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  1. This is true and they have confirmed that they get everyone to sign to say if a rabbit is being surrendered.
  2. Thanks for the reply, That's a interesting aspect to look at it. The situation was only 17 hours and I did offer to pay all costs at the time. You are right that there are alot of cases of what you said above, I bet it happens alot.
  3. Hi all, today I've spoken to citizen advice and they said they would class the rabbit as an item of property. They told me that I should file at my local county court. They gave me a number to a local solicitor and after speaking to him, confirmed what they said. As everything is in writing and at no point did I sign her over a would have a case. I currently hold chat logs, vet registration, tracker details and a letter from the previous owner to confirm she was surrendered to me. Does anyone have an option on this?
  4. No nothing at all. All we have done is support them financially, transport some rabbits to them, I can see anyway I could continue to support them after this.
  5. Just an update, I've just had a message that they have moved her to her new home really not happy
  6. Basically it is two women who run it from there homes and have 3 or 4 fosters who help keep bunnies at there homes. They very recently registered as a charity so I was told. Nothing was signed, basically they said after they normally do get people to sign a form to surrender there rabbits but didn't with us. I would think because we have been supporting them financially a fair bit over the last 6 months.
  7. Hi, She can't breed. The bunny was taken for a viewing and never given to the centre. The bunny is currently still with the rescue at someone house (foster) but I think it's early next week that she would go. They are trying to bond her with another at the moment, which I never agreed to. I suppose it's like putting an item in auction and then pulling it before it goes up. Options seem slim at the moment
  8. Thank you for getting back to me, I would have like more positive news but by what you have said I don't have any options. My support for the centre is over after some of the comments made, who would know adults would change so much. Thank you again Bank fodder,
  9. they have confirmed on messenger that I informed them before the viewing. They have tried to say I surrendered her but only agreed to have her viewed. They have never mentioned surrendered till after the event yesterday. I still hold all her paperwork as I thought it would be my say if she went after the viewing.
  10. Hi all, Bit of a strange one but here goes. I took a rabbit in off someone who lives close to me as they didn't want her. I support a rescue centre and the original idea was to find her a new home. 3 to 4 weeks has past and I got a message that someone wanted to look at her. two days ago I took her down and left her overnight with them. After doing alot of thinking I told the rescue centre that I changed my mind and was going to keep her. This was done on the phone and Facebook message. After a short while I was told that the lady was on her wa
  11. Hi all, Need some advice please. I have just switched my bank account from HSBC to Halifax using the 7 day bank account switch which is backed by the government. On the final day of the switch my car insurance went out of my old hsbc account and not the Halifax account like it should have. After taking to halifax and elephant i was told that if it wasnt taken when it should have been then they will just replay and do it 7 days later. I didn't think nothing more of it, account moved and Hsbc closed. I got a letter on 24th March from hsbc £68.68 had been taken out of the account
  12. Thanks DD all the above is a great help and will write to them today, Will keep you posted and thanks again for taking your time to reply.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me, I have checked and it does seem to be on appeal Does anyone know what the best way to appeal is and how is best to write the appeal. I seem to not have many options. One thing i have noticed his morning is that all my returns say that they have been submitted and received but they have added interest to the account 3 weeks after they were submitted. 19 Nov 2013 Accruing late payment interest for second penalty for late tax return due 08 Sep 2009 - an example - as they were filled in October can they do this?
  14. 2011-2012 - 21 Mar 2013 Late filing penalty £100.00 21 Mar 2013 Partnership late filing penalty £100.00 20 Sep 2013 Daily penalty £900.00 20 Sep 2013 Partnership daily penalty £900.00 20 Sep 2013 6 month late filing penalty £300.00 20 Sep 2013 Partnership 6 month late filing penalty £300.00 Total £2600 2010-2011 - 20 Mar 2012 Late filing penalty £100.00 20 Mar 2012 Partnership late filing penalty £100.00 13 Sep 2012 Daily penalty 900.00 13 Sep 2012 Partnership daily penalty £900.00 13 Sep 2012 6 month late filing penalty
  15. I will get the breakdown now BazzaS, Thanks for your help so far
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