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Found 11 results

  1. Hackers access 5.9m bank cards at Dixons Carphone Dixons Carphone says it has been the victim of an "unauthorised data access" in which millions of customer bank card details were targeted over the past 12 months. The company believed there were attempts since last July - only discovered over the past week - to compromise 5.9 million cards in one of its processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. It said there was currently no evidence of any fraudulent use of the information - with the vast majority of the cards having chip and pin protection. However, Dixons Carphone said it had notified card providers to 105,000 non-EU issued cards that did not have chip and pin technology so those customers could be immediately protected. In addition, Dixons Carphone said 1.2 million personal data records were hacked. It admitted non-financial personal data, such as names, addresses or email addresses, was accessed but it again insisted that it had seen no evidence of any fraud at this stage. The breach was currently being investigated by police, it said, while regulators had also been informed. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/hacking-targets-customers-currys-pc-world-064800857.html
  2. Hi everyone, I was hoping somebody could lend some advice on a situation we're having with Currys. We have a iPad and we pay £7.99 a month for Currys WhateverHappens insurance. Last week I bumped it and it fell off the side of the bannister down onto a concrete floor. (We're currently redecorating and it's two flights down) My partner left it into Currys to sent it off to be repaired and today they've gotten back to us stating there refusing to repair the iPad as "the damage is inconsistent with the statement given". According to the guys in the tech lab the damage is "too great for just a fall". I'm not sure if my partner told them how high it fell from, maybe they think we're just trying to pull a fast one on them in order to get a new ipad. (As it would have to be replaced as iPad + concrete floor + two flights drop = totally smashed iPad. I use it for work so I'm struggling without it. I thought it was better to get WhateverHappens JUST IN CASE anything like this ever happened but now there refusing to fix or replace it?? I'm at a loss... What's the point in paying insurance over the past three years of it was for nothing?
  3. How many of you out there had trouble with this oh so wonderful (!) company of Currys/Dixons? They owed me a full refund for over two months, I have written and phoned them in Cheltenham and as i live in North Wales I even drove down there once from here trying to get my moiney, I am out of pocket for expenses terrifickly and they refuse to compensate me.( overall 5 months ) And guess what all this time i am suffering with Cancer and going through Chemo!!!!! HOW AWFUL ARE THEY.
  4. Hi don't know how to sort this but it's being going on for a while now. About 5 months ago I was in a curry store in Manchester and I left my iPhone in the store. I then went on a volunteering trip to South Africa which was amazing and fulfilling but is neither here nor there. Whilst there I received a email from Vodafone letting me kknow that a member of staff had found my phone and rang them to say it was in there store. I was overjoyed as I now didn't have to buy a new phone and felt honesty was in the world still. . Upon arriving back onthe UK I went to the store to pick up my phone. It okay 15 minutes till a member of staff bothered to talk to me! at which he informed me it was him who found and reported my phone I expressed my happiness to him and thanked him profusely for being such an upstandi citizen. He went to a room where he said he locked it away. Coming back a few moments later saying it must have been moved. He checked with his manager who didn't want to know me. And just brushed it away saying it'll work in the sage but no one could check it till the day after. They sent me away with th promise to ring me. The day after they rang me saying they had checked and it wasn't there. . But But another member of staff wwho was on holiday could have placed it somewhere else. . They were to arrive back in store a week later. This was two months ago. I have since rang the store and asked to speak to the manager who sends the first member of staff on the phone phone to speak to me. . All I want to know. Is where is my phone. Why was I told it was there if it isn't. And why curry think they can send a person who isn't a manager to the phone when asked for a manager?
