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  1. were do we stand. Moved out of old property 1st Oct 2019 and EON informed prior to this. We have an online chat log of a live chat with EON to confirm that we will not be charged after this period and final bill will be produced in 48 hours great. Now then 147 days or 3528 hours later we are still waiting for the final bill. We are now getting calls and text from old landlord about this as a new tenant has just moved in ( we moved across the road ) and is having trouble getting new supplier for energy we presume. we have complained since Nov. and get loads of excuses from you will have to wait for the new supplier to take over the account, to there's a DI on the account before a final bill will be sent or were working on it still. we have had the letter from EON stating that we can now go to the ombudsman but what can we expect this to achieve. Forgot to say that we have logs of all telephone calls and everyone is recorded .:clap2:
  2. Hi, some weeks ago a letter from Eon reached my address addressed to a person who does not live there and liver lived there in the last 5 years, and wasn't the person who lived here before we moved in. Thank you for switching to EON, please send us your meter reading so we can complete the switch. Thinking nothing of it, I binned the letter. After that more letters from eon arrived, addressed to the occupier. Most I binned some I opened. They seemed very genuine, in the line of You won 1 million pounds please send us your personal details and some money so we can complete the transaction. More recently they were actual bills, reminding me to send my meter reading to my supplier which is not EON. It didn't work online. I tried it by phone and it didn't work. I called them on there service phone and the lady accepted my meter reading. A week later and I still didn't get a bill. Checked online and my meter reading wasn't there. Now I sent an e-mail to my supplier who confirmed that EON had falsely grabbed my account and switched it to them. (They still had all the data like meter point number and meter serial number because they were the supplier years ago before we switched to the new supplier). I checked the old bills, and the previous account number was different to the account number used for the new bills. I called EON and was put on hold most of the time for more than 10 minutes. Once I talked to someone, but I remember only because I didn't input the account number as asked. As soon as I gave him the account number I was put on hold. A mail from my current supplier confirmed they are working on the issue to solve it and it can take 6 months. Now letters from EON contain the bill for some time (£37), a threat of debt collectors, and threats of court orders, magistrates, warrants, etc. I'm afraid one morning a whole terror group of the police will smash in windows and doors, killing my orchid, only to have a look at my meter. When I checked the Internet, I found this practice of threatening The Occupier by utility companies is going on at least since 2004. Is there any party or MP or court or judge willing to put a stop to this fraudulent behaviour? Put the CEO and her whole board of directors into prison and throw away the key, something along this line. We had a similar issue with British Gas. After moving in to a new property, someone knocked, asked for the meter reading, and a week later I got a letter from British gas congratulating me to switch to them. Somehow I got the matter resolved in a very short time, probably involving trading standards, or calling BG and pulling the guy through the phone line. Can't remember. But this seems to me endemic considering all the links found here and other forums, and the Internet at large. Another question: If I go to court to stop the harassment by EON, how much would I need to pay to a lawyer?
  3. Can anyone help please? i have had a letter come through this morning in the post from LCS - Credit management Debt Recovery Investigations stating to recover a debt of £153.98 for dual fuel between 06/12/11 - 31/08/12 at a old address. I believe this has come abouts because i already have a different debt with the same utility supplier that i am paying £10 a month for a totally different address. do i have any rights in relation to this old debt please?
