738.00 no dca activity halfax CC£1959.95 - Wescott western circle/cashfloat - £607.37 no dca activity Just under 10k by my reckoning, what would be the best route forward iva/dro or reduced settlement figures ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hackers access 5.9m bank cards at Dixons Carphone Dixons Carphone says it has been the victim of an "unauthorised data access" in which millions of customer bank card details were targeted over the past 12 months. The company believed there were attempts since last July - only discovered over the past week - to compromise 5.9 million cards in one of its processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. It said there was currently no evidence of any fraudulent use of the information - with the vast majority of the cards having chip and pin protection. However, Dixons Carphone said it had notified card providers to 105,000 non-EU issued cards that did not have chip and pin technology so those customers could be immediately protected. In addition, Dixons Carphone said 1.2 million personal data records were hacked. It admitted non-financial personal data, such as names, addresses or email addresses, was accessed but it again insisted that it had seen no evidence of any fraud at this stage. The breach was currently being investigated by police, it said, while regulators had also been informed. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/hacking-targets-customers-currys-pc-world-064800857.html
  5. Hi all, I filled Barclaycards online PPI claim form in regarding an Egg card paid off a couple of years ago. One week later (yesterday) I receive a letter from them acknowledging my claim form and outlining what will now happen. They say they will contact me by 10th March with an update and have also sent a form for me to send back submitting my bank details for any repayment of PPI. So not bad from them! However, I only asked them to research the Egg card but in the letter they say they have found two further card numbers "linked" to the Egg card and will investigate them too. Im not sure what this means. I had other credit cards around that time but they were separate cards from other card providers. They were not "linked" to the Egg card in any way. Could it simply be that they are now responsible for other cards I may have had by way of buying other companies as they did with Egg? Thanks all.
  6. Hello All, I have received a letter telling me an old HSBC Credit Card was sold to Cabot Financial today and that they would be in touch shortly. The account is not statue barred. Whilst I am happy to enter into a repayment plan, I want to make sure that they have all their ducks lined up and have all the correct paperwork. I originally had a dispute with HSBC after they blocked the card on Christmas Eve and that very nearly left me stranded Birmingham Airport over the Christmas Period. At the time there were plenty of funds available on the card and it was the only card I had on my person at the time. Long story short I phoned them on the day asking why the card was not working and noone could explain it to me either. I was promised several callbacks which they never made and a resolution the same day which also did not materialise. As I couldn't buy the train ticket I needed, I had to take several buses to my Christmas destination which in all took over 10 hours to complete a 60 mile journey.......... As I hold an ENCTS pass this journey cost me nothing but did cause considerable inconvenience at the time. I made a complaint at the time and whilst they acknowledged the complaint, they did not respond and when it came to them wanting something (i.e. to pay the bill) I refused until the complaint was resolved to my satisfaction. Apparently they had nothing on file and still did not know the reason for the failure of the card. This contradicted what I was told on the day of the failure which was "A Back office team is working hard on this as we speak and it will be resolved shortly" which now appears to be from my perspective a complete lie. Fast forward to the issue at hand now, I received a letter that the account has been sold to Cabot Financial and that I will begin a game of letter tennis within the coming days. How is it best to proceed from here. I don't particularly want to furnish Crapbot with too much information. But I'm happy to do my homework and see what happens. Debt is for a Credit Card approx £1,800 I don't doubt for a second that Crapbot will take legal action eventually but I'd rather give them notice as it were that I know how to handle this matter. I'm thinking just a bog standard CCA Request uncrossed postal order and see what they come back with? Perhaps a SAR to HSBC as well?
  7. Dear All, I filled out the online form for Barclaycard to reclaim my PPI, which I never realised that I had. I get a reply this week enclosing a copy of a letter dated November 2014 that apparently they sent me when I applied for return of PPI the last time??? I have zero memory of doing this and I am not convinced they are telling me the truth. In any case they are telling me that nothing was miss sold and I am not getting any money back. It seems like a generic letter and they have used internal and external evidence to reach this decision. They have also included the "linked cards" that where on my account? I have no idea what the linked cards are. Does anyone have any ideas? I am about to send a new letter to Barclays advising them that I never received the letter dated November 2014, can they please provide copies of all credit contracts between barclay card and myself and also copies of all the evidence internal and external that supports their case so that I can take this case to the next stage. I would also like supporting evidence that shows me that the PPI was not missold. I have advised that i will take the case to the BO. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Does anyone have any experience as what has happened once they get a letter asking for the supporting evidence? Finally what linked cards? Many Thanks
  8. Banks have admitted that thieves are able to use contactless cards even if they’ve been cancelled – sometimes months after being reported stolen. RBS, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays and Nationwide admitted that a ‘weakness in the system’ can allow fraudsters to use cards after they have been reported lost. The ‘tap and pay’ cards allow purchases up to £30 without requiring a PIN number. The problem stems from the fact that some shops complete purchases ‘offline’, without checking with the card issuer if a card is valid. Instead of checking ‘live’, some shops store transactions and check batches at the end of the day, meaning that stolen cards can sometimes be used. The FCA says that if customers fall victim to this kind of fraud, they are entitled to get their money back. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/thieves-can-still-use-contactless-cards-theyve-cancelled-banks-admit-103749226.html
  9. How can my father go about claiming for PPI for credit cards? 1. if the debt has been sold on to a debt collecting agency 2. if my father no longer has statements 3. do I can a generic letter out with a reference number to the debt collecting agency or the original credit card company?
