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Found 11 results

  1. Banks have admitted that thieves are able to use contactless cards even if they’ve been cancelled – sometimes months after being reported stolen. RBS, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays and Nationwide admitted that a ‘weakness in the system’ can allow fraudsters to use cards after they have been reported lost. The ‘tap and pay’ cards allow purchases up to £30 without requiring a PIN number. The problem stems from the fact that some shops complete purchases ‘offline’, without checking with the card issuer if a card is valid. Instead of checking ‘live’, some shops store transactions and
  2. Thousands of people with lost or stolen contactless cards have been warned they could be used by fraudsters up to eight months after they are cancelled. The problem generally lies in contactless card payments being processed in one of two ways - 'online' or 'offline'. When payments are processed online, the card and payment machine immediately communicate with the customer's bank. If a lost or stolen card has been cancelled, this will be flagged immediately and a payment not allowed. Offline payments are stored in batches by retailers and processed online to the bank at
  3. Hi all, need some help. I looked at my online bank statement, there is a payment for a place I have never been. My card is not lost, i have it with me at all times. I rang Halifax, told them it was not me, I was in all day in question, also someone with me. The card was used in Rotherham, Im in sheffield. They say the card had to be present to pay contactless. It was with me. Any advice GG
  4. Now our banks seem hell bent on making us have contactless debit/credit cards, does any1 know if we can be compelled to have 1 instead of chip and pin. Thank you.
  5. Data transmitted during contactless payments can be picked up from almost half a metre, researchers have warned. Inconspicuous equipment including a shopping trolley, a backpack and a small antenna were used to intercept synthesised payments card data. The information was detected at more than four times the distance it should have been, according to researchers. The UK Cards Association said that fraudsters would not be able to harvest enough details to be dangerous. During a wave-and go transaction, customers tap or hold a card near
  6. Is it just me or does any one else have concerns over this? I have never used a contact less card before until in one shop the other day the cashier said oh you have a contact less card so just hold it over the terminal, it was not till after that I thought if that is all there is to it then surely pickpockets etc if they get hold of your card can have a field day by using it this way? I normally use chip and pin in shops etc but to me this new contact less idea is making it just too easy for a would be thief? Sandy ( B/C'S other half )
  7. Morning everyone, I was travelling home on one of the new routemasters yesterday afternoon when some inspectors came on board. They asked for my card, and since I used a contactless card I showed them it as I have done previously. They checked the last 4 digits with the bus driver and said they had no record of me swiping my card. I was positive that I had, as I had had to step over someone's things to do it and I watched the light turn green. They checked my details and gave me a penalty notice. They said I could appeal straightaway if I had proof of my journey. Apparently at the mo
  8. First Direct has told customers who want to pay with contactless cards that they must remove them from their wallets - in an apparent admission that the technology can go wrong. The introduction of controversial "contactless" payment cards - where customers make payments of up to £20 by briefly touching their card to a reader and do not enter a Pin number - has caused at least one bank to alter its customers' terms and conditions. First Direct, the offshoot of HSBC, has written to its customers saying "we have made changes to clarify that if you have a contac
  9. Not sure exactly where to post this - sorry if this is the wrong place. My experience is with Nat West but I believe the issue is of wider relevance. I have just sent Nat West the following complaint, after they sent me a 'Contactless' debit card without me asking for it and with a leaflet that tries to claim that the technology is safe and secure. Any thoughts? "You have just sent me a replacement Visa Debit card after I left my last one in a shop and subsequently cancelled it. With the card you sent me a leaflet telling me that the card includes 'contactless' technology and
  10. Hi, I have been issued a new coop debit card, and it has the contactless feature. I don't want this feature forced on me at all - it is ridiculously insecure. I've called armchair banking, and the policy is that they have to issue them to everyone. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  11. I opened my account was Barclays in April, the account was a young persons one as I was under 18, later on in that month once I turned 18, I went into branch and upgraded my account to the Current Account Plus. I had already got my standard debit card and all my details and my works pay going into this account. From various TV adverts, posters, and their online banking website I seen that they had a contactless card which seemed pretty cool to me as I just had the standard one. I went into my local branch to enquire and the cashier said that my existing card would be auomatically s
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