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  1. I wasn't sure if me giving my notice meant that I'm now going to have to be out at that date, but technically I'm still paying rent and have given two months notice.
  2. Once again, thanks for the help. I have one last question, as I’m now going to be paying 2 months rent, does this mean I could potentially stay up to that second month? My flights may be delayed for a week (moving abroad). I was going to get an air bnb but thought I’d ask here. I’m guessing this may be down to the discression of the LL. Thanks guys
  3. I'm most likely going to be doing viewings so the new tenant will probably be signing the tenancy whilst I'm still in the property. I did always wonder how it worked when people say the LL can request for amount for ending early but then have someone else move in a few days later.
  4. All bills plus two months rent. It's a private let. I don't disagree. I'm not not going to pay, I'd just like to know if he is correct in asking for two months rent when someone will be taking over my room shortly.
  5. Sorry guys, I meant 'There isn't a break clause'. Date of tenancy 1st Sept 2017, ends on 31st Aug 2018. Emailed landlord March 1st 2018. The LL is fine with the moving out, just wants all bills paid when leaving.
  6. Hi guys, I wanted to get some advice before I part with my money to my Landlord. I'm in 12 month contract, no break clause with 5 months left but I've just accepted a new job abroad at the end of this month. I contacted the LL with a months notice and explained I'd get someone to take over the tenancy but they're saying as I need to give 2 months notice, they will need two months rent (my deposit plus an extra month). The LL is in the process of already getting a new tenant, probably giving them a fresh 12 months. Is the LL correct in asking for 2 months rent? In the agreement it states: If the agreement is not brought to end by either party on the above date, it will continue thereafter on a monthly basis until terminated by either party giving no less than 2 months notice. This is the only mention of '2 months' in my agreement. Thanks for your time.
  7. Just to add, 15-16 I was owed £396, is it possible to do the same any self employed losses against PAYE this that year too?
  8. Indeed, I'll know for next time now. Mine have anyways come as a check, Ive not seen an option online. It does ask for my bank details but the last one was via cheque.
  9. Thank you. That seems to be it, it's now telling me I'm owed £85. Which obviously needs to go towards "Tax for dummies" I'm going to wait until my p60 comes through to double check the details and send. Thanks for your help. Hopefully business should be better next year, and yes I need an accountant. Appreciated.
  10. Just to add, the paper returns seems to be different to online. (capital gains section)
  11. Thank you. Under the self-employed section 4 - I've filled out profit with loss £2500 Which shows (Net business loss for tax purposes: £ 435.00) Even if I removed my "employed" section the results are still the same with how much I'm owing. Which section am I missing here?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Firstly, I just want to mention that I understand that I obviously need someone who know's what they're doing here (And I plan too!) It was just because the circumstances were not to dissimilar to 2015/16 so I used similar options with the different numbers. Anyway, some more info for you. Self Employed Sole Trader Income £2000 Expenses £2500 Employed PAYE I've not received the P60 yet but guessing it will be the same as my final Pay of the year below? 0 Hour contract, average weekly pay £280 around £18 PAYE tax. Tax Code 1100L Total Gross Pay TD 13169.07 Gross for Tax TD 13169.07 Tax paid TD 474.00 Earnings For NI TD 13059.00 National Ins TD 661.98 Pension TD 1.51 Employer NI TD 754.72 Employer pens 1.89 Thanks once again - Ironically, I have "Tax for dummies in my Amazon Wishlist" Shall be purchasing.
  13. Hi guys, I'm currently self employed as an 'Entertainer' and 2016/17 my income was £2000 with expenses of £2500. I'm also on a 0 hour contract as a PAYE in an office where the tax gets taken automatically. 2015/16 my earnings for my self employment were roughly the same, I made a loss but I managed to get a tax refund on this. This year however, HMRC are saying that I owe them £1.50. I'm thoroughly confused and yes, I obviously need an accountant, ha. I'd just like to hear any reasons why this is? My options were exactly the same as last year so could see what I put online on the last assessment.
  14. Ok slight update, since my last email (which was polite, to the point and the easiest way for both of us) they've not responded. I offered what was suggested here, to pay the months rent and be gone in the month. They didn't respond, maybe mind games, who knows. I called them, they said they were busy but will definitely send it (2 days back) Whatever is happening, I'm not in the position to be sued for all my millions or to get "one over" on, pointless. I'm not overly concerned now, I've offered. Their move. They have told the new housemate that they will be doing a viewing on my room (without telling me though) I guess they've accepted my offer but just waiting for the last minute to tell me. Ah the joys.
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