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  1. Thanks for the help will ignore and see what happens will do other regards to SAR Lloyds.
  2. Should I give them an up to date Financial statement or just tell them that I cant up the monthly payment as that is what the court and they agreed to ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your advice everyone, will SAR lloyds ad CAA 1st credit, should I respond to 1st credit or ignore dont really want to talk on phone. Feel a bit better with advice given will post regards SAR etc soon as I get a reply regards this account.
  4. Thanks for your help dx110uk will get the SAR Lloyds done and sent off Monday and I will do a CAA to 1st credit as well. I will post any replies I get from either of these ASAP. Will keep an eye on here as out for the rest of today I really appreciate everyones advice so far its great to know there are lots decent people out there able to help.
  5. Just got the CCJ paperwork out and it states you made the claimant an offer which the claimant has accepted . £30.00 per month the first payment due on the 16/04/14 and on or before this date each month until the debt has been paid, hope this helps answer your last question a bit clearer dx100uk
  6. That was what I offered to 1st credit which I sent back in the official paperwork which I received from Northampton which I believe I sent back to 1st credit as it was a partial payment / offer? And I eventually received the paper work back from the court saying it had been accepted. thanks
  7. I didnt defend CCJ at the time as I was recovering from Kidney Cancer it didnt seem impotant in the big picture then, the card took out around 2000 but not sure exactly, Maybe I was stupid then but as I said it was the least of my worries then. Thats why I am after help advice now. Thanks
  8. Thans for replying, I dont have any accounts for the Credit Card now , If I remember rightly the credit card limit was £5000. so all the rest must be charges of some description, when 1st Credit took me to court there was a fair amount in charges then? How would I go about SAR Lloyds or 1st Credit? sorry for not being bright regarding this?
  9. The amount owing is £6,300 approx . I never tried to reclaim anything back regards penalty charges PPI etc never only tried to do that once PPI on another Loan and got know where due to it being a broker who arranged Loan and then no longer trading and the company I took the loan out with said it was nothing to do with them ? Would it be easy to reclaim these back?
  10. Thanks for reply, CCJ is in my name only. Mortgage in my name only. I havent missed any payments but at the begining they thank me for my efforts to date to repay this debt? I was under the impression when the CCJ was obtained that as long as I kept up with repayments this would be ok.
  11. Received letter from 1st Credit whom I have been paying £30.00 per month for a CJJ from a debt originally Lloyds CC. I have been paying the £30.00 per month since the CCJ was obtained April 14, I have not missed a payment since then. I received this letter with their intention to review my account with a view to applying to the court to obtain a charging order to secure our interest against my property. The letter also states that they want to know if my financial circumstances are likley to change in the forseeable future? I wish I knew. At the end it also states "It is not our intention to pressurise you into paying more than you can afford and therefore we may ultimately decide that applying for a charging order is a reasonable and fair outcome." Should you wish to avoid this action please contact us on 01737 237374 etc. Can some one advise / help with what to do next ? Thanks in advance There is very little equity in the property if any at all!
  12. Thanks will do that and see what happens next.
  13. I dont know how much I was paying for the PPI as I was paying it back in my normal repayments, how would I work this out.
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