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  1. were do we stand. Moved out of old property 1st Oct 2019 and EON informed prior to this. We have an online chat log of a live chat with EON to confirm that we will not be charged after this period and final bill will be produced in 48 hours great. Now then 147 days or 3528 hours later we are still waiting for the final bill. We are now getting calls and text from old landlord about this as a new tenant has just moved in ( we moved across the road ) and is having trouble getting new supplier for energy we presume. we have complained since Nov. and get loads of excuses from you
  2. Hi, some weeks ago a letter from Eon reached my address addressed to a person who does not live there and liver lived there in the last 5 years, and wasn't the person who lived here before we moved in. Thank you for switching to EON, please send us your meter reading so we can complete the switch. Thinking nothing of it, I binned the letter. After that more letters from eon arrived, addressed to the occupier. Most I binned some I opened. They seemed very genuine, in the line of You won 1 million pounds please send us your personal details and some money so w
  3. Can anyone help please? i have had a letter come through this morning in the post from LCS - Credit management Debt Recovery Investigations stating to recover a debt of £153.98 for dual fuel between 06/12/11 - 31/08/12 at a old address. I believe this has come abouts because i already have a different debt with the same utility supplier that i am paying £10 a month for a totally different address. do i have any rights in relation to this old debt please?
  4. I am hoping someone could offer some advice, it is a little complicated and will try my best to explain. I moved to an address in Jan 2009 and left April 2014, during that time I had EON energy. I have not used then since. I checked my credit files today (first time in years) and found it was showing three accounts from E-ON - two in default but settled, and one still running (ALL GREEN) 1. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY Account Opened June 2012 and closed October 2013. Its all green until October 2012 where it says I had (5) missed payments and then November
  5. Our first bill from eon after moving into our current home arrived after a few months and was for a total of £13. This was clearly incorrect and we called to query it. We were told it's right and to pay it. After a few more months of nothing we then received a bill for almost £1000! No explanation from eon. We contacted eon again and was told there had been an error and that this amount was correct and now due. We argued and stated that we had been contacting them prior to this to sort it but was assured all was ok. They then demanded immediate payment and I was t
  6. I have been in dispute with Eon for some time now regarding my bills. My emails fall on deaf ears as Eon have responded stating that they will no longer discuss my dispute. As this thread depicts on many occasions, the inevitable Warrant of Entry was applied for by Eon in Portsmouth Court. I am from Derby. Now, as a Justice of the Peace, I am sure you are aware of the Magistrate Court Act 1980 (and in turn the Civil Procedure Rules 1998/9). These are legislation set in place guaranteeing the rights of citizens in regards to court processes. One major f
  7. Hi again My mum has solar panels fitted to her house, they're all paid for and her current FiT goes through Eon. However, Eon have been pretty bad when it comes to getting things right and her bills are always much higher than I think they need to be. We've checked and made sure she's on a good tariff and most of the time she tries to make sure dishwasher, washing machine and so forth are used during daylight hours (although in this weather/season it generates far less). She gets around £100 (Dec-Feb), £160 (Mar-May) £220 (Jun-Aug) & £180 (Sep-Nov) and we est
  8. So. This is a long story - sorry about that! In March 2014, my husband and I received a very large back bill. Apparently, they discovered they hadn't input what few meter readings they had into their system upon changing the account from my husband's name to mine. We'd originally wanted the account in both of our names, for visa purposes, but they refused. We were completely shocked, and there was/is no way for us to pay it, as we just barely scrape by paying the normal bills. The amount was also very high for our living situation, and I still don't think the
  9. Hello everybody I recently got into debt bother with EON . I spoke to them about my options with regards to my debt (installments, pre-payment etc). I indicated that I would prefer prepayment to manage my debts but then took my time getting back to them . Next I received a letter telling me that they were applying to the courts and had added £60.00. The court date was supposed to be 12th of November and I awaited this date so I could contest the fee (I had already told them that I wanted prepayment), they wrote to me shortly before telling me that the court h
  10. So I entered into a fixed 12 month contract with Eon in January this year, at a very reasonable £32.50 a month, all going swimmingly until yesterday when they emailed me to say that my direct debit would be increasing to £43 a month! Have just emailed them, and tweeted them, to say that there is absolutely no chance of paying this increase as I am on a fixed income, and their quote of £32.50 a month has been used in my budget each month, and there is zero wriggle room. I am hoping that they can continue to take £32.50 a month, like they agreed in January, or I shall pull the direct d
  11. It amazes me that Utility Companies treat us with contempt again and again and get away with it again and again. Today’s CAG newsletter “Npower ordered to give energy away for free” or E.On fined £7.75m Sorry, as a newbe I can't post links but everything can be found easily on google District Heat systems only affect a few hundred thousand of us at the moment but that number is expected to grow in to the millions over the next few years. District Heat – a block of flats has one boiler making hot water for all the flats. In theory cleaner and more efficient (cheaper). That h
  12. Hi, Any advice really appreciated. I moved into a flat in June 2013 with a prepayment meter. I told EON and they sent me a new keycard. I used the card to top up at local newsagents every time I needed electricity. I moved out the flat in June 2014 after a 12 month tenancy. All good with the landlord, agent, council tax, etc. Now July 2015 I've had a snotty phone call from EON saying I owe them £250 in unpaid electricity. I've checked my online account with them from my time in that flat, and sure enough if shows unpaid £250. I'm min
