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  1. I get enraged and cannot stop it I cannot hold a job because sooner or later i will snap i have already had violent disorder court cases i cannot even rember doing it ok. I stay out of public life and am a basic recluse. The thing now says Claim status A claim was issued on such n such date YOUR DEFENCE WAS SUBMITTED YOUR AKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICE WAS SUBMITTED ON ... recent transaction for defendent claim status I COPIED WHAT YOU SAID THANK YOU I AM NOW GOING TO HAVE A DRINK sorry caps went on I seen you helped me b4 much respect. Now what happens?
  2. I am doing it now.Another rant remember i am on the sick with bad mental health issues rages etc etc
  3. This is why they have done this! it is just over that with court costs and their legal fake solicitors cost. .I am skint unemployed and ill .
  4. Sorry i am Not putting details in here. This bank i did have an account with in 1993. That is the last time i used them. I am going to let them ccj me. I am not going to even think about this any more. My bin will get the letters and my door will be ignored. Thank you for the interest but i will waste time for another 6 odd years while i get my mind right All the best
  5. Sorry i have rages and will go out for a walk to think this over. What gets me is this is years ago and these people are ruining my life with no recourse to them. All because they buy debts for peanuts then try to get the total debt this must be banned all together especially after near all these years. I am fuming.
  6. Yes and then these parasites can drop the fake claim then try to re start 6 years with another debt? This is bad advice imo Who can i complain to about these dirty rotten tactics?
  7. what is that ? NO chance am I filling out any of these forms are you cabot or what well this site is absolutely rubbish these days then. I have been sent a fake county court claim by CABOT so they can try to catch me out on an older debt what use is it for me to fill in forms like that I cannot understand them in any case
  8. To clear this up ! This new ccj claim from cabot/Mortimer is for a bank i have no account with. And is obviously trying to make out my older debt is not statute barred. They think i will respond and start the six years all over again for a totally diferent debt. I have no debt with the bank they are claiming against me with. Do people not understand this?
  9. I have had a ccj letter which the comments section appears to have been written by a child , With zero account proof or anything . looking at the comments section the debt is fictitious! It is from Cabot- Mortimer solicitors . I had a debt from 2005-6 and have had no contact for over six years yet here they are creating a false claim for another bank I don't have? Obviously they have made this claim up to try to get me to pay for a statute barred debt I will not be paying, it ruined my credit file for many many years I have paid massively as it is. It looks like they are trying to get me another ccj because they have lost any chance of getting any cash from me. How can I get them reported and stopped? Old thread here. P.S I am on uc and mentally ill signed off work.
  10. Cabot have now sent me a county court claim for a fictitious bank account I have never owned! What sort of practice is this? After all this time i will now never pay any debt collector a single penny as i have nothing . Obviously this is illegal practice? Is this how this country is these days ?
  11. Yes you are probably right about the address .and no i have had no contact for a few years . i had a private parking letter last year off some fake debt collectors now it went to another A week later cabot reared their head .. its over £600 . I only just saved up enough for a mortgage deposit so am now removing all my cash from my bank and probably give my kids the cash . . No way am i ever getting into this crap again ill just rent . what a rediculous rip off Country . 2006 was the loan 2008 ccj . all these years struggling and i get this . Thanks
  12. They have my new address . If they try that ccj at my old addresses now , i will go to the courts and prove they know my new address and get it set aside . I will not be saying any more as i am fully aware they use these forums .
  13. If you read the first posts in 2011 . you will understand what i meant. Cabot added a default for the same debt . the loan was 2006 . I will ignore them . I will go to court with them out of principle . What a crap Country this has become . if its not parking robbery it is dirty dodgy credit .
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