  5. Hi everyone, Having recently had a warranty voided by Samsung and Dixons PLC, after one the 2 Netbooks we purchased for my grandchildren was severely damaged either in transit to Samsung's repair centre, or by their UK contracted repairers (Digicare) I thought I ought to let other potential Dixons Group customers know of the risks they may be running when they purchase a Samsung product - the following risks may also apply to other major retailers, such as Tesco and Asda, who have told me they use the same service in the same way. This is the information I sent to the Office of Fair Trading for investigation. Letter to the OFT Dear Sirs, I am well aware that you do not investigate individual complaints against traders and therefore it does not ask you to investigate an individual single issue but a potentially widespread consumer issue that may be tantamount to fraud, within a major sector of the UK consumer (home electronics) market. Though the potential fraud may extend to several major retailers this request for investigation specifically concerns Samsung and its UK trading partner Dixons Group who together, with the potential collusion of Samsung’s contracted Couriers and their UK contracted repairers Digicare may have constructed a mechanism whereby they may be easily able to ‘ring fence’ themselves against their Warranty obligations, by effectively creating a barrier between consumers and their statutory rights under the 1979 Sale Of Goods Act (SOGA). The following is the so simple as to be almost elegant method they may be widely using to deprive what the Internet indicates may be a great many consumers of equitable treatment under SOGA 1979. 1) When a Samsung product fails to perform you are required to take it into the retailer under its Warranty. 2) When the fault is confirmed, instead of taking receipt of the goods for repair and receipting you for their condition, The Dixons’ Group retailer issues you with Samsung telephone number, tells you that you have to contact Samsung direct and then sends you home with the product. 3) When the consumer contacts Samsung and after they have gone through some basic checks to confirm the product is faulty they arrange for a Courier to pick up the product, from the consumer’s home address. 4) The courier picks up the product, without providing the consumer with a receipt stating the overall condition of the product and takes it to another party, in the form of Samsung’s UK contracted repairers (Digicare). 5) Because the consumer is neither warned of the potential need for, or granted any receipted evidence concerning the fault by the Courier the ‘repairers (Digicare) are then in a ‘bulletproof’ position to claim the fault is due to ‘misuse’ by the consumer, thereby voiding the Warranty. 6) Because the consumer is neither warned of the potential need for, or granted any receipted evidence concerning the condition of the product, by Dixons Group or the Courier, the ‘repairers (Digicare) are then in a ‘bulletproof’ position to claim any damage to the product that may be or has been caused by either the Courier during transit or by Digicare in their premises was caused by the consumer prior to collection, thereby voiding the Warranty 7) When the consumer quite rightly attempts to seek a lawful solution Samsung will support the Courier’s and Digicare’s claims, and Dixons’ will support Samsung’s support of the Couriers and Digicare’s claims, thereby voiding the consumer’s Warranty. 8) At this point, in the case of a faulty product, the consumer’s only options are either to pay for the repair or to have the faulty goods returned without repair, for a fee of £26.00 9) In the case of a product that may have been extensively damaged during transit or repair the consumer’s only options are to either pay for a repair, that may amount to more than the initial cost of the product, or have the damaged goods returned for a fee of £26.00 10)‘Trading Standards’ will advise you that Dixons (PC World) are responsible for the damage under The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (SOGA). 11)After lengthy delays Dixons (PC World will inform you that Samsung has deemed your Warranty void, on the basis that it has to believe its repairers claim that either you misused the product, or the item was found to be damaged on receipt and, as such, their Warranty is void. 12) If you pursue the matter the Courier, Digicare, Samsung and Dixons Group will continue to support each other to the point where ‘Trading Standards’ will eventually tell you that due to the way the item was conveyed to Digicare (from the consumer’s home) the damage has become a civil issue and you will have to determine liability via a Judge, through the small claims court. 13) This potential collusion between the retailer (Dixons Group), the Couriers, Digicare and Samsung makes it virtually impossible to ‘pin down’ the responsible party and even if a small claims court judgement rules in your favour, it may be virtually impossible to collect the debt if they decline to pay. 14) If the item cost less than £600.00 the consumer cannot even upgrade their legal action to the high court, which does have the power to enforce collection of damages, through its court appointed officer. Thus you can very easily see the Warranty process has been so obfuscated by the involved parties as to turn it into a lottery. I would therefore reiterate my request that the OFT investigate the issue, with a view to compelling the forenamed parties to create and engage in a Warranty process that is manifestly transparent, equitable to all parties and free from all possibility of unfair manipulation Yours faithfully etc.
  6. Hi all, After going through quite a tough break up I was moving home to my parents house and my TV fell off the back of my Dads lorry when we were unloading it, it fell onto the corner of a wall below the van which cracked the screen. I was quite upset (straw that broke the camels back) but then remembered I was covered with KNOWHOW from Curry's so gave them a call. They then came to pick up the TV....anyway, they've now said that the TV damage is "too extensive for the explanation given". What can I do? I'm quite annoyed that they've made this assumption when I can prove I moved and the TV was damaged by the move, it seems I've paid all this time for a policy which wasn't going to do what it says on the tin. Thanks
  7. Hello i brought a Beko washing machine on 05/10/2010 and decided to take out the Dixons mastercare extended 5 year warranty. Unsurprisingly the machine developed a fault on the 28th june. I called the hotline number and had to wait a week for an engineer to come out and "fix" the problem. He ran a cycle of tests and declared the machine good to use . After trying to do a wash after he had left it became apparent that the fault was still in tact, the engineer had in fact fixed nothing. Back on the phone and a week later a second engineer turns up, tells me he replaced the pump and didn't know why the first engineer hadn't already done this as it was an obvious problem. Off up the road he goes we try to do another wash and this time a different fault has developed, the machine starts it's cycle, fills up with water and then stops! .. ...back on the phone again to take another date for engineer number three who after another five days makes a complete no show!... ..back on the phone again, this time to be told that due to a system "error" our appointment has been cancelled and that the next one available is five days away which currently leaves us (still) three and a half weeks with a washing machine that is still not guaranteed to be repaired .. ...at my wits end and the family can't wash their clothes completely hopeless experience from this company and endless fobbing off from their condescending /patronising customer service, never again, do yourself a favor and avoid it too it's cheaper and less grief to buy a new washer!
