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  1. Hello I am hoping to receive some initial guidance/advice on the following situation in relation to my daughters nursey place. In brief summary; We were hoping to secure a place at a nursey, where our son had spent 2 very pleasant years before moving to reception at school proper. We received and she signed the registration forms as attached. ( I hope) As you may, in reviewing attached, see, Jxx, as a lecturer, was unsure what her hours would be and was happy, after discussions with a deputy manager, that the situation was flexible and we could amend the dates time in due
  2. Help Please - Advice for best recovering losses in the following situation from 23rd August 2013 Overview Flight from Bristol to Dublin (EI3285) eventually cancelled due to technical issue with aircraft after a 4 hour delay. Technical issue was a dent in the nose of the plane. Suspected bird-strike! Alternative routes where provided on first come 1st serve basis during period of delay. This involved a bus trip to Gatwick then an onward flight to Dublin. Apparently this bus got mixed up in traffic and missed the connecting flight. £3 each for refreshments was issued after 3 h
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