  10. I recently sent Ace a CCA request and they have returned the attached 'reconstituted copy'. When I started using the catalogue I was at a different address to the one they have written on this copy CCA form - does that matter? PPI claim and charges issue will be put on another thread. Ace have sent me statements going back to 11.01.2001. I am not too bothered re the 'service' charges but I have 3 x £20 default sums from 2006, which are after I had informed them of financial difficulties. If I could get these plus PPI [another thread] back then my account should be cleared. I understand there might be a limit of 6 years for these to be claimed back? any thoughts? PPI form sent to ACE for PPI amounting to £240+ - they have passed my 'information regarding the PPI to the relevant department who will contact' me separately. Just wanted to get this thread started as I am expecting issues to arise.
  11. Should Vanquis be sending out Annual Staements even if smaller than normal monthly payments are being made?
  12. Thousands of people with lost or stolen contactless cards have been warned they could be used by fraudsters up to eight months after they are cancelled. The problem generally lies in contactless card payments being processed in one of two ways - 'online' or 'offline'. When payments are processed online, the card and payment machine immediately communicate with the customer's bank. If a lost or stolen card has been cancelled, this will be flagged immediately and a payment not allowed. Offline payments are stored in batches by retailers and processed online to the bank at a later point, sometimes a few days later with smaller stores. This can allow a thief buying goods on a stolen card to go undetected. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3779910/Thousands-contactless-cards-lost-stolen-warned-fraudsters-use-EIGHT-MONTHS-cancelled.html#ixzz4KtdyLapj If your contactless card is lost or stolen make suer you check your statement for fraudulent transactions.
  13. Sending sar off tomorrow, not sure if there are many charges on this one, I have been pretty good with Citcards even though I dont have the card anymore............
  14. Hi I have a part repayment and part interest only mortgage. I tried to remortgage last year with Chelsea but we couldn't afford new monthly amount. I had house valued and didn't have enough equity to do it with another lender. Any ideas what I can do with the interest part as don't want to lose my house when mortgage ends in 12 years. Also I have credit card debt so would it be better to use money I have to clear these or put savings on the interest part of mortgage? Any help would be appreciated and apologies if it's on the wrong forum.
  15. I ordered a standard sim card in my mams name for my phone as she gave permission. but my samsung galaxy mini series 4 phone only takes the smaller sim cards can I use my Pay monthly card deal on my pay as you go card even if it means doing some tweaking with numbers. dose any one no what to do or even understand what im talking about? Bankers4me
  16. I've read some threads on here regarding claiming PPI, charges etc from studio cards, I have had a account with them since approx 1999, and have bought things on & off since then. I currently owe £80 but about £30 are charges, over the years my balance has been paid off then used again and balance has gone up to £800 at one point. I cancelled PPI on the account last year when I used my account after having a zero balance and realising they were adding PPI. I had letter saying I couldn't reclaim for ppi after I cancelled it. I'm wondering if its worth sending studio a SAR to see what charges etc I have and try and reclaim them. I know the PPI wouldn't have paid out as I was a housewife when I first had studio account so wouldn't have asked for it anyway. Is it worth sending SARs to any catalogues etc I have/had and try to reclaim? Whether they have balances on or are zero balances? Thankyou
  17. Hello, Its my first time when i am trying to claim my PPI - can someone help me where to send complains I had a few store cards, all now closed and all information are from my Equifax account DEBENHAMS 2009 - 2013 - NewDay MONSOON 2007 - 2012 - NewDay TOP SHOP - account closed 2009 - GE Money River Island - NewDay NEXT - (2006 - 2012) I had as well Personal loan from Ocean money and again I dont have idea which address to use? Any help will be appreciated
  18. I have a problem with a Credit Card on which due to unfortunate circumstances I can no longer afford the payments demanded. Way back in the past when I had similar problems you guys were able to help me out. There was a section here on this forum which contained several pro-forma letters which I used to get the Credit Card Company to close the account, freeze the balance without adding any more interest, and accept a much lower payment repayment plan. Can anyone point me to the section where I can once again find these pro-forma letters and make use of them? Many thanks.
  19. I got behind with my TSB credit card payments because I have been off work due to illness. I sent TSB a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor. They have now sent me a large form which not only has to be filled out by a doctor but if I sign it will give them access to my medical records. I told them that they have a medical certificate and they are insisting I sign the form or face legal action. Can they do this?
