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  1. what you mean by that dx100uk???????.as thats what they pretty much said to me.
  2. yeah,that's what my thoughts were.will get letter wrote out tonight and post 1st thing in the morning. there was no penalty charges between 2007 and 2009 just interest kept mounting up.surely there should have been some charges showing on the account,if they were trying to get there money back like lawyers letters or something???? thanks for all your help buddy
  3. thanks dx for the input, will have a letter drafted up for this tonight. i already have the SAR and they said on it that it was a write off in 2009. they have a statement in my account that they sent to an old address in 2009 but the flat was demolished in 2008. the only thing that i can think of, on what they have done is when they gave us the settlement figure to pay the loan off (which we thought we had) they have not written off the rebate and it has gather interest from 2007 till 2009. as there was a LOT of interest charges during this time. they say they are taking the £900 to offset a LIVE loan. (which we don't have with them.) COMPANY IN QUESTION IS BLACK HORSE
  4. no one any idea's on the above situation please,or will i just need to collect what i'm given and be done with it????????
  5. hi all, looking for a bit more help if you don't mind,as am not quite sure what to do about an offer i got??. took out a home owner loan against house in 2005 and when we had sold the house we thought we had paid off the debt in full as they had lifted the loan off the house in order for us to sell it, after claiming back the ppi the company have said we still owe them nearly £900 which will be coming off the balance. what i don't quite get is, we haven't heard anything from them since we sold the house in 2007. can they still take this from us?????, would this be classed as statue barred as i live in scotland and it's past 5 years????. just don't know what to do about it, any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  6. thanks for your help, i'll post what i posted to welcome,to the fscs and we'll see what kind of response we get from them.if no joy i'll just get the fos involve companies like this,that dish out fob off letters should be getting their knuckles wrapped.if you think about it they are trying to con you again.you would think once was enough
  7. don't think the dealer is there now.i'll send off another letter to welcome first and see what they say.looking at my SAR there is a part that say's highway insurance with a reference no.i take it this would be the insurance provider i like the way they say that sales of the insurance was the responsibility of the insurance provider but they were the 1's that collected the money every month and not highway insurance i don't plan on giving up just yet, as this amounts to over £3000. would it be better to send my fos questionaire to the fscs, as i just sent it into welcome there selfs
  8. sorry,it was car finance took out at a dealers.
  9. yeah sent them the fos questionaire with a covering letter.they say that this is there final response on the matter. so what's next??????.send the fos what i had sent welcome or will i write to welcome again????.
  10. hi all, in need of a bit of help please if you can. i took out a car loan with welcome in 2001 and paid it off in 2006 .i tried to claim the ppi on it but i got a letter through this morning saying that they are rejecting it because it is outside the relevant time limits. they also say that ,the rules of their regulator (financial conduct authority-FCA) state that where a complaint relates to an event that took place before february 2003 they are not required to investigate my complaint and sales of insurance made before this date were the responsibility of the insurance provider and not the broker who sold it is this correct?????? and what are my next options??????? .any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  11. thanks for the reply buddy.just wasn't sure if i could voluntary terminate it due to it not quite being half.think there will be about £600 short.do you think they may do a payment plan for the outstanding debt????? or do i have to pay all this off,when i get them to pick the car up???. downloading the letter now and will be posted 1st thing in the morning.this maybe 1 weight off the shoulders now.just got the rest of the debt to get sorted. big thanks
  12. hi all, bit of info needed please if you can help.i'm trying at the moment to get my finances in order as i have just been told that i will be changing shifts at work and will be losing a small fortune in salary. i have a car that i would like to try and hand back as i'm paying nearly £180 a month for i have paid 16 months into a 39 month contract and i know you can hand the car back at 50% ,which i just fall short of. What i want to know is want are my options on this am i better to try and voluntary terminate it (what would happen) or am i better to voluntary surrender it (what would happen)the car is in negative equity and at this point my credit rating is this least of my worries any help would be great as i'm at my wits ends to try and get my outgoings down to try and make up my salary. thanks
  13. cool,knew it would be different from my actual form but was just want to see 1 filled in so i can get a rough idea what it should look like done. thanks for the help anyway buddy.will try and give it my best shot
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