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Found 7 results

  1. I had an accident at a VERY slow speed (about 5mph) in my local petrol station. I was reversing into a petrol pump place, and a black taxi drove forward into me. No damage to either vehicle, but the cab driver is claiming personal injury. This smells to me, and I think he's a fraudster. my insurance co say it's my fault - I would argue it's 50/50 as he should have seen my reversing lights and stopped moving forward. I exchanged numbers with the driver he only told me it wasn't his cab, but he was a friend of the owner of it. He gave me his name, but i didn't get ID from him. How do I know the person who's claiming is the actuial person who drove into me? Maybe this guy wasn't insured to drive the car? Also, I noticed the back bumper of the taxi was hanging down, and was secured by a seat belt tied round it. Don't taxis have to conform to strict legal obligations as to the state of the cab - was this cab roadworthy in this condition? I've asked my insurance for a copy of the driving license photo of the claimant to make sure it's the same guy, but they have refused to provide it. Any advice?
  2. Hi all, I have a lovely friend who made a naive mistake two weeks ago - she received a phone call from a 'very believable' fraudster who asked her for some info about her bank card to 'pass security', etc. Ultimately, on the Monday she lost £350. Even though she contacted her bank on the Monday, they are refusing to reimburse her. Please can I ask if she has any avenue to go down on this? Thank you.
  3. Thousands of people with lost or stolen contactless cards have been warned they could be used by fraudsters up to eight months after they are cancelled. The problem generally lies in contactless card payments being processed in one of two ways - 'online' or 'offline'. When payments are processed online, the card and payment machine immediately communicate with the customer's bank. If a lost or stolen card has been cancelled, this will be flagged immediately and a payment not allowed. Offline payments are stored in batches by retailers and processed online to the bank at a later point, sometimes a few days later with smaller stores. This can allow a thief buying goods on a stolen card to go undetected. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3779910/Thousands-contactless-cards-lost-stolen-warned-fraudsters-use-EIGHT-MONTHS-cancelled.html#ixzz4KtdyLapj If your contactless card is lost or stolen make suer you check your statement for fraudulent transactions.
  4. I was contacted on 13th October by Experian who informed me that they suspect an imposter had applied on-line to view my credit file. After a long discussion with their helpdesk I find out that the fraudster answered 2x security questions incorrectly but was still granted access to my full credit file. One of these questions was my DOB - REALLY !!!! I can not believe that full access was granted even though something as fundamental as my DOB was wrong !!! This individual has subsequently gone on to apply for credit and purchase items from many telecom suppliers, some on my account, including EE, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and O2. My Vodafone bill is currently over £1500, (Normally £16.00). Yesterday I was told that Apple Online had delivered £1200 worth of goods to my address and it was likely intercepted by the culprit before the delivery man made it to my door!! John Lewis is another store where a Credit card has been applied for in my name !! The effort and time involved in resolving this situation is huge, not to mention the stress and worry whilst the criminal aspect of the situation is dealt with. My credit worthiness will no doubt suffer as a result of this Although I can not hold Experian fully responsible for the actions of this "low life", I do feel they are responsible for giving him easy access to my details. What is the point of having security questions in the first place ????? I have sent an email complaint to Experian but heard nothing yet. I would appreciate any advice you can give regarding how best to deal with my stressful situation. Thanks in advance Nick
  5. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/caller-id-shows-banks-number-123525973.html
  6. A bankrupt stockbroker who defrauded £316m from people has been ordered to pay a nominal £1 fee. Nicholas Levene, 48, was jailed for 13 years after he admitted a Ponzi scheme which brought millions into his bank accounts between April 2005 and September 2009. Levene, from Barnet, north London, took investors' money to buy shares on their behalf but spent it on luxury cars and yachts. His assets are being investigated. He filed for bankruptcy in October 2009. 'Nominal sum' Levene admitted 12 counts of fraud, one count of false accounting and one of obtaining a money transfer by deception. The amount attributed to his false accounting was £32,352,027. But with his customers' lost profits, the amount reached a total of £101,685,406. At Southwark Crown Court Judge Martin Beddoe said: "It seems to me entirely pragmatic that his assets are seized by the trustee in bankruptcy. "As there is nothing available, I direct that he should pay the nominal sum of £1 within seven days." Levene, who was not in court, has admitted defrauding a series of business people including Sir Brian Souter and his sister Ann Gloag, the founders of the Stagecoach bus and rail group, and Richard Caring, owner of The Ivy and Le Caprice restaurants in London's West End. Investigators found evidence of round-the-world trips, yacht hire and top hotel stays in Australia, South Africa and Israel. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-21927450
  7. Hi I have listed an item on Ebay UK which had been sold I received an e-mail from paypal saying that a differed payment has been made. Few days after, when I logged on my Ebay account the payment was shown as received. So I sent my laptop by recorded mail on which the buyer received and signed for the following day (have proof of sending, delivery and buyer’s signature). The laptop was new as I nearly haven’t used and bought since only 2 months. On 24th July I received an e-mail from paypal saying that the payment has been cancelled on 20th July. I tried to contact the buyer and contacted Ebay as well. I had no return from the buyer. So I opened a case for non paid item which Ebay closed confirming a second time that the item has been paid for and the payment received as shown on my Ebay account. It is a huge mistake from Ebay on which this buyer relies as I am not the first person he does it to. I tried to contact the buyer again telling him that I will complain to police and only then he replied sending very odd messages. I would like to make a complaint against this buyer for making a false payment and still holding the laptop and also against Ebay who is responsible for misleading me by putting on my account that the payment has been made and received twice, abusively closing the non paid item case I opened and not dealing with this malicious buyer helping him [causing problems]. The buyer claims the account isn't theirs, as the account holder has died, he is cleaming as well that the address is an homeless shelter, he is cleaming beeing a solicitor. I still spoke yesterday to ebay who is still confiming that the payment has been made and I hold all proof through paypal and bank account Ebay protect fraudster people because this buyer has very bad feedbacks but ebay don't let the sellet to report him and when you open a case for non payment you can't leave a bad feedback so people write a bad feedbacks on positif way who gives to this buyer 100 % good My account on ebay is 10samisam
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