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Found 4 results

  1. Someone has emailed the following complaint to CAG admin - the following message is exactly as received. No contact details for a response were included. E Credit Plus Ltd 2 Minton Place Victoria Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6QB This Company are HARRASING me with numerous SPAM TEXTS for Yes Card yescardaccept.co.uk~ |THEY ARE A BUNCH A FRADIUSTERS AND NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! I have reported the number from which the text's are sent from to the ICO but no action has been taken. I am sick of it!
  2. We received an email yesterday in respect of this company. The person provided his name, but no return email address in order for us to respond. If you see this message, please do register on CAG - it is Free and update this thread.
  3. Having a few concerns and questions, I emailed the MOJ with the following, now awaiting for them to reply so I can put up some answers to questions that are being asked all over the forums in regards to the new Taking Of Control Of Goods Act, I am hoping that they will reply but think it will take some time to get an answer here are my questions some have been removed to protect parts that are of a special significance to me personally. Good morning. I am requesting some clarification on some matters regarding the new Act "taking control of goods" There does not appear to be a "in plain English" version of these new rules, the reason I am asking for them is as .............................................................................. I want to know 100% if I have ANY protection whatsoever from a bailiff under the new regulations, if so what are they and where can I find the copy of those rules please. 1. I am ............................................................................................................. 2. As for the voluntary code of practise for bailiffs (enforcement agent) what can I say to one should they turn up at my door and how could I get them to believe the vulnerabilities' if I had any that applied to my situation. 3. With the new fee structure is there any protection for anyone in the vulnerable groups? If so can you please issue me a copy of the said list and how the bailiff must act when confronted with these sorts of debtors. 4. In plain English can someone please put pen to paper what if a debtor that falls into the vulnerable household rules in relation to the new regulations, what if any protection they may have from these new regulations. 5. I am seeking clarification can a Bailiff clamp and remove any vehicle from a debtors driveway? 6. The use of ANPR for bailiffs as follows 1. Can a bailiff use a Police stop check point to catch a debtor within one of these Police stop check situations? What actions can a Police Officer do to assist a Bailiff when requested by the bailiff at a debtors home, can the Officer assist the Bailiff in ANY matter except to "prevent a breach of the peace" The use of a locksmith, please can you clarify as to when a Bailiff can use a locksmith or threaten the use of a locksmith. If a vehicle is clamped on the debtors drive and is this is private property can the debtor legally remove the clamp? if so can you confirm this. if not is this a criminal offence that can see the debtor arrested for criminal damage? If the Bailiff has clamped the vehicle and leaves the scene is this "levy abandonment"? Does the notice floating around the internet that claims to remove the implied rights of access have any LEGAL STANDING WHATSOEVER as far a bailiff is concerned? As you can see I have many questions far to many to email you with, but I need to know what the "legal" powers of a Bailiff actually are, I have asked several bailiff companies for this information and they have refused to let me have this so have been left with no other option than to ask for help from you. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer me in this matter and am happy to receive your responses via email, but I would also request that you send me a hard copy in writing please so I can keep an official copy of your reply for future referencing. Yours Respectfully MM
  4. I was emailed yesterday by greggs about a problem I so called had. Which I didn't have. This morning a employee from greggs mass mailed 300 people showing all email addresses, I told them I was not happy that they couldn't do this, since I have had 10 emails from other people complaining about it. here is the email I received Dear ********, We are writing to apologise for the mistake we made by including your e-mail address at the top of an e-mail we sent out earlier today, so that it was visible to other recipients. We are really sorry about this mistake which was caused by a genuine human error and was in no way intentional. This was not in any way caused by our systems and we would like to re-assure you that our systems are secure. Treating all our customers’ details confidentially is of high importance to us and we’ve now taken urgent action to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We are taking the time this evening to respond to everyone affected individually and offer our personal apology to you. If you wish to contact me directly to discuss this further then please contact me on my e-mail address or telephone number, both of which are detailed below. I would also be happy to take a call from your solicitor if you prefer.
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