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  1. Thanks Andy, I'll be prepared for a full hearing nonetheless, just in case anyway. They have made spelling mistakes and sent the wrong templates before, which i had to call and confirm. i followed the full process and erudio are completely in the wrong here. I just hope i can articulate this/and the judge sees that. i should have atleast been within my right to be granted deferment, which was denied by their ignorance and trickery. Hopefully the judge will be aware of the amount of cases and news articles relating to this. So when you say its strange, you mean technically they should not have rejected the applications previously? 1st time was due to my WS stating SB. Second time was their lack of 'an application must contain a concise statement with reason as to why the claim was let stayed and why the claimant didn't proceed at the time'. Thank you all again, i will keep preparing, much appreciated as always to you all.
  2. Thanks Andy. Yes I recall the last application hearing, I was asked if i had anything to add, i tried to begin stating my defence in short, and I was stopped. So typically with an application hearing, is there anything I can say? It didn't seem like I could say a lot, and more I was just there for the purpose of being present.
  3. Thanks DX and Thanks Andy, Sure, i shall prepare for that. i will also upload their bundle as soon as i have it.
  4. Thanks Andy, Yes I have actioned point 9 already. Indeed I have pretty much prepared. But this is an application hearing not the hearing itself? I thought the application hearing was when the judge will consider the matter being reheard. Typically in an application hearing what should I be saying?
  5. Of course but it showed 3mb on my pc which was confusing me, and i did edit in jpeg then convert to pdf. i didnt know that! ill find another way. how can i delete the upload then so i can redact another way please? i dont want to leave that online
  6. ok guys here you go, apologies, im not sure why i couldnt upload, sorry about that 1234.pdf
  7. Im trying to upload but its stating there is a max file size of 293kb. i'm trying but cant get it that small the 2nd page is a generic page of the terms of the hearing, apologies i thought it wa incl. i cannot find how to do it
  8. No that is what was sent. 2 pages. What part are you expecting to have been uploaded please? did i miss something, its 2 pages, that's all
  9. Attached. Thanks Its an application hearing my mistake, apologies. I remember the last time i had one of these, i wasn't sure what to say and if anything. However i'm confused in that it is asking for the bundle to still be submitted. 1.pdf
  10. HI Guys, Unfortunately the applcation has been accetped and a new hearing is set for the 7th Nov Do i use my previous WS or i must wait for their new court bundle and update as and if necessary?
  11. Yes indeed and seeing as they state in their letter it was 2008 = SB I suppose they could argue i contacted them after, however this was to dispute the fact they had ignored my requests therefore i had no choice to contact them. i dont believe this can reset SB clock
  12. i dont think so, looks correct now, 4 pages Ok ill sit and wait for the date thanks DX
  13. Ok, i thought Andy previously mentioned with the N244 i had to submit my statement in response must be submitted not less than 7 days pre hearing. He also said in previous discussion: "Lets hope the judge decides that it requires a hearing.....you need to start preparing your response statement in objection to their application irrespective.It must be submitted not less than 7 days (Hearing /no Hearing)" "You would assume that this type of application should require a hearing to determine but we live in strange times at the moment...given that you have not received anything further yet from the court clarifying if a hearing is to be held... I would draft something now and file and serve a copy just in case." Discussion begins on page 5, posts from December 2, 2020 (i think our post numbers are different) So im presuming i need to do the same and serve something no?
  14. Hi Guys, Well it seems they don't want to give up with this one! Twice been set aside, and there is a new application to remove the set aside. Please see the attached document. I'm a bit confused if this is a hearing that I need to attend as well? As it has put a note there for me on the front page, but I don't know what would be the purpose of me attending? Do I need to reply to this also? Any help here would be great. 2021-09-21 N244 + hearing.pdf
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