  13. Hello everyone and apologies for the long post. I have dual fuel from E.ON and was recently forced to move home. I called E.ON and informed them of the move, thinking that my tariff was going to move with me. When I received the first bill at the new address I discovered that I had been put on their standard tariff without any warning. I called E.ON to complain and ask to be put back on the tariff that I had signed up for, but I was told that it's "not possible". Naturally I took my complaint to the energy ombudsman which ,disappointingly, came back with the following: Needl
  14. Hi i am looking for advice i just read this letter when i arrived back home on friday night from a debt recovery company for a bill for the previous occupier of the property but its got my name on the debt recovery letter. the bill in question was £155 for between the dates of 01/08/2104 - 14/12/2014. I was in the process of moving into this property and set up a account with e on on the 15/12/2014. The letter from the debt company was made up on the 20/04/2105 and it says i have 7 days of receipt of the letter to pay the bill i have sent a e
  15. I like the decision to give the fine to the CAB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32157906 HB
  16. Hi all, I've got a rental flat that I bought after the old lady who lived in it had sadly passed away. The tenant has contacted me as she has received two letters from a DCA regarding alleged unpaid utility bills from Eon. She called them to see what it was all about and they said they "couldn't tell her as it related to 'the people before' and asked her to pass on a case reference number and contact phone number! I told the tenant that she could disregard the letters but she's she's worried as they addressed them to her so I'm looking for the right reply to get the
  17. Hi! Somewhat confused about the situation I have with a bill from Eon. I moved out of a house that used a pre payment meter roughly 15 months ago, and into a new property which I've been paying via Direct Debit. The supplier was initially British Gas whom I moved away from and back to Eon - the Tesco Club card points are a big win! However, this past December (roughly ~ 14 months later) I received a bill from Eon asking for a low triple figure sum as a final payment for that address. This striked me as odd at the time as I used a pre payment meter
  18. Hi all I have just received a bill from Eon, from over two tears ago when I switched supplier. They contacted me in September last year saying there was a problem with change over readings,and nothing until now. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  19. Hey guys Our electricity was covered by Eon in a flat we rented, the bill was coming in at £72 a month which is very low but nobody was there all day 5-6 days a week etc it went on like this for almost 2 years, just before we moved out earlier this year Eon are now saying that we were not paying the correct amount and are demanding a total sum of £1,300 from her. Do we really have to stump up this amount due to their mistake ??? Thanks
  20. Hi all, I hope that some one can give me some advice on an issue that has arisen with a policy we took out last Oct with EON to cover our boiler. I had the boiler serviced by a local company at the beginning of Oct as it hadn't been done in 18 months due to money being tight. Everything was given a clean bill of health and I have the paperwork and receipt to show this. Then after discussing it we decided to take out some cover at the end of the month and EON were offering a deal of £9.99 a month for the first 12 months. This covers me for an annual service and parts and repairs upto abou
  21. A friend of mine who does not wish to be named receives his electricity from British Gas but is still getting bills from Eon addressed to the previous tenant and also to the occupier. this is distressing and needs to be closed. he has just recieved six letters in one week. help
  22. Hi everyone; I apologise if this thread is long winded, but I will put everthing that has happened in cronological order. Basically, I have lived in my property for 16 months and have never received an electricity bill. Ok here goes: March 2012 I moved into this current property. Eon were informed of this and given meter readings. March 2012 Received a welcome pack from Eon stating they will be supplying my electricity. July 2012 I have not received any bills to date. I wrote a letter to Eon informing them that I have not had a bill and please could they send me one.
  23. Im lost for options now and this has resulted in seeking help online as E-On are just unbelievable. I live in a small 3 bed house from the past 4 years and around 1.5 - 2 years ago my boiler starts coming up with error (E34). In the past year alone i think E-On engineer has come to resolve the issue 5/7 times. In this time the gas bill has increased. My average bills are between 200-400 per bill and there is no way we are using this much and in fact we have started using less yet the bills have increased. There is no one at home during the day time and when we all get home we put th
  24. I have been trying for months to get an ECO Grant for a new boiler and insulation, and have encountered non stop problems. 1) I went through a website "Fine Energy Savings" they went over the criteria for myself and the boiler and advised I qualified, it was referred onto 2 companies, one for a boiler the other to do insulation, however both firms thought they were doing both, so a lot of confussion, it settled on one firm and they also checked that I qualified and arranged a free survey, I heard nothing so I contaced the firm, who advised me that all funding had been stopped until the ne
  25. Hi everyobody - this is my first post here. I've been battling E.ON over nearly £200 in penalty charges, and I'm not getting anywhere with them. Briefly, I wrote to them in October 2012 to tell them I thought my meter might be faulty. They didn't reply. I then wrote something like eight or nine letters between then and February of this year but they replied to NONE of them. Then, in mid-February, I was so worried they were going to fit a prepayment meter that I sent a letter by recorded delivery (none of my previous letters were recorded deliverey because I'm housebound due to illnes
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