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  1. hi guys so just opened my post and thankfully no rubber stamp! Hearing date march 2021, documents to be submitted electronically Andy much obliged for this, again thank you guys for the support and donation made Presuming to await erudio electronic bundle before i submmit anything further? shall i upload all documents received by CC?
  2. No indeed but i think you advised to send it asap regardless? Thats understandable thank you again a few days wont matter hopefully. They made application 11 nov 2020 so im outside the 7 days you mentioned, but it fell in lockdown so hoping there is some flexibility with this due to the current climate
  3. Thanks alot Andy, will grab some more paper and ill make another donation as soon as home. Regardless of the outcome thank alot guys!
  4. i think your post numbers are different to mine? This is what i have so farERUDIO WS2.pdf
  5. Right thanks Andy i couldnt find that, so owner relates to erudio ill leave my WS as is then and post in a couple hours
  6. Yes indeed DX100 i read about that and i continued to follow protocol allowed in regards to defement which by their own admission continually ignored for multiple years You think i should add this about the debt buyer being able to issue a DN or leave as is? i can only see 3rd party websitees stating only a lender can issue a DN but not anything direct hoping to post this today as im aware im already a bit late but hoping the current climate and recent lockdown will permit some leniancy
  7. Yep massive dam, i was excited for a moment How about this? If they state my last deferment was Oct 2008 then that was my last deferment? I cant see anywhere else where it states my last deferment was otherwise Scannable Document on 4 Dec 2020 at 13_12_42.png.pdf
  8. hi Will because it states the deferment processing from that date on the statement, thats what it normally says when a deferment is applied to the account? Dx100uk did you see something different as to last reference to deferment? the only thing i can see in their letters to me is that my last deferment was 2008 Thanks DX100uk and thanks Andy, unfortunately the DN upload missed the top of the page when i scanned it, the one from erudio application to the courts shows 13 oct 2016, is this the one you are referring to as my posts are different to yours? presuming this is the one you
  9. Yes im sorry i made a mistake i edited the WS to the 13 Oct 2016 Apart from that is it ok, anything to add?
  10. dammit sorry yes ive been working all night amd tired, amending now Thanks again
  11. Refused maybe the wrong word but in the letters they continue to 'ignore' my deferment forms yet acknowledge my complaints
  12. Hi guys, I have uploaded some other documents that may help. On page 3 you will see a letter dated from them in January 2019 that my last deferment was on ninth October 2008. Notice of assignment shows November 2013 Student loans statement shows last balance entry 2013 This all started due to when the account was transferred to them, I continued to send the original deferment forms which they repeatedly refused. They have stated in these letters I was deferred up until 2014. In 2015 letters they have acknowledged all of my multiple correspondence, failing to respond to i
  13. Ok great thanks Andy, wow yes indeed Ok im going to get something together by the weekend, and then post up here. Guessing i send hard copies to both parties once its ready
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