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  1. lol Mr, P, you have a way with words Thanks jasta11, I will look into getting one if they really are that cheap .
  2. Thanks for the tips. I dont have a memory stick but am fine with using my own paper and ink as my mother brought some home from work and she can probably get some of those great envelopes you mentioned too. Yes, I was shocked at his use of language and wish Id have recorded our session now and wish I could throw him out of the window but I am just a wee lassy so unless he threw himself out of the window for me.. no chance lol
  3. Thanks very much for your reply. The reason I asked that is that before I had to find 10 employers and had to do it all at the WP and I was there for 50 minutes doing that and I dread to think how long 50 would take me as he mentioned writing out envelopes but I would prefer to do it at home - all done and dusted next time I see him and they can just pay for the stamps.
  4. Thanks everyone, your help is invaluable to me and Id like to update my experience if I may. I had my appointment yesterday and he seems a decent adviser on the whole, apart from the fact that he ate his lunch infront of me and swore quite a bit (f*cking, b*stard, pr*ck and sh*t was used). He asked me about my living situation so I brought up moving to York... he said "b*llocks to here then, lets concentrate on finding jobs in York" which I was pleased about. I do find it quite unfair however, that for next time I see him, I must find 50 companies in York to send CVs/spec letters to then the week after that to ring the 50 companies to chase up my CV. It will be hard to find 50 and I do think its a little OTT but it does say mandatory on my Action Plan for next week. My question is, would it be ok if I pre-made all these CV's, spec letters and envelopes to take in to him rather than me having to go in and do it there and be there for 2 hours?
  5. Thanks everyone. I saw all your messages after my appointment and I think the holiday has been delayed a week or two but still need and appreciate the advice you have given me. One last question though, I have been told that I wont get paid until I come back and sign, is this true? I know when Ive had a 2 week sickness, I got paid on time during this sickness period without signing. Thanks xx
  6. Hi all, I know this may be a bit of an obvious answer but what do I do about having a 2 week holiday while on the work programme (Sarina Russo)? One of my pals booked a holiday cottage in Scotland for 2 weeks but cant go - I reluctantly volunteered (yeah right lol). The dates are Wednesday (5th March) until Wednesday 19th March. This would mean missing a signing day and no doubt an appointment or two with my WP adviser. So, what do I do? Is there a form to fill in and send off? What do I do about appointments with my WP adviser because when I see him tomorrow, no doubt he will make me another one then and there? Ive not had any holiday so this would be my first and Id like to take the 2 weeks all at once. Are there any forms I can print out and send off rather than go into my JCP? Thanks xx
  7. Thanks for your reply. Im expecting the usual "the problem is you..." crap as that seems to be their warcry lol I have read before that people shouldnt sign this or answer that and I dont get why. If they ask me things and Im vague or refuse to sign things and they ask me why, what do I say? Why should I not sign anything?
  8. Hi again everyone. I have just received an appointment for my Work Programme (Sarina Russo) Engage Phase which is on Friday with a completely different adviser. Not looking forward to this as I don't really know what to expect. As some of you may or may nor remember - I am moving to York soon (no date yet though but hopefully within a few weeks to a month) and I really do not want a job where I currently live as I want and need to move away for a clean and fresh break - coupled with the fact that I could accept full and part time work if I moved - upping my chances of finding work, if I stayed, full time in the only option. Anyway, can anyone give me any pointers as to whats in store for me? Also, would I get into trouble if I told them truth, that I do not want to work round here but am looking for employment in York and would attend any interview I may get? I don't want to land myself some kind of sanction if not wanting to work in my area is not allowed. Cheers!
  9. Hey again everyone. I attended an appointment with my "lovely" adviser Mo yesterday who wasn't all that bothered I didn't manage to get an interview in 10 days like he asked me to but I told him I'm moving up north and he has took it upon himself to push [me] even harder to find a job so I cant move away (and no doubt so he gets the credit and commission), which I find awful as I dont want to live here anymore as its a dead end place and I hate it. He has made an appointment to see me again this Thursday to ring places and do a job search there - what is the point of this? I do a very good job search at home and everyone has been blown away by how good it is when I go to sign and I also ring a few places to inquire about possible vacancies per week - so what the hell is the point in all this? He isnt doing anything to help me, it seems like he is struggling to think of anything to do with me and I don't appreciate him pushing me to get a job here when he knows I want to move and start a new life somewhere else - somewhere I have the option to take on P/T as well as F/T work - more option than here as I can only do F/T if I stay! I really wish I could get rid of him as he is pretty useless but thinks he is the dogs doodahs! He is only standing in for my usual adviser who is off sick and has been for a month! Another thing that made me "lol", he gave me a pile of papers yesterday, which were jobs to apply for, and sandwiched in-between was a letter to a completely different person with their name, address and such private information on. Now I have someone elses details and this other person wont receive this important letter. Incompetent!!!
  10. Well yes I suppose that does make more sense, thank you
  11. Thanks guys! I did read that I could not change providers but maybe that was incorrect afterall. I also highly doubt that the WP would be willing to pay me £60.50 in travel expenses should I be made to commute like Mr P said lol but maybe the rules arent that bad and what I read was inaccurate. Thanks again
  12. Hey all. The move from Rugby to York is happening and we should be moved within the month. Finding a job here is unlikely and York has so much to offer, so much more job opportunity etc I do have a worry. I did read that once signed to a specific Work Programme provider - it can not be changed. Here I'm with Sarina Russo and there is no Sarina Russo in York. According to this link, the only WP providers in York (north east) are Avanta and Ingeus. So, please dont tell me I will be MADE to commute a 6 hour round journey from York to Rugby because I wouldn't be allowed to change WP providers (or is the information I read about a no-change of providers incorrect?). Many thanks!
  13. I think he would class his "guidance" as improving my CV, cover and spec letter as help maybe? He hasnt done anything else as I have only had 2 appointments with him. The action plan is exactly as I posted, I hadnt cropped anything out but here it is minus identity info..[ATTACH=CONFIG]48986[/ATTACH]
  14. lol yes, I did think it was a desperate attempt at making himself look useful.Thanks everyone!
  15. I see, so this is not a "must" even though he made it sound like it was. Sneaky! I will just feel silly going to the appointment in 10 days if I fail to get an interview because no doubt he will say its my fault.
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