  4. I am hoping someone could offer some advice, it is a little complicated and will try my best to explain. I moved to an address in Jan 2009 and left April 2014, during that time I had EON energy. I have not used then since. I checked my credit files today (first time in years) and found it was showing three accounts from E-ON - two in default but settled, and one still running (ALL GREEN) 1. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY Account Opened June 2012 and closed October 2013. Its all green until October 2012 where it says I had (5) missed payments and then November where it states (6) missed payments and then December a default notice. It then says settled October 2013. I admit I had a couple of missed direct debits during that time and was on a monthly payment plan and quarterly bills. they are lying about 5 and six missed payments and issued a default for two missed payments which are prepayments before the bill. They then did this again 2. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY (the 4 Y are different account numbers) Account Opened = October 2013 and settled December 2014 Its all green until March 2014 where it says (5) missed payments, April (6) missed payments and then a “default” in May 2014. I have emails for March that payments were made - where the credit file says that are missed. My final bill was generated April 2014. I paid £65 in March and April as part of a per month basis - but on my credit file that marked as unpaid (5). And (6) unpaid. I then did not pay as I raised a complaint - nothing happened. After a while, a debt collection agency chased in December 2014, and I paid them the £XXX outstanding, and it all went away. Until today. Then and this is strange, they opened a new account when I no longer lived in the property. I assumed this was a fraud from a new person in the property. 3. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY opened December 2014 and still open today!!!! I have not lived at the address since April 2014! No missed payments - all green! I called up customer service today (2.5-hour phone call) and was told I only have one account with them, and this has an outstanding balance of £XXX!!! How would I like to pay it! Not helpful at all. I am now expected to dig through 3-year-old bank statements to find the final payment - even though my credit files says it was paid in December 2014 and SETTLED. They are now saying this settled is a mistake with Equifax. Their EON billing system does not make mistakes. During this time I have heard nothing from EON or agents, no one chasing me and they had my new address and email details. I guess have two issues. 1. How EON have issued default notices on my account - does this follow any law / process at all ? I understood that default notices were issued between 3-6 months of missed payments under the credit consumer act? Is an energy supplier under the credit consumer act? If you came to some agreement, you could hold off the default or your account is terminated and you have to pay your balance. In this case, none of this happened, I never got a default notice warning letter etc. Multiple defaults for which is the same account. 2. I have a settled account, and now saying they are going to un-settle it unless I can prove I made a payment in the next seven days from 3 years ago and issue a NEW default notice on the account they created in December 2014 when i was not even at the property!. Am i screwed unless I find the payment? Yes, I had a couple of late DD payment notices and not saying I am at not totally at fault. Life is hard sometimes, and we try our best, but this just seems unreasonable and no way as harsh as any bank, credit card etc. EON seems to be using credit files in an incorrect way. Its a side point, but I also remember I was paying around £169 a month for electric in a one bed flat which I raised a complaint about - but was told that's what the meter says. I am now in a four bed house paying £70 with four people rather than 2! Any suggestions on next steps or who I should claim to ? I am sure i cannot be the only person this has happened to; any advice ?
  5. Our first bill from eon after moving into our current home arrived after a few months and was for a total of £13. This was clearly incorrect and we called to query it. We were told it's right and to pay it. After a few more months of nothing we then received a bill for almost £1000! No explanation from eon. We contacted eon again and was told there had been an error and that this amount was correct and now due. We argued and stated that we had been contacting them prior to this to sort it but was assured all was ok. They then demanded immediate payment and I was told that no payment plan was available. This again went on for months, emails, phone calls until I finally received a call whilst I was at work. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of actually speaking to eon I took the call. During the call it was clear that eon were blaming me for the error when I tried to question the eon employee I was promptly told to "shut up!" I was amazed and voiced my disappointment at which point he hung up on me I put in a formal complaint and was initially told that no complaint could be made until the debt was paid. This is clearly not correct. After a few more months I finally got a complaint registered. No action was taken it was escalated to the ombudsman. Whilst the ombudsman were reviewing the complaint an eon representative arrived at our home to fit a prepay meter. We were charged over £200 for this! When we finally heard from the ombudsman all they said was that they were closing the case as eon would not supply the recording of the phone call and as such there was not enough evidence. I was far from happy and called eon several times only to be told on several occasions that as I have gone though the ombudsman then eon will no longer speak to me. I asked again to set up a payment plan and again was told this is not possible. I contacted the ombudsman only for them to say that the case is closed and they can do no more After numerous more attempts eon still refused to speak with me until I eventually put a post on social media. They then contacted me demanding that I pay up. Finally, after several more calls one lady actually agreed to a payment of £120 per month By this time our debt had amounted to almost £2000!!!! Still no apology and no resolution to, what I see, is their mistake All I wanted was an apology and a payment plan and now we are in a huge debt with them. I am not happy to have to pay all the charges that they have added whilst in dispute and cannot begin to describe how frustrating this had been over the past 3, YES 3 YEARS My question is, do I really just have to shut up and pay up or is there any recourse or action I can take?
