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  1. I have requested deed of assignment from debt buying company. They have supplied photocopies of original agreement, photocopies of notice of assignment but not DEED of assignment. Plus photocopy of default notice. if i were to send a CCA request will this force them to produce the DEED of assignment? (I googled CCA request and got info about it) plus a template. Not sure how to proceed.. .I have sent the 3 letter, the data one, and the cease and desist only ever got in reply those i have already mentioned and each time not the deed of assignment... so I am not quite sure what steps to take.. the default notice was given in late 2012 by the credit card company.
  2. Brilliant and a big thankyou for the sar link, much appreciated.
  3. Thankyou very much for replies dx100uk and hightail.... Hightail that's interesting they claim you also missed a payment yet you havent, also I am not metered, pay by monthly..same as you...I don't wsh to have a water meter....dx100uk thanks I will do that.( I will google how to.)
  4. In November and in December 2019 Xmas, i got a letter from anglian water stating that I had missed a payment and as such I must pay £59. This was incorrect on two points. 1. I pay £49 per month. 2.I have not missed any payments and can prove this. The same letter came again in January. I suspect they are adding on an illegal charge of £10 each time - for a missed payment that doesn't exist. Unsure of what to do next, advice appreciated.
  5. Ah thank you. But wouldnt the data have to be inputted in the first place by a human being, which suggests liaison between the services..ie the sexual health people and your own doctor...
  6. I went for a smear test. I got result by text. The sexual health clinic to which I last went has closed down. However all the staff have gone to a new building.It is within my own gp surgery, a large aircraft hangar... Imagine my surprise when I was asked to register and provide many details.(which they already have. ) My first question would be what has happened to my sexual health medical records? My second question is that they claim to be totally independent from my doctors practise yet my doctor keeps sending the letter to go for a smear...thirdly they wanted to know what my job was and if i was on benefits then which benefit do I get. What is the relevance of them needing to know your status?
  7. Oh I'mm really sorry if i have offended you, dx100uk....I just panicked as have had a few horrible issues to deal with lately, (bereavements) and I havent read any other peoples cases, although now I will go and look, really sorry to be a nuisance...but i will now go and look at the other posts...
  8. Oh no! I have today received a reply from mortimer clarke,, "we confirm that we have requested copies of the original agreement and other relevant documents relating to this debt from our client and will forward these upon receipt...your account has been placed on hold until those documents are obtained... So now, I am unsure what to do and what this now means for me...? thanks.
  9. Aha! I see, thanks very much for that info, dx100uk, very enlightening, you are a mine of information, and I am very grateful to you, thanks everso much for your help, it makes a massive difference, I will keep you posted on any developments.
  10. Thank you very much for your fast reply, dx100uk, much appreciated! Yes i did get a response pack, as per your attachment, I have printed it off to use, just now, but just wondered, why do i use yours and not theirs, (reply )form. NB I will use yours...but was curious as to why its better to do... Thanks renegadeimp, for your reply. That has answered my doubts about things...
  11. the letter before claim is not headed as such, but i think that is what it is.
  12. Cabot purchased a debt, the original debt was either m&s credit card or tesco credit card,i think. I have ignored all letters. I suspect its almost (if not) statute barred by now. (need to dig out files to check this) I now have received a letter before claim and reply form, from Cabots solicitors, mortimer cooke. Not sure whether to reply, is it bonafide? a scare tactic, or will no response get me a ccj? Any guidance will be very appreciated.
  13. Ah thanks, I cant set up a direct debit, or standing order, no bank account. they would have to send giro slips for me to pay. Obviously at a bank or a post office and pay for the privilege but I don't have another way to do.it. Now, the original debt was for Halifax credit card, they sold it to Lowell, started off at about 3 grand but Lowell added their costs, and bailiffs did add their costs to it too. After a while of paying £2 a month, will they just get fed up and write it off, after a period of time, or, will I have it to pay off I to old age? Pay it off til old age that should have said...
  14. Hi no have lived all the time in same address. I am told I will have to pay the credit card debt which Lowell's have bought from the credit card company. This debt is now owed to lowell. As I have lost the case to have it set aside then it means I must pay Lowell, I must pay the credit card debt, I must pay Lowell's costs, I must pay the bailiffs costs - this is what the judge said. (am ugly, I might add). Therefore, to avoid another court date, I was told to directly offer Lowell a small payment. , to keep the court off my back. This, I have done, but Lowell now require my exp and Inc to be set out on an official form, which I have done, but not yet sent. Hope this makes sense, and thanks dx Just an after thought, DX, what would happen if I chose to totally ignore Lowell and send nothing, would the court send for me again and add more charges on, or try to jail me for being subservient? I would hope not. NB the reason to directly approach Lowell was to avoid the court scrutinising my exp and inc and maybe forcing me to pay higher than I can. Like this, u have offered Lowell a low payment but not refusing to pay, so would keep it out of court, if you see my logic, but I may be doing the wrong thing?.. To clarify, in my street there was an empty house next door to mine, mine is 30, there's is 28a adjoined to that is 28. relief postmen (regular occurrence) don't notice 28a is NOT number 30... and that 28a has not been occupied for months, as they are not familiar postie... That is how ccj got sent there, I didn't know of it, lots of my mail didn't reach me but was erroneously put in 28a letterbox, house being unoccupied. ..consequently first I knew of allegation of debt, a bailiff hand delivering a letter to my mailbox... When 28a became purchased and new people came in, they bought me a bag full of unopened letters addressed to me, but had been posted to their letterbox in error. Lots of Tesco vouchers out of date, birthday cards, etc...
  15. Hi, I was told easier to offer Lowell directly rather than go through the courts after losing to have it (their ccj) set aside twice. I offered Lowell a small payment. Now, they want to see my income and expenditures, I have a form from Lowell in order to do this, however was told to use a CAB one to fill in and send, as it has more included in it, lowells one is really basic and doesn't cover a lot. I thought that if i don't hurry up and send the form, it will create a situation where I have to attend court yet again to justify my expenditures and income. I haven't heard from the court but assumed that was because Lowell have told them I have, after losing to have the ccj set aside, offered a small monthly payment. Thanks for replies, but When you ask what is the original judgement, not sure what you mean? It is a credit card debt bought by Lowell, is that what you mean? Not very up on the terminology ...
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