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  1. The zero percent interest that my bank doesn't do! Would give me more breathing space financially.
  2. Not sure if posting in the correct category. My issue is that first time in my life I have decided to apply for a credit card. A good friend of mine recommended MBNA as she has a very good experience with them. Turns out for some mysterious reason that MBNA thinks I do not qualify for their credit card. I never checked my credit score and don't really wanna do it. Here's my history in a nutshell: Living in London for 15 years, residency status, EU national. NEVER applied for a credit card in my life before Banking with Santander ever since opening my first account in Engla
  3. Nope! They live somewhere not too far as they just walk here every time. Been googleing the issue, so far have found bits of info that's not too extensive but said they do have the right to collect the football from our property. Last year my housemate's bike got nicked from our garden, it was just lifted out from garden onto the street by someone/some ppl over the fence. These kids always say they were just trying to fetch their football back but I only have seen the actual football in the boy's hand who climed in only on 2 occassions and not the other times, I do catch them and see them cl
  4. There is this bunch of local kids around the ages of 6-7 years, definitely not more than 8 years playing very very noisy football right next to our house. All sorts of swearwords flying around between themselves as they play and they kicking the football into big metal garage doors (they use that as the goal). It is a huge bang at every 'goal' (every minute) and they do this for about 2 hours on most evenings from 7pm till 9pm and on weekends in good weather also on bank holidays and any other school holiday times when they go on for even 5 or 6 hours. It is insane! The position of our h
  5. Posting this in attempt to try to help my friend who was quite irresponsible with her credit cards. I think they are all with different banks and she says no way for these to be combined into one or for her to get a loan (bad credit rating) to pay them off. £1000 overdraft on each card so £3000 in total plus monthly interest rates piling up on top of each sum plus I think there are some late payment fees too or something. She only can make small payments (meeting the monthly minimum) but it is going on for her for almost 3 years now and because of the interest rates piling up on
  6. Did you just basically call me a parasite then.... How easy to be condescending, much easier than provide a helpful/insightful answer or just don't post your rant on a forum that is supposed to be helping ppl not getting ripped off! My housemates are all english guys from places outside of London so if you wanna be swearing and having a go at someone, maybe start with them. How am I a strain on the system, am employed, paying my taxes, got NI nr, don't work for cash in hand and pay self employed tax on any extra income I earn besides of employment, never used the benefits system and not
  7. I have an electoral roll official guy turning up on my doorstep, asking to update/provide my details for the electoral roll register. He always picks a sunday evening for this which is very wierd, has he not got a life or is he getting a percentage out of it....? Hahaha. i live with other ppl in a shared house and he doesn't care that nobody else in my house is registered because they are refusing to provide their details. A few years ago when this electoral roll bullsh.. started, I was living at this same address with a different set of ppl and (without
  8. I am wondering what happens if i report my ex-boyfriend's mobile phone stolen to the police? The phone and monthly direct debit for it is on my name on my bank account. He has a recent criminal past and therefore he said he cannot have his own bank account, ID, passport or any possessions. He obviously did not pay me the monthly fees, only gave me the first month's charge that was charged to me after using phone for 7 days. He lived with me altogether for 3 months and at this point he was still with me. 3 weeks after he got the phone we fell out with each other and he moved out, sa
  9. Normally I would find it funny.... Surely noone would get suspicious who's responsible for the cat 'disappearing'.... I do like cats but not in my home thanks! Would never hurt a pet, it's not their fault!
  10. Could I pull out from moving there without losing my money? On another forum, someone says I could but the landlord would get to keep half of what's been paid or at least the costs of the cleaning, etc additional costs that occured due to my complaint. I can justify this last one for cleaning costs but not to keeping half or more of my money. Also I am not sure what is happening now if it is being cleaned or not as I got no reply from LL. Shall I also email him?
  11. The landlord knew about the cat all along. Yesterday when I was there checking the new room, the landlord walked through the front door within 10 minutes after my arrival, said brief hi to me and quickly went upstairs with some other people, as apparently the boiler needs fixing too and they have no hot water in the house at the moment. The cat was standing on the stairs and landlord just walked past it. By the way, since the day I have made full payment to him for deposit and rent upfront, he is not responding to my communications, including when I asked him to txt me a msg to confirm rec
  12. I wouldn't stay up til 2am to write my story here if the smell wasn't THAT horrible!
  13. Hello All! I really wish if I wouldn't need to keep coming back here because of rogue landlords!!! So the brief story is, I am due to move out from my current place and found this nice, clean, new room in a house only 2 streets away, so hiring a man&van won't break the bank but the room is quite pricey for the area - was in hope to get quality for my money. Everything was nice, clean and fresh smelling when I viewed the room and property last weekend. I was shown around by the tenant who has the cat but she didn't say a thing of course and as I didn't see obv
  14. Lost my passport in Dec 2011 just when I was supposed to pack my bags the night before my Christmas flight that was booked with Opodo. Cut a long story short, obviously I couldn`t make it to the flight. That was costing me 170 GBP but the way back was ok so it`s only this 170 pounds I`m worried about. I do know I cannot expect all of it back but had been informed by someone else (an airport customer services person or something), that it`ll be only the taxes part of the money that I actually can get back which won`t be a lot. I followed it up, but everyone just make note: IN THE F
  15. No its definitely not a business deal!
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