  6. I have been in dispute with Eon for some time now regarding my bills. My emails fall on deaf ears as Eon have responded stating that they will no longer discuss my dispute. As this thread depicts on many occasions, the inevitable Warrant of Entry was applied for by Eon in Portsmouth Court. I am from Derby. Now, as a Justice of the Peace, I am sure you are aware of the Magistrate Court Act 1980 (and in turn the Civil Procedure Rules 1998/9). These are legislation set in place guaranteeing the rights of citizens in regards to court processes. One major flaw in the letters all these bloggers receive is that these invites to courts are NOT actually from the court themselves, but from the Utility Companies. The Magistrates Courts Act is clear on the fact that only a Court can summon a person to a hearing, not a company and therefore the utility company's letters are NOT summons'. Therefore, without the court actually summoning you to court personally, there can be NO court hearing?! When I had the 'Human Rights Letter,' a term of which I had never seen written in law before, I immediately wrote to the said court to ask if they had my name down for a hearing on that date at that time. The response I had was negative. Hence, there never was any official hearing. Now in order for any warrant to be issued, the more recent (1980) Magistrates Courts Act, (which therefore has precedence over the outdated Right of Entry act (1954), is clear that there has had to have been a hearing, to which the court has an obligation set in law to invite you to in order to give you the opportunity to defend yourself (i.e have a fair trial, a cornerstone of British law first mentioned in the Magna Carter!). Therefore, if the court itself hasn't actually summoned you to court for a hearing then there is no official hearing. Secondly, even if there was a hearing, the court is obliged to inform the defendant (us) that the claimant/creditor (Utility company) has been successful in their claim. All correspondence from the Utility companies are not official court documentation and thus are fraudulent when impersonating the courts. When a warrant is issued the courts, again, have to notify you of the warrant, and this could only ever be issued following a court appearance at a hearing which we potentially were unsuccessful at. I have never been invited, by a court, to any such hearing and thus any warrant of entry made against me by a court is in dereliction of duty, i.e. the court / judge has not followed the correct, legal court process in which it is legal to issue such warrants. Furthermore, if we leave the Magistrates act aside and concentrate on the Rights of Entry act, in combination with the Electricity act 1989, 'if there is ever any genuine dispute between the consumer and the utility company, a warrant of entry CANNOT be issued. I wrote to the court regardless of their lack of protocol stating clearly that a warrant cant be issued for my property as there is an ongoing genuine dispute. At the supposed hearing that Eon (not the court) invited me to, the judge has an obligation, by law, to scrutinise and consider all evidence set before them in order to be completely clear that there decision on issuing any judgement (or in this case, warrant)(Magistrates act again). In these 'rubber stamping' situations it is almost guaranteed that the judge seeing the applications can never be beyond any doubt that they have considered all aspects of the case in order to issue their verdict. Especially when the courts haven't even summoned the defendant to the supposed hearing to put over their case. In short, all Warrants issued under this old Right of Entry Act are issued illegally, as the Magistrates Courts Act, which protects us to a more fair trial, takes precedence over the 1954 act and has been disregarded. Now I conducted all correct enquiries to the courts to make certain that there was no hearing, and they agreed there was no hearing. Yet still Eon turned up one day and broke in claiming they had a warrant of entry?!?!?! I threw them out and now face conviction through two counts of battery that the Eon staff alleged I inflicted upon them. I was defending my home from the elitist Big Six companies, by following the letter of the law, and still face conviction. These warrants are all illegal and it is about time these courts/judges are convicted themselves of fraudulent activity and of dereliction of duty, as well as the perjury crimes of the utility companies by providing misleading information to the magistrates.
