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  1. I am 100% grateful of the help from you guys ,i used to be devoid of fear or threats from these people until everything went south a few years back. Much appreciated
  2. I can't see anything for 6 years on my bank.Scrolling through my accounts.It only goes back to 2015,so i cannot get any further back on my account. I am not sure if i stopped the drip payments in January 14 or way earlier,i honestly cannot remember unless i posted it in my other thread? The trouble is i have memory loss through medications.That is why i get all angry,so sorry about the confusion if i cause any. I will try to get a statement from my bank,that must be why they tried the ccj with hsbc to make it legit they had contact with me to restart their 6 year thing. I dunno. You never know with cabot, i bet they try something as they made up statements from the HSBC and tried to use that against me in my last county court case, it was in their evidence bit. If i remember rightly that statement was 2014 with Sainsbury's reference redacted, it was a right snidey looking edited photocopy .I wish i never ripped it all up. These people are like mosquitos. Thank you i will update as they flood me with letters. So reading this again, they could not say they had contact with me to try to restart six years on another separate debt? Even though they had contacted me? Which means the HSBC thing was irrelevant? I mean i must have acknowledged every debt separately? for any debt to be restarted? You see i have another problem. A huge problem.
  3. I will try to find out later as my phone app will not go back that far. Cheers
  4. Yes you are correct, I use a vpn paypal securIty probably blocked it my bad , I will drop a donation in a minute when i update my paypal
  5. It might be my phones browser,i will sign in on my pc to try it.
  6. I tried to donate earlier on the donation thread,for all the previous advice,but it says link expired and goes back to the basic paypal log in?
  7. Redacted details sorry i cannot do editing .Sorry i lost my head earlier and nearly ripped it up again so it got a little crumpled.I fear the day they knock my door as it could end badly. new cabot letter.pdf
  8. Thank you so much.Can you message me a donation link?
  9. So as i suspected,cabot used the statute barred debt firm over 20 years ago to drag me into court to RESTART the 6 year thing trying to collect on the 2006 Sainsbury's loan. They have now sent me a letter saying i have paid so much of that debt it's time to get back track. This has gone past harassment now, I suppose the next letters will have more details as this one has no details other than what they say i have already paid and an outstanding balance that is hugely ridiculous... Looking at my bank i cannot even find the last payment they had before i quit paying them.It was over 6 years. In short... The recent ccj they tried to raise using HSBC must have been so they could try to add to that debt? These people are seriously getting nothing off me after all of this,but what do i do here other than ignore? Thank you for everything
  10. The debt firm has lied that the bank statement is for a debt from the HSBC ! It is not true.What do you not understand in that? Can you not comprehend that Cabot are trying to say that i entered into a repayment agreement for the HSBC Which has never happened? It has no link to any other debt other than they have failed to collect on a ccj debt that was from 12-13 years ago. With another big bank. The accusation is the truth, the statement they have edited and sent me this week has a reference for another debt on my actual bank account and not the HSBC in which they are trying to ccj me with. Will they be forced by the court to show the original or will the courts simply take this false statement? That is all i want to know. Thank you that is what i intended to do.
  11. It was 10 years ago. It has nothing what so ever to do with this old HSBC DEBT Thank for the previous help but i am now sick to death of repeating myself. I actually suspect that you are in fact cabot. If you cannot undetstand that PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  12. I had a ccj from another company many years ago. I will look into my credit file to see if it is still on the closed bit later. It is not HSBC i repeat i have never had any contact with HSBC since the early to mid 90s . Why is an old dead ccj from ten years ago relevent to this? Cabot are saying that because i set up a payment offer for the dead ccj that it is for the statements are for hsbc account. They are falsifying statements. This is starting to stress my head in.
  13. There is no relevence to the ccj debt as it has expired years ago ? the HSBC account was last active in 1993. I have had no agreement with the cabot team for any HSBC debt ever. Cabot are using the ccj debt that i had entered into an agreement to pay £1 a month many years ago, they are telling the courts that this is the hsbc agreement when quite obviously in my own bank account the reference is to a comlletely diferent debt it is not HSBC. I do not see any questions?
  14. Hindsite mate ,i suffer from mental health problems it ruins my life, but i am trying but this company have obviously read this on here and so feel they might eventually get some kind of payment in the constant nonsense they send through. I am moving soon so it may ease for a while longer... Will they put these letter to the courts so i can prove they are not for the hsbc debt?, as on my bank account the statements from that period they are completely diferent and with the original debt of the actual real "expired ccj"! Not the HSBC, I did have an agreement with cabot to another debt that i stopped paying many years back. I don't know how to explain it any better..
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