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  1. ok well fredricksons have been keen to speak to me even though initially lowells had it so i will send to them
  2. Should i send to Cap 1 or Fredrickson ?
  3. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489416-Several-PDL-s-defaulted&p=5142251#post5142251 created new thread for Pdl's
  4. Hello I have a few pdl's listed below taken out 2016 which i have not paid. I would like to try and get these sorted out and would like advice on the best way forward. I also have credit card debt listed on a seperate thread here. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489391-Debts-of-Credit-Cards-amp-PDL-s-advice-required(1-Viewing)-nbsp Thanks in advance Drafty PDL- now being chased by Asset Collections £746.55 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft The money shop PDL £768.84 - BW Legal Piggybank - £700 - Assett Collections Safetynet credit £503.89 PDL - Opos satsuma PDL £738.00 no dca activity western circle/cashfloat - £607.37 no dca activity
  5. Yes Moorcroft are acting on behalf of Tesco Bank, Vanquis, and EE and wageday Advance PDL & Wescot on behalf of Sainsburys Bank And Halifax bank credit cards.
  6. These are the ones with Moorcroft/Wescot 4 x credit cards EE Phone bill and a payday loan Sainsburys CC - Wescot £1039.97 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft Vanquis CC £566.68 - Moorcroft EE -phonebill £155.03 - Moorcroft Tesco CC £539.66 -moorcroft halifax CC£1959.95 - Wescott
  7. no payments have been made since late 2016 and agreements would of been taken out sometime in 2016 i think
  8. Hello I have several outstanding debts with payday loan companies and credit card companies which have now been assigned to DCA's apart from where mentioned details below. Drafty PDL- now being chased by Asset Collections £746.55 Sainsburys CC - Wescot £1039.97 wage day advance PDL £492.71 - Moorcroft Vanquis CC £566.68 - Moorcroft The money shop PDL £768.84 - BW Legal EE -phonebill £155.03 - Moorcroft Capital 1 CC £245.58 - Fredrickson/lowell Tesco CC £539.66 -moorcroft Very £897 no dca actiity Safetynet credit £503.89 PDL - Opos satsuma PDL £738.00 no dca activity halfax CC£1959.95 - Wescott western circle/cashfloat - £607.37 no dca activity Just under 10k by my reckoning, what would be the best route forward iva/dro or reduced settlement figures ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Just received this email reply in response to yesterdays email. We are acting on behalf of Staffordshire County Council who have asked us to enforce a warrant granted against you by TEC Northampton County Court for an unpaid Road Traffic fine. Our parking clients send out a number of letters/Notices prior to registering debts with TEC (Traffic Enforcement Centre) at Northampton County Court and then finally referring the warrants to us to commence enforcement The Warrant allows a certificated Enforcement Agent acting on behalf of the council to take control of goods. There are specific regulations which allow for recovery action to be taken against customers who do not pay their Road Traffic Fines. We can confirm that no contract exists between us as no consideration has been received by either party. Please note that details of our complaints procedure can be found on our website http://www.rossendales.com In the meantime, if you would like to pay by instalments we need a full financial statement listing all your household income and expenditure to enable us to agree an appropriate level of repayment. Please find attached a blank financial statement form for you to complete. If for any reason you are unable to use the attached form, please write down your income and expenses in an email or in a letter and send on to us. We have placed a hold on your case for 14 days to allow you time to send the information in to us. If we do not hear from you further recovery action may be taken. Yours sincerely
  10. Yes had successes re bank charges in the past so know the procedure. Do you think this template is suitable when adjusted ? https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390026-Mortgages-Reclaiming-Charges-**Correct-as-at-October-2013**
  11. Avoid paying fees/charges etc yes. I was quite willing to pay the council when i spoke with them and am happy to pay an increased fee also but not £423.00.
  12. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387504-Letter-to-DCA-requesting-confirmation-of-Assignment-(update-21.04.2014)
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