  7. Hi again My mum has solar panels fitted to her house, they're all paid for and her current FiT goes through Eon. However, Eon have been pretty bad when it comes to getting things right and her bills are always much higher than I think they need to be. We've checked and made sure she's on a good tariff and most of the time she tries to make sure dishwasher, washing machine and so forth are used during daylight hours (although in this weather/season it generates far less). She gets around £100 (Dec-Feb), £160 (Mar-May) £220 (Jun-Aug) & £180 (Sep-Nov) and we estimate her monthly bills to be around £30 a month lower... Which is around £1000 a year. It's hard to be certain because my father passed away over the summer and useage patterns have changed drastically. Before washing machine was on daily, now it's once or twice a week, dishwasher is every couple of days instead of daily and lights and cooking is far less. Eon's handling of the FiT has been pretty bad... over the first 12 months we had terrible trouble getting them to accept readings ... it took 4 months before then even set it up. .. losing more than 2000 units from April to Aug when they finally got their fingers out of their backsides. Now my mum is looking to switch providers. .. but she's afraid that she'll need to switch the FiT too.. . and the thought of going through all that again with the constant mistakes, failures and lost income is putting her off.. . But I think the lost income is less than the overspend she may be making at the moment. So if you switch your gas/electric provider.. . do you HAVE to switch to the new one for FIT too and will this mean you then get the lower unit rates you have now rather than the one they had when they first signed up? Or is she stuck with Eon now?
  8. So. This is a long story - sorry about that! In March 2014, my husband and I received a very large back bill. Apparently, they discovered they hadn't input what few meter readings they had into their system upon changing the account from my husband's name to mine. We'd originally wanted the account in both of our names, for visa purposes, but they refused. We were completely shocked, and there was/is no way for us to pay it, as we just barely scrape by paying the normal bills. The amount was also very high for our living situation, and I still don't think the amount is correct. We've argued back and forth for a year about the repayment amount. They won't accept anything. When we sent in a financial statement with an offer based off our last bill amount, they wrote back asking for more than double what we offered, saying it was "unconscionable" to "leave a customer in debt". Well if it was that unconscionable, they could just forgive the back amount and let us go forward with a clean slate to pay our bills in full/on time. But no. I haven't won the lottery yet, so we sent another letter. today, I got a hand delivered letter from them saying they've now installed a pre-payment meter. Fantastic! Even higher rates for a bill we could only just about afford before! It's really only a matter of time now before we just won't have the money to keep the lights turned on and won't be able to cook at home. They "suggest" we load £32 onto the meter each week to pay for "our usage" and the repayment amount of £8/week. We cannot afford that much per month. It's just not possible. I'm not sure if we would otherwise qualify for benefits, but it's really a moot point because I'm a US National, here on a spouse visa, and one of the conditions of those visas is no access to public funds. Is there anything we can do? I'm so stressed out, and I really didn't need even more stress.
  9. Hello everybody I recently got into debt bother with EON . I spoke to them about my options with regards to my debt (installments, pre-payment etc). I indicated that I would prefer prepayment to manage my debts but then took my time getting back to them . Next I received a letter telling me that they were applying to the courts and had added £60.00. The court date was supposed to be 12th of November and I awaited this date so I could contest the fee (I had already told them that I wanted prepayment), they wrote to me shortly before telling me that the court hearing had been cancelled and they would write to me at a later date. Yesterday (12th) I got home to find some documents and a electricity key INSIDE MY HOUSE !!. The accompanying paperwork said that they had acted on a warrant (no issue date, number etc) and had changed my electricity meter. In my actual mail on that day I got a letter from them telling me that they had reapplied for a court date - which was supposed to be the 16th November !!!. So clearly they illegally entered my house without a warrant and changed the meter. Luckily, nothing valuable was stolen from me by these rapscallions . I have not yet contacted them, instead I would prefer the advice of somebody who has experience in these matters to see exactly where I stand before I act. What are my options, so to speak ?
  10. So I entered into a fixed 12 month contract with Eon in January this year, at a very reasonable £32.50 a month, all going swimmingly until yesterday when they emailed me to say that my direct debit would be increasing to £43 a month! Have just emailed them, and tweeted them, to say that there is absolutely no chance of paying this increase as I am on a fixed income, and their quote of £32.50 a month has been used in my budget each month, and there is zero wriggle room. I am hoping that they can continue to take £32.50 a month, like they agreed in January, or I shall pull the direct debit and either set up a standing order, regardless of their threat of adding their penalty fees for not paying via DD, or vote with my feet and go elsewhere all together, and deal with the deforestation of begging letters for 'breaking' the contract early. If I could be bothered to read the small print in the contract, I am pretty certain that it is all weighted in their favour, and no doubt it will say that they can change the rules and move the goal posts as and when they choose, but as a customer you're not able to. But we'll see.
