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  1. Thanks to all the replies. I’m not sure where PayPal comes in however as I’ve never mentioned it. As stated it was payed on 2 desperate credit cards. I’ve been in contact with bank and they’re saying they’ll only pay people under section 75 if the stent offered anything. Apparently if they give you a credit voucher you can’t claim.
  2. Shall I continue trying to get refund off the credit card then? Thanks
  3. Can you please tell me what I can do then. Why isn’t section 75 allowed to be used too please? Others are saying it can be. thanks Sue
  4. Hi my husband paid the original amount on a credit card which he now hasn’t got. He cleared that account when he did a balance transfer. Whst can we do in these circumstances please?
  5. Ah thanks. Does that mean I’m entitled to it all back off credit card company? Sue
  6. Hi my husband made 2 payments on his credit card I think. Broadway would you believe they’ve just rang me and asked if I wanted to rebook, I said no. When I told the lady I wanted a refund I was told she couldn’t do that. Apparently they're not in a position to give money back at the minute. How can they credit customers then! Sadly I just don’t know where to go about this.
  7. Hi thanks for that. I’m hoping for my refund before then to be honest. Which and Martin Lewis were saying should be entitled to it after 14 days so why months, wrong. thanks Sue
  8. We bought a package holiday through Broadway Travel last year for early June, it’s been cancelled. They asked us to bare with them in 1 t email and then got 2nd one saying we could have a voucher and rebook, which we don’t want. I’ve tried calling and emailing but no replies. Only phone line working is to book a new holiday and they won’t give an alternative number. Only emails being replied to are if you want to rebook. Any advice as to how I can get my refund please? .
  9. I'm hoping someone can help. My husband was diagnosed with tinnitus in December. He's worked in factories for years. He had a hearing test in 2011 with present firm. He had slight deafness. It only became mandatory to wear ear protection in his firm 12 months ago. He rang about industrial deafness but was told no by someone as more than 3 years ago. Can someone clarify please?
  10. Thanks for reply. You say not to quote the above no longer be used, is there any newer ones you no of? Sue
  11. Could you tell me what the bottom of bento svale is please? So are you saying £300 isn't possible? In Purves vs Joydisc (2003), https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=dd9287a6-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7 , the judge said: "I would therefore hold that the sum of £750 is the least that may nowadays be awarded for the very slightest injury to feelings, deserving of damages, which is caused by discrimination on the ground of disability." Inflated since 2003, that makes approximately £1,200.00. I wouldn't accept damages less than that, though obviously up to you. Also judicial guidance on the Vento guidelines said that cases for "less serious cases" (including one-off incidents of discrimination) should attract between £800-£8,400. The guidelines are in PDF format only and are here: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/vento-bands-presidential-guidance-20170905.pdf I know they talk about Employment discrimination, but the Vento guidelines are also used for Services discrimination.
  12. Hi we hand delivered one earlier on but nothing from that. We can send copies of letters sent and proof of receipts with court form. Also this can be used as one of the reasons of taking it to court. Apparently it won’t look good that the defendant is not responding.
  13. Thanks. Can anyone advise please whether I can move forward even though letters are being ignored?
  14. MRH say it's down to the person running the franchise. He's not picked up the Letter Before Action from post office. Can I still proceed as he's not responding at all now. Also apparently this would be frowned on by the court. I also sent a letter subject access request under the provisions in Section 7 of the Data Protection Act. Please supply me with all data you hold about me. Please ensure this includes copies of all CCTV coverage taken of me whilst I was in (the store), and all emails between, to or from your staff. Please comply with the requirement to respond to my Subject Access Request “promptly and in any case within” the long-stop of 40 calendar days.
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