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  1. If you have no documents as requested tell them mediation will state unable to mediate and will pass back to court
  2. Usually the last begging letter before discontinuing
  3. Moorcroft are just hopeful commission agents no powers, NOT a debt buyer, and are asked by companies to try and get somebody to pay up, if lloyds were serious at this stage then they would sell to an actual Debt buyer =
  4. Dx will advise - but knowing these DCAs etc they are not interested unless money is in front of them. sometimes I would like to face to face with these telecon jockeys but this country has laws which they flout and get away with oppsss
  5. if you are not on the deeds then NO as he cannot be penalised for a case he is not involved part of!
  6. is it a joint ownership? be honest a charging order is common these days once a CCJ obtained, if no payment plan able then you have to come to terms with it, have you a CCJ ?
  7. sit on your hands case stayed that is it ignore that letter they are idiots trying to mislead you
  8. see what they do next if they claim then there are ways to attack or settle
  9. moorcroft are only debt collection agents who prey on victims to line their commissions they collect if ever anybody pay them> they are not debt purchasers. and if ignored go away eventually
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