  11. It amazes me that Utility Companies treat us with contempt again and again and get away with it again and again. Today’s CAG newsletter “Npower ordered to give energy away for free” or E.On fined £7.75m Sorry, as a newbe I can't post links but everything can be found easily on google District Heat systems only affect a few hundred thousand of us at the moment but that number is expected to grow in to the millions over the next few years. District Heat – a block of flats has one boiler making hot water for all the flats. In theory cleaner and more efficient (cheaper). That hot water is passes through a “heat exchange” in each flat generating hot water for heating and washing Given the utilities companies history it is amazing but the government prefer to leave the companies to self-regulate on the basis that…… actually I have no idea why anyone would think that is a good idea So they have. There is an organisation called "The Heat Trust" which is managed by the, ironically named, Heat Customer Protection Ltd. They have come up with this wicked wheeze known as the “Heat Cost Comparator” upon which prices appear to based, it includes 1. How much it would cost if it were gas 2. How much the standing charge would be if you had a different supply 3. How much it would cost to service your gas boiler 4. How much it would cost to replace your gas boiler Add them together and that is how much you should pay for your heat Maybe it is me but I think 1. The price should be based on how much it costs to produce the heat not on how much gas costs 2. Our standing charge should be based on our costs not someone else’s 3. We don’t have a boiler and our heat exchanger is very low maintenance 4. The heat exchanger is expected to last a lot longer than a gas boiler and then be cheaper to replace This system has been, according to The Heat Trust, “reviewed and approved” by Which? and the Citizens Advice Bureau. I asked Which? and the CAB and they both refused to confirm or deny if they had “reviewed and approved”….. ummmmmm I smell a fish ARUP wrote a very interesting report which says that if this is the correct method then we are only being charged twice as much as we should be, page 8 says a 2 bedroom flat which should be about £350 a year is actually closer to £700 in the East London scheme In the Which? report Turning Up The Heat – Getting a Fair Deal for District Heating Users. March 2015. It was written “the lack of consumer protection had left many feeling vulnerable: It seems to be done with a certain amount of protectionism towards the companies and nothing for the consumer” The report goes on about how much it should cost. To give you an idea I moved in to my 3 bedroom flat on the 1st Dec 2014. By the end of June my Heat Bill has been £832, annualise that is £1,250. I keep writing to my MP Matthew Pennycook – that does me no good at all On the upside I have got the ASA to investigate E.On for their claim that District Heat is no more expensive than Gas. On the 7th July I received a letter from the ASA apologising for the delay “We have received a response from E.On, which we have assessed. We may need to go back to them for some further clarification” – yea I can’t get a straight answer from them either And I do have the Financial Ombudsman investigating them as well because the maintenance, repair and replacement is an assurance policy which should be regulated. E.On have bundled it in to the standing charge so it is not regulated. If E.On pull out of the market I lose my premiums. OFGEM will not look into it because their remit is Gas and Electricity and I am buying HEAT Maddest one yet, the Ombudsman for Energy will not look in to it because E.On have not signed up for their services. Ahhhhh???? So, the million dollar question. Why don’t I change provider? I can’t E.On have a monopoly! This is going to happen to loads more people. write to your MP. We need regulation NOW
  12. Hi, Any advice really appreciated. I moved into a flat in June 2013 with a prepayment meter. I told EON and they sent me a new keycard. I used the card to top up at local newsagents every time I needed electricity. I moved out the flat in June 2014 after a 12 month tenancy. All good with the landlord, agent, council tax, etc. Now July 2015 I've had a snotty phone call from EON saying I owe them £250 in unpaid electricity. I've checked my online account with them from my time in that flat, and sure enough if shows unpaid £250. I'm minded to tell them to go forth and prosper but am worried there might be comeback on me? Thanks. Ed
  13. Hello everyone and apologies for the long post. I have dual fuel from E.ON and was recently forced to move home. I called E.ON and informed them of the move, thinking that my tariff was going to move with me. When I received the first bill at the new address I discovered that I had been put on their standard tariff without any warning. I called E.ON to complain and ask to be put back on the tariff that I had signed up for, but I was told that it's "not possible". Naturally I took my complaint to the energy ombudsman which ,disappointingly, came back with the following: Needless to say I'm unhappy with this. Is there any scope in taking E.ON to small claims court, to force them to credit me with the projected difference between the two tariffs until my contract expires with them? Thank you for reading this far!
