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Found 10 results

  1. If 4 staff have a permanent or temporary medical exemption (from the GP / occupational health) to doing part of a job (manual handling - staff are 3 female and 1 male) BUT the one male is told he has to do this part of the job (but the other 3 females not) is this an example of a breach of the equality act 2010? If it is what can be done? If it is not a breach what can be done?
  2. hopefully someone may be able to help re: above applying for exemption via low income scheme nhsbs have told me over phone that they will only accept accounts as proof of self employed earnings. don't have any as I don't earn enough, I receive housing benefir council tax reduction and working tax credits have offered them the last 3 years certificates along side the income form, they say that's not good enough. any one got an idea what I should do now got treatment coming up for level 3 cant afford it.
  3. MOD to review Armed Forces exemption from UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-to-review-armed-forces-exemption-from-un-convention-on-the-rights-of-persons-with-disabilities
  4. What happened was I have aspergers and my support worker to claim a SMI ( severe mental impairment) for council tax exemption. I took it to the doctor and she stamped the letter but she reworded it moderate instead of severe, but . My local council tax office said something about because of severe disability premium, ESA support group and h rate care l rate mobility means I still qualify , then I phoned the city council tax call Center they disagreed, my local one says they not specialists and she asked her council tax practitioner she agreed again that I still qualify. But nobody will tell me there details of how you get a severe mental impairment council tax exemption if it's only moderate
  5. Hi, We (the family) are undertaking a project to convert an attached brick building into a utility area and a wet room for use by a disabled member of the family. The contractor (who is non-vat registered) has requested that we purchase and supply the wet room fittings that we would like. We are happy to do this and in fact would prefer to do so. But we would like to claim the VAT Exemption on the eligible items. I know that in order to claim the exemption that we would need to provide a letter from the contractor confirming that the wet room is for use by a disabled person and also a HMRC VAT Exemption form completed by the person concerned. I have contacted various suppliers about how to claim the VAT Exemption and been amazed by their responses. Wickes responded with: "I can confirm that full prices including VAT must be paid through Wickes however once you have made your order you can claim the VAT with receipts through HMRC directly." Wrong, HMRC website specifically states that they will not refund VAT. VictoriaPlum responded with: "In order for you to claim your VAT back, we would require proof of disability from HMRC and also a plumbers report to advise items have been fitted for a disabled person". How the hell would HMRC know whether someone was disabled? Top Marks to ToppsTiles, who got it right. "To claim back disability relief VAT, you will need to complete a 10.1 form. This form will be located on the Hmrc.gov website. We will also require a copy of your sale receipt and written evidence from your builder. The written evidence from the builder must include that the goods and work being undertaken are used in the adaptation of premises for a disabled person." My question is: Has anybody else had to go through a similar process and did they find suppliers who were able to deal with this (online and in-store) and if so, who? Many thanks, Jedicris
  6. Just curious: I am wondering how many people have had their NHS Exemption Certificate cards reprinted? I recently received a new card as they are now only valid for 7months - I guess to avoid fraud.... However, the printer screwed up. The card was printed "Valid End" and "Expires From".... Of course, it should have been the other way round (valid from, expires end) So I just received another new card with the correct wording. Seems a really stupid mistake and potentially very expensive [read: waste of tax payers money] if ALL cards had to be reprinted.... Anyone else affected by this?????????
  7. Hi, hope I'm posting this in the right forum. My son is on higher rate mobility DLA and we get a free tax disc. I need to renew the tax but I've lost the exemption certificate - is there a way I can phone up and get the serial number from DLA? I'm worrying because I need to do it by Wednesday..
