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  1. sit on your hands case stayed that is it ignore that letter they are idiots trying to mislead you
  2. see what they do next if they claim then there are ways to attack or settle
  3. moorcroft are only debt collection agents who prey on victims to line their commissions they collect if ever anybody pay them> they are not debt purchasers. and if ignored go away eventually
  4. the way the law interpreted is a disgrace, law/legislation abused by many a judge and so called solicitors/Barrister, no wonder the UK is in such a mess in all areas
  5. Lowells are well known to push until the last minute before pulling back and discontinuing, just before they would loose their deposit in the hope that you break, as has been stated even up to a case you can negotiate a Tomlin Order, the likes of lowells are the pits in their game.
  6. they are well known for discontinuing at the last minute before they loose their fee
  7. Bet they are - bear in mind they have no powers, they are only on commission if they fool somebody to pay them
  8. I stated they might loose, a chance they may take , if they do then they loose fees etc, every case is different = there are no wills/wont"s, many a case they loose or pull out of at the last minute before they loose their fees etc there is no guarantee in any case, by the way A Tomlin Order can be arranged up to the last minute if they have not discontinued the case (they tend to leave last minute for you to collapse and they get their holiday or xmas party fund = (The debt purchasers dirty trade, read threads you are not alone, and you may see others stories where they have beaten them/
  9. then they would not have to go thru court process and no doubt loose??
  10. interesting to see if you open the copy encrypted I use many a tool and not one opened any, hard copy after numerous interventions by ICO
  11. Fixed costs £530 due 23rd may. ???? on £740.79 ?? made up of what??
  12. new printer all in one £30+?? no problem there?
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