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  1. I'm hoping someone can help. My husband was diagnosed with tinnitus in December. He's worked in factories for years. He had a hearing test in 2011 with present firm. He had slight deafness. It only became mandatory to wear ear protection in his firm 12 months ago. He rang about industrial deafness but was told no by someone as more than 3 years ago. Can someone clarify please?
  2. Thanks for reply. You say not to quote the above no longer be used, is there any newer ones you no of? Sue
  3. Could you tell me what the bottom of bento svale is please? So are you saying £300 isn't possible? In Purves vs Joydisc (2003), https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=dd9287a6-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7 , the judge said: "I would therefore hold that the sum of £750 is the least that may nowadays be awarded for the very slightest injury to feelings, deserving of damages, which is caused by discrimination on the ground of disability." Inflated since 2003, that makes approximately £1,200.00. I wouldn't accept damages less than that, though obviously up to you. Also judicial guidance on the Vento guidelines said that cases for "less serious cases" (including one-off incidents of discrimination) should attract between £800-£8,400. The guidelines are in PDF format only and are here: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/vento-bands-presidential-guidance-20170905.pdf I know they talk about Employment discrimination, but the Vento guidelines are also used for Services discrimination.
  4. Hi we hand delivered one earlier on but nothing from that. We can send copies of letters sent and proof of receipts with court form. Also this can be used as one of the reasons of taking it to court. Apparently it won’t look good that the defendant is not responding.
  5. Thanks. Can anyone advise please whether I can move forward even though letters are being ignored?
  6. MRH say it's down to the person running the franchise. He's not picked up the Letter Before Action from post office. Can I still proceed as he's not responding at all now. Also apparently this would be frowned on by the court. I also sent a letter subject access request under the provisions in Section 7 of the Data Protection Act. Please supply me with all data you hold about me. Please ensure this includes copies of all CCTV coverage taken of me whilst I was in (the store), and all emails between, to or from your staff. Please comply with the requirement to respond to my Subject Access Request “promptly and in any case within” the long-stop of 40 calendar days.
  7. Hi I've been in touch with Doug Paulley and he has told me I'm not wasting my time at all. https://www.kingqueen.org.uk/dart/
  8. Hi I have left persons name blank for data protection. I've also had this information if RNIB legal team who gave me a template letter and these paragraphs are exceptable under the Equality Act. Does this clarify things any better? I am sending this special delivery in the hope that you will respond. The recorded letters dated 15/6/2018 and the 3/7/2018 have not been signed for, also the one handed into the garage 12/7/2018 has not been answered. I have sought advice from the RNIB Legal Right Service who have advised the following remedial actions: 1. Confirmation that you will arrange for Disability awareness training to take place for all existing (and future) staff - please also include the date by when this will be done. This is to ensure that all staff fully understand their legal obligations under the Equality Act. Currently there is a sign that allows Guide Dogs on the front door but staff are clearly not trained on or aware of the reasonable adjustment to this policy. As the owner, it is necessary that you carry out such steps to prevent discrimination like this from happening as you will be liable for the discriminatory actions of staff under s.109 of the Equality Act. 2. I also would like you to compensate me £300 for injury to feelings caused as a result of being told unlawfully to leave the shop by his staff member, in front of another member of the public. This was an extremely humiliating and upsetting experience for me at the time and continues to affect me. I look forward to your response within 14 days. This is your final chance to sort this matter out as otherwise you give me no choice but to start court action. Thanks
  9. Hi in the letter I have asked for proof of training for staff and future staff as s.109 in Equality Act. S.M.
  10. Yes. The person who runs it is responsible for staff training/disputes etc.
  11. I know I could put it in the press but it’s about what’s right not just publicity. Is there another forum this could maybe go in for advice please.
  12. MRH retail have apologised and have agreed it’s wrong. As it’s a franchise they have no liability. They were really helpful, it is down to the man whose franchised it. At the end of the day I think he’s hoping ignoring the letters I’ll go away. I was just hoping someone in here may have actually put the Equality Act to the test!
  13. Hi thanks for reply, it's not relating to anything from the past. I was told to leave a service station with my Guide dog at the end of May as 'dogs are not allowed' the assistant said. I explained he was a Guide dog and was told it didn't matter as her boss said 'no dogs.' I contacted the MRH retail and they apologised but said it was a franchise and I'd need to contact owner. They gave me an address and I send an official letter stating the Equality Act. I got a reply but it wasn't satisfactory. RNIB legal team have sent me info over. However I've followed everything and he's not responding. I have receipts of postage. The last letter asked for confirmation of Disability awareness training for staff and future staff etc, covered by s.109 Equality Act. Also asking to be compensated for injury to feelings. I can show you letter if you'd like. This has happened before there to me and I let it go but feel it's not acceptable the second time. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been to County court with a service provider as they have gone against the Equality Act 2010. I'm just about to send 'letter before action' Thanks
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