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  1. Thank you very much Andyorch. I called Arrow and they told me that my account is back with them and not with Drydens. They said that they close most of their account with Reston and Reston should have informed me when they transferred my account back to Arrow. I have set up a standing order with them now. Again thank you.
  2. How can i get my referrence number from this new solicor as all thier numbers if i call it goes straight to auttomated payment. I email Reston 3 times but they didnt reply. My payment is due evry 15th of the month so i just don't know what to do at the moment. Thanks for any advice
  3. I just went in there and check ang my reference from reston is invalid with them so i cannot contnue Unfortunately we cannot verify your account using the details that you have provided us with.
  4. Sorry Andy it was Dryden's solicitor and miss heart what the message on the phone said. If they wont reply can they now say that i miss a payment. Thanks
  5. I called the new solicitor several times but they were not nswering
  6. Can they do this even if there is court order to pay to reston? The other solicitor is no t answering
  7. I called Reston and an answering machine answered nd said that they are dealing my account anymore and this was change to trident solicitors. What should I do now?
  8. The only thing is i dont have their account number Thanks
  9. Hello I just want some advice again. I ignored their letter last time as they wanted to change my payment amount. Today i just found out that they cancelled my derict debit. I called the bank and said it was reston who cancelled it. What should i do as i dont want them to say that i didnt follow what the court said as i will miss a payment this month. The bank said that they should (reston) open a new direct debot. Tha ks again
  10. Yes te judge accepted the reconstructed agreement even it was pre April 07
  11. So what should I do? Should I reply to them and give my financial statement
  12. Hello I just want some advice. I lost this case and the Judge ask me to pay 100 pounds monthly. It has been a year now and Reston wrote me a letter asking me to fill up a financial statement and had given me until the 13th of September to reply to them with my statement.They said that should I fail to comply it may result in the arrangement being cncelled and it will be open to then to advice their Client which is Arrow to continue with any recovery options available. Can they do this to cancel my current arrangement with was decided by the Judge? What should I do abput this. Thanks for the reply
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