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  1. Hi i was just logging in to ask that question great thanks, sending off tomorrow so ill just tick box D and not box i Thanks again
  2. Wow thanks so much Dx at this hour for your help yet again, ever endebted to you and this forum Yes that was everything they sent, exactly what vanquis sent also, Well vanquis did send a summary of my transactions also but that was quite a few pages long, sorry if i should have included that. looked pretty rubbish to me also considering i sent a SAR to vanquis!
  3. Last payment was 7/2015, last fee out the account before closed was 12/2015
  4. Ive recv'd the exact same form today, following the PAP protocol Have you heard anything? i had the same from 2 other debts after PAP sent, it went nowhere as in no N1 to date, as DX says its not the N1, and even then you can defend in court, and after that you have 28 days. They are pushing harder because its drawing closer to the end date of the default, im on a similar time frame to you. I also had a reduction letter then my PAP now states full amount. Im curious what did your CCA look like? mine was literally a computer form with my details and 2 pages of terms and conditions. Keep us updated and good luck!
  5. Hi Guys, Ok so today i recieved a PAP from Lowels solcitors today. To recap: CCA sent to both Vanquis and lowel, they provided nothing more than a computer 3 page print out of my details and the Terms pages SAR sent to Vanquis only - not much returned apart from statements i have NOT declared any communication to either or party as advised. Someone asked the start date before = 2013, delinquent date says 0003 on the credit file NEXT STEP: So im going to follow previous protocol here and do the following: So im going to send off my reply today and wanted to double check i have everything right: PAP reply form from CAS here: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?481827-The-Pre-Action-Protocol-for-Debt-Claims-is-made-by-the-Master-of-the-Rolls-as-Head-of-Civil-Justice.-1st-Oct-2017(1-Viewing)-nbsp box D ticked I dispute this debt because..the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation. box I ticked I am requesting by way of a CCA Request the signed agreement. AND INCLUDE a CCA request found here: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387435-CCA-Request-Consumer-Credit-Act-1974 Include £1 PO THEN also write I also require.. Written on a separate page: a copy of the Default Notice A copy of the Notice of Assignment A complete set of statements detailing exactly how the debt has accrued detailing: I. All Transactions. II. any additional charges, by the original creditor or XXXX the debt purchaser or any predecessor DCA. III. details of all contractual interest added by whom and on what date. IV. List of ALL Payments made toward the Agreement That's it right, anything ive missed?  Thank you once again for all the help
  6. Update: Re: this thread and the credit card with Halifax Seems the letter has gone back to halifax as they have sent me a letter 'your up to date statement'. Strange so seems it has gone back to halifax from moorcroft. The letters print is quite poor quality so i googled the address and it brings us RosythDunfermline a debt recovery company (Recoveries, PO BOX 66, Rosyth, KY11 2WG), the number 08081450374 also refers to a debt collector. As i requested my CCA and SAR i shall not be responding to this letter unless someone advises to Thanks again
  7. Update: Lowell have now contacted me stating lowell solicitors are takign over, got a letter from them too, standard 'notice of acting'. As they failed to supply a proper CCA i shall not respond unless someone advises so Thanks
  8. Just a quick update: erudio sent a letter notifying transfer to drydens? bit odd seeing as they have already contacted me with 2 sets of PAP (as above posts), potentially just an automated system letter
  9. Hahaha sounds about right! Great ill see what happens next but yes i have sensed it go quiet.. last letter from drydens is they were supposed to come back to me and havent so far.. twice Thanks once again and ill report as soon as i hear anything
  10. Extremely sorry for the late reply here, i was away. Oh right? i wasnt aware at all thats how statute barred worked! i thought it was from the date of defaulting or arrears. So in this case what should be my next steps you think? Thank you once again
  11. Update! Received the same generic letter from drydens 'looking into it' as last time, they returned by £1 postal order RE CCA saying not applicable? Erudio replied telling me that they investigated the matter and that my last deferment was 2009! i dished out a letter from them stating my deferment ended in 2014! interesting... seeing as thats when all this kicked off as the whole reason behind this is they wouldn't accept my original SLC deferment. im tempted to send the proof of their letter stating the 2014 deferment ending, contradicting their letter stating 2009 was my last deferment althought wanted advice first as always thank you for the support
  12. Ok all ready to be sent off! Thanks again
  13. Hi Dx100Uk sorry for the late reply, Sure thing im doing the pap form right now again. Nope never sent payslips or anything. Only thing i have ever sent in the past to erudio is my original SLC deferment form, a CCA request and SAR request. And also re: post 16 a letter demanding that, which they sent a stupid non sensical reply to, which we ignored. This time i am planning to send the same letter re; post 16 demanding they give me my entitlement to my deferment, but to clarify shall i send another SLC deferment? and im signing the deferment correct? i think we agreed signing was ok because i didnt dispute the debt only the right to deferment. Hi europa16, haha so ridiculous isn't it, fully entitled to my deferment and very frustrating. I shall be watching your thread and wish you luck. Thank god for this forum and dx100uk's help!!!
  14. Hi Dx100Uk, you mentioned 'post 10 and post 16 refer' So ive drafted a letter to erudio, am i including the deferment again and payslips?
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