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  1. they can change to their name of owner only if purchased by them BUT cannot change original date of default. they cannot issue to defaults on one account
  2. Lowells good guys??? your new to this are you not ,their record deems to be near fraud.
  3. Lowell's usual pages of dribble no need to post Judge see it sure they will mad at Lowell's if it got that far
  4. Resolve call (old Snot call opps Scotcall) no powers do not engage any conversation tell them if ever they send a local tally man begging to talk to you (no powers), tell them to shut the gate on the way out, they will try and leave a calling card begging you to call an office number - he then gets a calling fee.
  5. Cabot are scraping the barrel trying to raise funds by deception! it is well SBd now time we took over FCA regulation and issue heavy fines on directors for mis use of justice system (incl some judges)
  6. sit on your hands for now , watch the begging letters! no comments to them.
  7. They have NOT sold the debt, (Wetcloths) we use to call them oppps Wescott are only hopeful collection agents on commissions only if they collect, if not after many huff puffs send it back to Halifax
  8. Bless them not (Cabot haha) trying it on , see if what ever they send next? Abbey National? long time gone. Statute of Limitations act comes into force ? dependant on your location & last contact with them, Limitation Act 1980 - Wikipedia
  9. Under Mastercard Midland also issued for the same account Visa credit card but linked to same account except certain numbers change for [email protected]
  10. Does anybody have a copy of the white A4 application for Old Midland Bank 1990s etc application for credit i.e. with name address and very little else?
  11. Proof of how. By whom and account paid from demand??? Another phantom payment comes to mind
  12. CCA is not re-setting the date it is a right? no CRA showing ..how can they report a non existent account which is not showing, pay them and if it was then it would just show partially settled and still be there killing your score for 6 years letters may this/that and the other are just threatograms used by the office junkie, Cabot know this, sit on your hands and stop seeing what is not there"! Statute Barred is Final end of sure Dx will respond as well at the end of the day if not showing how can they affect a CRA entry not there? that was a bog standard threatograms used to many a person probably No 5 drawer in the 12 drawer next desk jockey
  13. If you have no documents as requested tell them mediation will state unable to mediate and will pass back to court
  14. Moorcroft are just hopeful commission agents no powers, NOT a debt buyer, and are asked by companies to try and get somebody to pay up, if lloyds were serious at this stage then they would sell to an actual Debt buyer =
  15. Dx will advise - but knowing these DCAs etc they are not interested unless money is in front of them. sometimes I would like to face to face with these telecon jockeys but this country has laws which they flout and get away with oppsss
  16. Check the amount you have comming in onece known against the remmision form allowance data for
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