  20. Someone has emailed the following complaint to CAG admin - the following message is exactly as received. No contact details for a response were included. E Credit Plus Ltd 2 Minton Place Victoria Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6QB This Company are HARRASING me with numerous SPAM TEXTS for Yes Card yescardaccept.co.uk~ |THEY ARE A BUNCH A FRADIUSTERS AND NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! I have reported the number from which the text's are sent from to the ICO but no action has been taken. I am sick of it!
  21. CAG, along with many others have been steering people away from Pay Day Loans. Now there is a new tactic from one particular bank. I have personally condemned Vanquis for their high interest rates and being no better than a revolving Pay Day Loan. CAG has seen many cases of how easy it is to get into serious debt with this particular type of credit card. Now Money Mail are on the case....
  22. OK, here's one for you. My wife works in sales for a multinational. She travels extensively around the UK & Ireland and frequently clocks up business travel and accommodation expenses in excess of £1000 per month. He salary is modest and after tax etc. she takes home about £2100 per month. The company have issued her with an AmEx card which is in her name. This account, in her name, needs to be paid off at the end of every month. This means that from her £2100 take home on average £1000 is immediately paid to AMEX, if it is not then the card is frozen and she ends up having to fund expenses herself. The problem is that her employer pay her expenses up to 2 weeks after the AMEX bill is due to be paid. We are STILL waiting for November's expenses to be paid. Because of the increased expenditure around Christmas she was unable to afford to pay the November AMEX bill so AMEX cancelled her card and reported her to her employer for paying the bill late. She is now being investigated by her company accounts team for paying her company credit card late. She is continuing to rack up expenses doing her job. so - just to recap - she frequently racks up expenses that average around 50% of her take home, these are paid on an company AMEX card in her name which she has to pay off every month. Her employer usually don't settle her expenses claim (which is submitted promptly and in accordance with their rules) until 2 weeks AFTER the AMEX bill needs to be settled. In December, they didn't pay her expenses at all which resulted in her November and December AMEX bills not being paid (she has received no expense payment since November. Her employer now has the BRASS NECK to be investigating her use of the company credit card because she is unable to pay the bill. Over the next 3 weeks she has to again travel and will require around £1000 to fund this trip. She is asking me if I can lend her the money so she can go (it is an essential part of her job). I run a small company and am a one man business, I am beyond angry that she is expected to bank roll their business for 2 weeks out of every month and even more angry that they have not yet paid expenses going back to NOVEMBER. despite them being signed off and approved by the company's SAP system. Their tardiness has resulted in her company credit card being revoked and not they are expecting her (me) to bankroll their business for another month. Just to recap - this is a multi national, blue chip business. They have not given any reason why the expenses are late, both her manager and the one above her are utterly spineless in chasing to find out what the issue is. HR don't want to know. I am cynical enough to recognise that being an American business, their fiscal year ends in December. I have no idea whether or not others have had their expenses delayed but because my wife's 'patch' is the largest (Scotland North of England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden whereas her colleagues would be 'North London') her expenses are significant because they constitute such a large chunk of her pay packet. It might be that they have simply decided to delay payment of expenses over 'x' because it was year end and management bonuses were at stake. In the face of this I am beyond frustrated. My advice to her is to simply refuse to carry out any further business travel UNTIL the company settles its outstanding expenses, re issues her AMEX card, cancels the 'investigation' and wipes her personnel record clean and agrees to pay her expense claim BY THE END OF THE MONTH they are occurred. However, because the company is going through 'restructuring' she is terrified of losing her job. we have fought about this as I am disinclined to fund the next 3 weeks which I see as bank rolling another business which I am not prepared to do when I am forced to cut my travel. I have told her that as far as I see, she doesn't have a job because this sort of existence is simply not worth it. Is there anything that we can do other than downing tools (which I still think is the only way to go with this)? Personally I am inclined to pay my wife the money she needs to fund the business and then, once her expenses claim is in, pursue her company through the invoice system, which they won't pay and which I can then escalate to the FD by hitting them with a winding up order - I can then explain why I have invoiced them. any other ideas how to confront this despicable behaviour - (all the more disingenuous because she was the only one in her team to actually make target last year)?
  23. Over the festive session there are a total of 3 days when there are either no services at all, or the availability of services is so low as to be pointless, yet the passenger transport executive for South Yorkshire refuses to amend any travel card purchased that run over this period. Over the 3 days in question there is a bare handful of bus services running in Sheffield funded by the Council or a specific service for one place of work. There are no trams or trains running for 2 days completely and what looks to be a very reduced service on 1 day. In short I'm out of pocket by the sum of £10.17p for services I can not use. I'd like to push back at this subsidy for the Passenger executive from my pocket, considering the executive is already funded from taxes paid by me, so how do I do this ? What laws kick back at the idea at paying for services that are not available ? What do other local area transport executives do over the period ?
  24. Now our banks seem hell bent on making us have contactless debit/credit cards, does any1 know if we can be compelled to have 1 instead of chip and pin. Thank you.
  25. Hi all I had a credit Card with The Associates back in 1996 and during the lifetime was bought by CitiCards Limited. Loads of PPI on there but who do I send the SAR to and once received who do I send my claim to as I believe that The Associates are no more. Many thanks
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