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  1. hi there im asking this for a friend whos in a sticky situation. Wanting to do a debt relief order but has a car to her name. it is this pictured. After some research i no cars have to be under £1000 but 1 valuation comes way over for her. what should she do? thanks a lot. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55697[/ATTACH]
  2. Just an update for everyone. I checked my credit file today and apex doesnt seem to be on there?? looks as if its been removed but can it be re added? Ive just got 2 satisfied debts on there now which are paid up just waiting for them to clear then im all cleared wiped and back on my feet. thanks guys
  3. right its been 2 and a half months now (over the 56 days) since i sent the formal complaint and haven't had a letter or acknowledgement back yet. so what should i do now to get things moving on? How can i escalate this as i feel apex are just brushing me aside hoping ill forget and they can still keep the defaults on my report. thanks for everyones help. aiden
  4. Hi Mike thanks for your reply. How do i raise a dispute with experian? what should i send them as in paperwork to show them what apex are doing is wrong? thanks
  5. Yeah i got told if i forwarded all the info i have about it been statue barred to experian they have the powers to remove it for me. as you can see ive not paid nor maid contact in more than 6 years. i sent the letter 28th jan and still not had anything back from that.
  6. Purchased the experian. the default is still on there. how do i go about getting them to remove it? anyone no? thanks
  7. anyone no what i should do now? apex have not responded to my formal complaint its been over a month now and thought they only had 21 days to reply to a formal complaint letter. I want to get this off my files asap. thanks for any info and help guys. aiden
  8. they've gone over the 20 day reply?? What should i do now as i did put on the letter that it was a formal complaint? I dont want them to just sit back and hope ill forget about it. thanks
  9. Made the payment by cash Got a reciept somewhere.
  10. Anyone?? Or is this in the wrong sectinon??
  11. Back in June i took a training course to the amount of £500. (this later got reduced after i paid) to other people to £250 not me. I paid full. Did the course(after the tutor re arranged it a number of times) Also cut my exam time down as she was late in turning up. I pass and have been awaiting my certificate since then. they told me it had been delivered but then got returned to sender as we were on holiday. then they asked me to pay an extra £30 to get it sent again. (after i paid the £500 already. After around 10 emails back and forth ive still not recieved my certificate and its now
  12. I did have a experian account but now i have one thats free and comes with my vanquis credit card(got this to build up credit) dont really use it only to pay the monthly CRA. I may cancel that and go back to experian. Do you really think they would do that? I will give it ago as there is no harm in trying. thanks for that.
  13. Excelent. its sent off so will update to what i get back. went signed for and got receipt. thanks for the help
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