  8. To anyone who can help, Please advice [Enforcement Notice from Lambeth] Received enforcement notice on the 29 Aug 2013 from Lambeth council stating that on the 23 August 2013, Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court granted a LO against me for non payment of council tax totalling £1798.37. Cost of £127.00 were incurred. A balance of £1798.37 is currently owing under this order and this amount should be paid in full by 15 September 2013 [/Enforcement Notice from Lambeth] [Equita Reminder Notice] Received a Reminder Notice dated 07 Nov 2013 regarding unpaid council tax. The letter states "Dear XXX, We write further to our previous applications for payment. To date we note that you have failed to settle your outstanding Council Tax. Our removal teams will be in your area in the coming week and will be looking to seize goods. Further substantial costs will be added to your debt once this action has been commenced. The additional costs include bailiff and porter, removal vehicle and auctioneer expenses. Should you wish to avoid this course of action we urge you to contact our offices immediately. [/Equita Reminder Notice] [Equita Bailiff Removal] Received a "Delivered by Hand" Bailiff Removal letter on the 19 Nov 2013 stating that Payment was due in full - 24 hours. The text reads "I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding council tax liability order and any additional enforcement costs incurred. PLEASE NOTE - No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY. I will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may remove goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt. No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay. Yours Sincerely *signed* .........- Bailiff in charge [/Equita Bailiff Removal] Now that I have stated the three letters I have received, I shall proceed with my question. i) I am heading down tomorrow (20th Nov 2013) to the council to show my Confirmation of Study Letter which suffice as an exemption. Will I have to pay the council anything? Does the £1798.37 and £127.00 stated in the [Enforcement Notice from Lambeth] affect me in any way ii) After proving to the council that I'm indeed a student and am exempted from council tax, will they call off the Bailiff? Does the Bailiff still have any legal rights to bother me? Does the bailiff have any rights to force entry into the house? iii) On a brief phone call to the bailiff to understand more he stated a incurred charge of about £200+ (forgot the exact), from what I've read and to my knowledge, since he has only made one visit to deliver the [Equita Bailiff Removal], and the council has applied for a LO. I should be fined a total of £24.50 + £3.00 = £27.50. Thus who should I pay this to if necessary? iv) If this helps at all, I tried inputting "....." into the Certificated Bailiff Justice Website and only received a ......which is not the same as "......" stated in the [Equit Bailiff Removal] and does not state an employee. Another search of certified bailiffs in Equita resulted in a list without ...... at all. I'm not sure if this will help at all, but just wanted to mention it. All help is greatly appreciated. Regards S.
  9. My son has recently been awarded higher rate mobility DLA and we understand we can get a free tax disc. My car currently has a tax disc that runs out in September, do I have to wait untill that expires or can I get a rebate? Also, how do I actually get the free tax disc? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Firstly I hope this is the right place to post this. I have just joined having been referred here via a friend of a friend. I am in the 30-34yrs group, have chronic illness and disability, am in receipt of ESA and DLA (mid-rate care, high-rate mobility). I moved to my current 1-bed flat a year ago. Housing Benefit was awarded, pre me informing them of the change in care rate (from low) as per the previous rules of being entitled to a 1-bed place on my own. I noticed my error in not informing them when I got the paperwork through, and my Housing Benefit subsequently was raised. I was told I got this and also not the single room rate because of my mid-rate care component. Today I get a letter from the council and they are now saying because I don't have 24hr care, and thus don't need an extra room, that I am only entitled to shared accommodation. I reminded them, on two phone calls, that mid-rate care exempts from this under-35 single room rate. The first clerk told me this wasn't the case and asked the housing officer who confirmed. I did my research and found on Shelter's site it indeed confirmed the exemption rule by which I qualified. I called back, and was told, yet again, that this is wrong and actually government legislation says 24hr-care for an extra room was your only exemption. I had only just agreed a 6 month contract on my place, and currently I now have to find about half the rent per month. Because of my severe health issues, a house share is not viable, and nor is making up the short fall until I'm 35 due to all the extra costs being chronically ill and disabled incurs, which is some way off! I know I'm in the right and the council are in the wrong. I have contacted my MP and they have this afternoon emailed my council. I'm scared though. What if they don't budge? What can I do? I'm also scared of being made homeless. I have to have a place of my own - I have allergies that, if I house shared as you normally would, could quite literally kill me. Even amongst the few friends who I might usually call upon, it would require them to make such huge changes in their lifestyle and diet that it's just not realistic.
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