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  1. I just didn't expect to end up massively out of pocket for something that is not my fault If his insurer (I say "his" it is actually fleet insurance as it was a company owned lorry that hit me) refuse to help me, then I will pursue the company who the vehicle belonged to through the courts if necessary. I have tried to speak with solicitors but it seems, unless you are paralysed or suffered an amputation as a result of the accident they don't care. I just feel so lonely in this whole thing, the various insurers / finance company are looking after their own interests but there is nobody to look after mine.
  2. I have been thinking about this overnight.... Why should I be claiming on my GAP insurance policy at all? The policy was taken out for my piece of mind and not for his insurers benefit! If it was my fault and I wrote the car off then I would, of course, claim on it. But I can't help but think that me claiming on my own gap policy is the equivalent of a fault claim, as in... yes the insurance will pay out but I then need to suffer the consequences of making a claim (another 11 months of premiums to pay, on a policy that I can no longer claim on)
  3. The trouble is the GAP insurer will only be covering the vehicle element of the finance shortfall, I calculate about 200 quid. Yet I need to pay £450 in premiums. Not be mention that I also need to take out a further GAP policy on my replacement vehicle. I decided yesterday to write a letter to his insurers directly, so just waiting on a response on that.
  4. I have just spoken to the GAP insurer, who inform me that I still need to carry on paying the premiums after the claim, even though I cannot claim on the GAP policy again. So that's another £450 flushed down the toilet
  5. Thank you, to be honest, had the accident occurred 2-3 years down the line then I would not be seeking to recover the losses I have suffered. But the fact that I have paid considerable money for warranties and protections which became null and void only 1 month after purchase is to me completely unacceptable.
  6. Thank you for your advice, I have "Tesco Legal Guard" as part of the motor insurance policy and will be giving them a call this morning. With regards to claiming back my finance payments, I have spoken with the finance company yesterday and they inform me that unless the balance is settled by the 29th April, I will be required to make another months payment. So essentially I have paid £478 in 2 montly payments for 1 month & 1 weeks usage! I see your point in that it may be difficult to claim that I have not had any use of the car between 2/3/16 and 8/4/16. However, my argument is that I purchased a vehicle on HP in order to own it at the end of the term. If I wanted to flush my money down the toilet hiring a car then I would have gone to Hertz I also, stupidly in hindsight had some "extras", extended warranty, safeguard protection etc... which total £678 added onto the car purchase and so these are within the financed amount. The problem is reading the small print of my GAP policy, they will only pay the shortfall for the vehicle and not any extras! So to sum it all up, I had use of my car for 1 month & 1 week and it has cost me so far.... DEPOSIT: £300 1ST MONTHLY PAYMENT: £239 2ND MONTHLY PAYMENT: £239 UNINSURED EXTRAS ADDED TO FINANCE: £679 TOTAL: £1,457 or put it another way £40 per day of usage! I cannot believe what a mess this has become, once the GAP insurer has filled the gap for the vehicle portion of the finance I am going to still be left with a shortfall of £679 excluding interest! which of course the finance company want settling immediately. I then need to find another £300 deposit to put down on another car. We are also a 1 car family, and I know the insurer is going to want the hire car back once they have sent their portion of the settlement to the finance company, but we need a car in order to find a replacement car which I can not do until both the GAP insurer has settled and I have somehow paid off any remaining shortfall myself. I am so stressed and frustrated with the whole thing, especially as the other party was completely responsible for the accident and have admitted 100% liability. His vehicle (a small lorry) suffered relativley minor damage and he is probably all fixed up and back on the road now, completley oblivious to the situation he has placed me in.