  8. Follows an investigation by the OFT http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  9. I bought a TV from Dixons 15 months ago. The TV immediately switches off when switched on - so it has a fault and this problem is common with flat screen TVs in view of the threads posted to this and other forums. I have written to Dixons requesting a free of charge repair. They have advised me that they can collect and inspect the TV for £95 to determine if there is a manufacturing fault. Have any other members used Dixons inspection service? How was it for you? Were any manufacturing faults found? Do members prefer to get an independent report to provide evidence of failure of manufacturers' components prior to requesting a free of charge repair from the retailer? Sean
  10. I bought a Samsung netbook from Dixons in April '09. It was 400 pounds, so not cheap! A few days later I found the laptop had a fault. The laptop's screen turns itself on even when the laptop is off. So you have to take out the battery. Anyway, annoying and spoiled my enjoyment of the product. I informed Dixons about 10 days after purchase about the problem. They told me to take it in, but I live abroad and only get back to the UK once a year. One year and four days after purchase I contacted them again to say I was in the UK and wanted a repair. They told me that I was out of warranty. I pointed out that I'd informed them of this problem within days of purchase. But they fobbed me off. I left the country without having the laptop repaired. Only recently I found out about the UK sale of goods act, which allows me to claim within six years. I also found out about an EU directive 1999/44/EC which gives me a two year guarantee which presumably Dixons should have honoured. Before I drag the laptop back to the UK, can anyone tell me if I have a claim. I'd love to take them to court if I knew I could win. I should add - last year, when Dixons didn't want to repair 1 year and 4 days after purchase, they told me they would not look at the fault unless I paid my own engineer to check the fault and write out a statement that it was a fault of the design/manufacture. I didn't do that because it sounded like it would be expensive. BTW, I just emailed all of this to Dixons, with the old emails showing purchase, when I notified them of the problem etc.
  11. Firstly, Hello and thanks in advance for any help i may get. 7 Months ago i bought a PHILIPS HQ7340/17 Rotary Shaver Product code: 074409 £79.99 from Currys, Unit 1A, Stadium Retail Park, Wembley Park Drive Wembley HA9 8TS it was a lovely day and i was on my motorbike so i went for a ride and got home around 9pm. When i opened the box it had a european plug attached and as i live in Wembley i couldnt use it...i went back the store and complained and they said sorry but wouldnt give me any reason why the item couldnt be used or why there was no clear indication on the advertising that you needed a secong european socket.. i wrote to Currys and Emailed and also phoned but to no avail, so i got on with my life, untill that is today....i got back from a little trip away and realised i'd left my razor Off i went to Currys in Wembley and sure enough they had the razor, but it still didnt say anything about needing a extra plug.............SO ME: hello i'd like to buy this Currys: ok thats £79 ME:does it come with a british plug? CURRYS: Yes ME: Could you open it up and check Currys: Erm , Erm, Yes why not ALL OF US LOOK ON: CURRYS: oh, no sorry, its a european plug ME: what would have happened if i got home and couldnt use it? CURRYS: yes, thats bad ME: thats ok, ill take it if you give me a free european plug CURRYS: we cant do that ME: can you get your boss plese ....................................................................... Scene 2 Act 2, the boss appears.............. ME: Hello, this razor will not work in the UK with the socket attached CURRYS MANAGER : we can sell you a Socket. ME: I'm sure you can, but idont want a socket, i want a razor with a british socket attached to the end so i can get a shave. CURRYS MANAGER: then theres nothing we can do for you ME: Do you know that these are no good unless you live in Europe? CURRYS MANAGER: they are good if you buy a socket ME: Ill have it for free CURRYS MANAGER: well we are not going to do that and if theres nothing else i'm afraid i'm busy ME:-x: did you know its got a foreign plug on it? CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: it doesnt say on the box i need another socket CURRYS MANAGER: it also doesnt say you dont need one Touche Currys Nemesis ......Touche ................................................................................................... Act 3 Scene three, the meetings of the minds ME: are you really a manager CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: and you know it wont work in my house? CURRYS MANAGER: it will if you buy the socket ME: Were on the box does it say i need a socket CURRYS MANAGER: Touche Customer, Touche ( this didnt happen, it was in my mind) CURRYS MANAGER: it doesent ME: Thats clearly a misrepresentation CURRYS MANAGER: why ME: becuase A: i need a second plug to use the razor and B: it doesnt say so on the box CURRYS MANAGER: it could look like that ME: yes, yes it could CURRYS MANAGER: can i help you with anything else ME: yes, do you have the socket i need to use the razor that doesnt work unless i but it? CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: could i see it? Manager gets me the socket and i place it on top of the razor.... CURRYS MANAGER: would you like to buy it? ME: No, i just wanted you to see how easy it was to put the second item next to the first item and with maybe a little note attached saying something like...........erm i dont know lets say............THIS ITEM WONT WORK WITHOUT THIS SECOND ITEM. CURRYS MANAGER: I can see how looks ME: really anyway i take her name and her boss's name and explain i was in the same shop six months ago and was sold a razor that didnt work unless i bought a second universal socket is it me people or are Currys breaking some law on false advertising Many thanks The Hooded Claw
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