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  1. How can i get these pests to remove my mobile number ? i get almost daily texts offering me discounted settlements or stating they need to speak to me. I have an iphone and can block the number but they still persist. They never write by post just email & text.
  2. 1 year & 4 months if CCJ was registered in Sep 2019 ?
  3. Still not heard back from these but would like to ask regarding statute barred date. March 2015 was 1st reported payment so would it be March 2021 ? Or does it go from date defaulted or date of last payment ? Also why only showing in default with one of three CRA's. ? Equifax Details Updated 17 Jul 2017 Balance: Not Reported Limit: Not Reported Payment status not reported Experian Details Updated 2 Feb 2020 Balance: £0 Limit: No Limit Reported Account in default Information for this account not reported by TransUnion
  4. Clearscore Only uses data from Equifax. Ideally you want to see all 3 reports i'd recommend checkmyfile.com
  5. So then the guide is incorrect. I don't have duplicate entries on my credit file even from the piggybank loan which is the only one of the 3 that i'm aware of being sold. I'm subscribed to all 3 so have checked them all. So 2 of the 3 PDL's are not with DCA's and the same 2 companies are in administration and from what i read that means they can be removed. I will re read the guide but am sure that applies. "If the company who reported this info doesn’t exist anymore – Then you have a right to have the information removed by default. Its only in the case of where it hasn’t been picked up by a Debt Purchaser."
  6. So Wageday Advance & Moneyshop as far as i am aware haven't been assigned/sold to any DCA as i'm aware so technically can be removed but piggybank as it has been sold to ACI cant, correct ?
  7. 3 pdl's wageday advance, piggybank and the money shop on further investigation only the piggybank one is actually showing as defaulted no dca entries on credit file for these all 3 have last year gone into administration. ACI (DCA) have been chasing the defaulted piggybank loan wageday & moneyshop nothing yet.
  8. No just 1 default from the original creditor of which are now in administration
  9. "If the company who reported this info doesn’t exist anymore – Then you have a right to have the information removed by default. Its only in the case of where it hasn’t been picked up by a Debt Purchaser." https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/406261-credit-reference-agency-guide-the-a-z-of-understanding-and-managing-your-rating/ Bottom of page 19.
  10. I have 3 payday loan defaults listed on my credit file from 3 companies who have recently entered administration, Wageday Advance, Piggybank & Moneyshop. Am i correct in assuming these can be removed due to this ?
  11. Default of £1,959, recorded March 2018 Account opened June 2016 according to CRA's (checkmyfile) Got into financial difficulties when defaulted and offered token payment. Didn't contact halifax to advise of financial hardship apart from token payment offer. No payments made since default. Statute barred June 2022 ?
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply, forgot to say included with the letter from halifax was a 2nd letter from PRA with contact details reference amount owed etc
  13. Received a letter today from halifax stating that bank of scotland plc has assigned all of its respective rights title and interest in respect of this account to PRA group. Debt £1959.95 halifax credit card. Should i send a CCA request or Sar to pra ?
  14. The original letters from lowells were never sent recorded or signed for just 2nd class i dont deny i owe the money and am willing to pay but would rather pay anyone except these my point is it clearly states i can challenge it even though i as stated i didn't reply to the original claim form i'll leave it at that and if im £200 odd quid out of pocket so be it at least i tried ! You can do this if you did not receive, or did not respond to, the original claim from the court saying you owed the money. as it states on the gov.uk website i can still challenge it whether or not i received or responded Thanks for your assistance btw
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