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  1. Thanks dx and Bazooka Boo, I will ignore the letters for now for as long as things don't seem to escalate. Kind regards
  2. Hi Unclebulgaria, thanks for your response. There is nothing relating to this on my Noddle account, don't think I have ever seen my energy supplier listed there. Would sending a subject access request possibly result in Npower restarting collection activity for my electricity account, as I stated above I swear I was making payments to Scotcall for that until they told me to stop a few years back even though the debt was not fully paid off? Kind regards
  3. I have received two letters over the past 3 weeks from Pastdue chasing a debt for Npower for ~£620 (£450 debt £170 fees) relating to my old address I left in Nov 2010 so 6 years ago. The first letter lists the product and supply period as not specified which is helpful. I have spent the intervening time digging through letters and my bank statements trying to figure out what this for and have found some letters from Wescot in 2014 with the same account number for Npower Gas but owing ~£650 but I do not recall ever entertaining these letters. On my bank statements it seems I last made a payment to Npower in Oct 2010 but I am not sure if it was for gas or electricity as it was a card payment. On first glance it seems that the debt maybe Statute Barred or at least nearing it as I do not know the exact default date. To complicate things I can see on my bank statements that I have made payments to Scotcall since then which I think were for my Npower electricity account not my gas account iirc, which I paid for a period of time until I was told to stop as it seemed Npower recalled the debt. Unfortunately I cannot put my hands on any letters to confirm this so I am not 100% confident that it is a separate account. The actual value of the gas debt should be over £2000 as although I had a direct debit in place for both fuels, npower didn't bill me for gas for over 2 years so I am not convinced this debt is actually mine unless npower wrote some of the debt off. I am unsure how to proceed, I am not in a position to pay so am reluctant to start engaging with the dca. Is it wise to engage with Npower to try and confirm if the account is mine and try to find out the default date and last payment amount/date to see if the debt is now SB? Kind regards
  4. Hi, I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Sols advising that they have been instructed by Fredrickson International on behalf of Lowell Financial to issue court proceedings on 19 Sept 2013. I have had several letters over the past 5 months regarding this but as I have had no dealings with Lowell Financial I have ignored it rightly or wrongly. After looking at my credit file on Noddle it appears that the account relates to the overdraft on my old Halifax Current Account for £821, Halifax defaulted the account on 12/03/08 and they have marked the account as satisfied 31/08/12, a month prior Lowell have registered a debt for the same amount and ref no so I assume they have bought the debt. The debt is due to be statute barred in 6 months and before you think I am willfully trying to avoid the debt a little background info might be in order. I started to get into financial difficulties back in 2007 after the birth of my daughter and my then partner becoming ill, upto this point I had paid all my bills as and when they fell due. I tried to keep up my payments as much as possible but my partner losing her job in 2009 and me being made redundant in 2010 made this impossible. Since this time I have only been able to get temporary work such that I can only afford to pay for my current living costs and have very little spare. I have debts amounting to circa £43,000 but only the smaller debts have actually chased for payment with this being the largest, 2 of my debts totalling £15,000 become statute barred in the next month or so with the remainder barring my Mortgage shortfall becoming statute barred over the next 2-3 years, none of which have chased for payment except for the few debts under 1k. I would like to make payment but to clear all my debts would take over 20 years, so barring declaring bankruptcy and finding a way to pay the £700 fee my only real hope is hope all the debts become statute barred. I do have a few hundred pounds saved so may be able to offer a small settlement, I am thinking of sending the prove it letter to give me a little more time to decide what to do, but any advice is greatly appreciated.
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