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  1. Hi, My parents own a house in Northern Ireland which is 'split' in two halves and one half is rented out as a self-catering holiday home with its own entrance and exit door. The whole house still has only one postal address and the two halves have an interconnecting door which is locked on my parents' side. They currently have insurance from Santander (buildings, contents and public liability) but Santander are going to exclude the public liability aspect from the policy in January. My questions are: Did Santander provide enough cover for their situation (Satander said they
  2. I know. It's sad that I have so little effect. This individual edit is just one of many but I may help a little. Your quote "Anything that says the capacity will vary is pretty much guaranteed to be a con like this" is superb. I shall take it up with eBay in the first instance to see what they say. I suspect nothing. Then I'll think more imaginatively, lol.
  3. No I have not. I think that he knows what he's doing and is relying upon consumer ignorance. His adverts include the words, "These cards will vary in capacity and speed as they are factory formatted in bulk and so the capacity can vary from 8GB to 128GB" This is his getout I think. But every card is 8GB.
  4. Hi, I recently saw the previous version of this advert on eBay: Link removed And immediately thought it was a [problem] but was intrigued so I bought one for £6.99 including free postage. It IS a [problem]. The eBay user edit. He's selling 8GB SD cards and USB sticks purporting them as 128/256GB ones. Basically, they've been 'hacked' and have had their "File Descriptor" identities changed to reflect a new size. What happens when users get these items is they insert them into their PC/Camera/Phone and it reports as the expected size but when they try and save anythin
  5. Thanks for all the advice that everyone has given me with my Parking Eye problem. As expected, I've won my appeal to POPLA. I think the kicker for the evidence was the £6000+ invoice sent to my employer from the hotel for the rental of 38 parking spaces for the period covering my charge date. Obviously this had been paid and Parking Eye offered no defence against that. So, the next step is for me to start making complaints about Parking Eye's behaviour to the various bodies. Clearly, a formal complaint to the hotel is in order as is one to the BPA and the local Trading Standards d
  6. OK...I've just received the evidence that PE have provided so it seems they they want to press ahead with the claim. Frankly, it's pretty weak; it consists of 32 pages of guff including 11 pages of pictures of signage, 7 pages of previous emails (ie, two of my emails saying I don't owe this - why does this take up seven pages?), etc. Their compelling evidence seems to be 'Section G - Other Evidence' where they do a search for my car reg on their whitelist of cars that are permitted to park on the land - it come up with nothing hence why they are waving their hands. I have been legitimat
  7. The position I've taken is to provide enough evidence to discredit PE but also to point out their failings. No matter which way the POPLA appeal goes I'll still have enough evidence to make a fool of PE which in turn will focus attention on PE and the way their systems are at fault. Hopefully, this will make them reconsider their way of working (I doubt this) and by costing them money will take a look at themselves. If PE take me to court I'll be making the most of it and will be publishing the full details to all media outlets. I've informed my employer of their poor performan
  8. Thank you to everyone for their advice. My appeal to POPLA is below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Following a parking charge notice received from Parking Eye for an event on 21st July 2014 and issued on 25th July 2014 I appealed via their website. My appeal detailed the fact that my parking fees at the Park Inn Hotel were paid on a monthly basis via my employer (xxxxx xxx Ltd) who occupy land next to the hotel and provide this facility to many of their employees via their monthly salary. These charges have been paid via my salary since I began worki
  9. Thanks for all the valuable replies; very interesting. I agree that POPLA is the route to take since taking it to County Court would be far too much inconvenience for the possible benefit. What evidence would I have to submit with my POPLA appeal? I only have my payslips which show a monthly amount being deducted for "Car Parking" since it's my employer that actually pays the bill to the hotel/Parking Eye. Obviously, I'll mention that I park there every working day and haven't received any parking charges before or since the date of the notice (21st July). In addition, many of my coll
  10. Hi, I pay for my parking at a ParkingEye carpark which I park in every working day. The payment is made by me via my salary and was taken from me during the relevant month by my employer. ParkingEye have sent me a £100 parking charge notice for one of the days I was there last month. I have appealed (and reminded them one week later since I hadn't had a response) and have had this rejected (together with a POPLA code) with the reason being given as, "no parking was purchased on the date of the parking event". I know I've paid the monthly charge and have parked there every work
  11. I would love to know just how many other uninformed people that telecomdomains.co.uk have ripped off. Unfortunately I suspect that they prey upon the people who wouldn't browse internet forums such as the elderly and generally people who only have a passing interest in the internet. They seem to rely upon conning people who will say yes to their high-pressure sales techniques which is an evil way to do business. I would put these people in the same class as a parasite which moves from host to host, killing each one with no sense of care. The other thing to bear in mind is that the
  12. From what I've gathered the DSR only apply to 'trader to consumer' transactions, not 'trader to trader'. However, my mother paid by personal credit card and can't be sure that she didn't buy the domain name in a 'personal' manner. It's true that the invoice and the domain registration are in different names though so it might be argued that it wasn't entirely clear who the seller was selling to; I'll have to clear that up with my mother. What is clear is that she was totally conned by Telecom Domains Ltd and their despicable behaviour is one to be warned against.
  13. Yes. She paid by personal credit card. How does a chargeback work if the transaction was for a payment for a 'trading as' person? Sorry to ask but how does she initiate a chargeback? Thanks for the help. John
  14. Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to start with but it is related to sales of internet services. Here's my problem: My mother rents out half her house as a holiday let. It's a completely seperate part of the house and has its own exit/entry door. For this I've designed a very simple website with its own domain name. She recently received a call from Telecom Domains Ltd selling her a different domain name which would be redirected to the domain that is currently used for the website. For this she was charged £115. I know that this service is currently available for
  15. And now I'm wondering......how much cash can I actually make these clowns spend on chasing me before they realise they're onto a losing streak and give up? Any suggestions for questions I could ask to clarify the supposed debt? I could really go for it and ask questions such as, "Who is your supervisor?", "Can you confirm that you have received my last letter?" and when they've got completely bored of me, "Can you tell me why you have decided to write off this alleged debt?". Some years ago I heard that it cost about £25 to send a letter. This cost has certainly reduced due to adva
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