  7. Hi All, I will set the scene with a brief timeline of events.... 1. Purchased a 62 plate car for 10k on a HP agreement with a £300 deposit, picked the car up from the dealers on the 2nd March 2016. 2. I made the first payment on the HP agreement on the 2nd April 2016. 3. On the 8th April 2016, the car was written off in an accident. The other party pleaded no contest and their insurers have admitted full liability for the claim. I spoke with my finance company yesterday after receiving a letter from my insurer declaring the car a write off. Naturally as the legal owner of the vehicle, the finance company are insisting that they deal with the insurers themselves. I fully expect however that the finance company will be acting solely in their own interests and not mine. I should also state that I have GAP insurance so I am not bothered about clearing the existing finance, but what does bother me is that it leaves me personally out of pocket, I believe (and this is where I need advice) that I should be able to claim.... 1. My £300 deposit which was paid to the dealer at the start of March. 2. As mentioned above, I paid my monthly installment at the start of the month and only had 7 days use out of the car before the accident, so I believe I should be able to claim at least part of this back? 3. My next payment is due on the 1st May, I am concerned that if things don't move swiftly and the finance isn't settled before the end of this month then I will end up paying another month's payment for a car that I no longer have the use of! My main question is... what route should I take to attempt to claim back these losses?? Should I wait for the insurer and finance company to conclude the settlement of the finance first? I am thinking of waiting for the dust to settle and then issuing a court claim to the other driver for any remaining losses, can I do this?? I am concerned that once the finance company has settled with the insurer then that will prevent any further claims being made?? Many thanks for any assistance given.
  8. Hi All, We are moving home at the end of next week and have begun the process of transferring utilities etc.. We have been customers of NPower for some 8 years and have always had a credit meter for both gas & electric which have been paid via monthly DD. Today we phoned NPower to notify them that we were moving and that we wished to remain customers of theirs. The property we have purchased is already supplied by NPower and presently has credit meters fitted so we expected no issues. NPower ran a credit check and have informed us that our only options are: a) Have prepayment meters fitted. b) Place a security deposit of £200 per fuel to be held for 12mths and continue to pay by direct debit. Admittedly our credit files are not squeaky clean (though clean enough to obtain a mortgage) but we do not see why after 8 years of customer loyalty we should have to either have prepayment meters fitted or pay a substantial security deposit. Although we could switch providers, we are concerned that the whole industry credit checks and we would essentially find ourselves in the same position. We are concerned that time is ticking fast as we are due to move into our new home next Friday, so we may not have time to sort prior to our move date, which raises another question.... This may sound stupid but we are first time buyers so please bear with us... the property we are moving into has working electricity and gas obviously not looking to defraud but is it the case that electricity/gas cannot be used until a provider is sorted? Any help/advice is greatly received.
  9. Yes that was the primary goal and it has been achieved. But obviously if my mortgage is still declined after appeal and it is solely due to what Halifax has done, then I will be taking the matter further as I would be considerably out of pocket if this house sale falls through.
  10. After the decline my broker got on the phone to the business development manager, and from what I understand to be a rather lengthy conversation the lender has agreed to reassess the case so we are not out of the woods yet but not flat on our faces as we were a few days ago either. It was explicitly mentioned within my letter to Halifax that our mortgage had been declined and that we were seeking to appeal it with the lender. I made it clear that any compensation claim would follow and be determined based upon the success or failure of that appeal. I stated that if the lender still determines after appeal that they are unable to provide the mortgage and it can be demonstrated that it was solely due to Halifax's default placement then the compensation claim would likely be substantial. I won't be issuing a full response / acceptance of compensation until I know where I am with the mortgage lender.
  11. Thanks I am in a good mood so rep given ... I think in my response back to Halifax I am going to ask for further clarification on this point... namely highlight the line within the guidance notes which say the leading principles do not apply in the case of current accounts!
  12. Hi All, Received a letter from the executive complaints team yesterday. And the news is good!! As expected Halifax did not agree with most of my points but have agreed to remove the entries in the next few days and have offered £100 in compensation. Although I have got the result I wanted, there are a few dubious explanations given in the letter. For example and I quote... "As an aside I would mention that the timescales you have referred to in respect of the default dates do not apply here as this was a current account without any contractual payments to be behind on, unlike a loan" essentially Halifax claim that the ICO's guidance on placing defaults goes out of the window when it comes to current accounts!! I have read the guidance notes and there is a particular section regarding current accounts but I can personally see no mention that you can be ignorant of the leading principles contained within the guidance on the basis that it is a current account. Interested to hear your thoughts on the above.
  13. Just sent email as suggested, will keep the thread updated as soon as I hear anything back from them. Thanks all.
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