  14. Hi i am looking for advice i just read this letter when i arrived back home on friday night from a debt recovery company for a bill for the previous occupier of the property but its got my name on the debt recovery letter. the bill in question was £155 for between the dates of 01/08/2104 - 14/12/2014. I was in the process of moving into this property and set up a account with e on on the 15/12/2014. The letter from the debt company was made up on the 20/04/2105 and it says i have 7 days of receipt of the letter to pay the bill i have sent a email to e on as i can't phone the now due to offices being closed regards eddy
  15. I like the decision to give the fine to the CAB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32157906 HB
  16. Hi all, I've got a rental flat that I bought after the old lady who lived in it had sadly passed away. The tenant has contacted me as she has received two letters from a DCA regarding alleged unpaid utility bills from Eon. She called them to see what it was all about and they said they "couldn't tell her as it related to 'the people before' and asked her to pass on a case reference number and contact phone number! I told the tenant that she could disregard the letters but she's she's worried as they addressed them to her so I'm looking for the right reply to get them to cease and desist! Thanks in anticipation. Chris
  17. Hi! Somewhat confused about the situation I have with a bill from Eon. I moved out of a house that used a pre payment meter roughly 15 months ago, and into a new property which I've been paying via Direct Debit. The supplier was initially British Gas whom I moved away from and back to Eon - the Tesco Club card points are a big win! However, this past December (roughly ~ 14 months later) I received a bill from Eon asking for a low triple figure sum as a final payment for that address. This striked me as odd at the time as I used a pre payment meter and wanted to chase it up with Eon, which I totally forgot about if I'm honest with you as was rather hectic! Today however, I received another letter which jogged my memory! I've had a quick look around the internet about backdated payments being asked from suppliers and noticed that there are some regulations regarding that beyond the 12 month point. I had absolutely no clue I owed any money whatsoever, and as far as I was concerned all matters were settled with that address so haven't tried to contact them (which is part of the regulation I believe). The date on the letter for the end of the charge period is also + 15 days after I moved out, which was another reason for wanting to contact them! So my question is it worth coughing up the cash and settling it? Or is there some grounds to make a complaint? Thanks!
  18. Hi all I have just received a bill from Eon, from over two tears ago when I switched supplier. They contacted me in September last year saying there was a problem with change over readings,and nothing until now. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  19. Hey guys Our electricity was covered by Eon in a flat we rented, the bill was coming in at £72 a month which is very low but nobody was there all day 5-6 days a week etc it went on like this for almost 2 years, just before we moved out earlier this year Eon are now saying that we were not paying the correct amount and are demanding a total sum of £1,300 from her. Do we really have to stump up this amount due to their mistake ??? Thanks
  20. Hi all, I hope that some one can give me some advice on an issue that has arisen with a policy we took out last Oct with EON to cover our boiler. I had the boiler serviced by a local company at the beginning of Oct as it hadn't been done in 18 months due to money being tight. Everything was given a clean bill of health and I have the paperwork and receipt to show this. Then after discussing it we decided to take out some cover at the end of the month and EON were offering a deal of £9.99 a month for the first 12 months. This covers me for an annual service and parts and repairs upto about £500 I think (i'd have to check the small print, I think it actually covers a replacement boiler) This was quite fortunate as a few weeks later in November the heating side stopped working, but we still had hot water. EON sent some one round (from whatever 3rd party contractor they were using) and he diagnosed that the wireless receiver on the boiler had failed and needed replacing. This is a £50 part as I know for a fact, because I had the original mechanical one replaced with a wireless one in 2009. It took them the better part of a month to actually fix the problem, giving me loads of excuses about being able to find the part and so forth... In the end after I gave them an ultimatum (I could have ordered what I needed online myself in minutes and had it delivered within 48hrs) they finally sent some one round with a new receiver and transmitter unit... which is far inferior to the one I had... But I just wanted some heating to work, so put up with the silly new clunky boxy transmitter that came with it. I watched the gas fitter the entire time he was here, all he did was drop the front panel down, remove the old one and fit the new one. He then unscrewed something on the exhaust pipe and tested the emissions. Gave me a bit of paper and left. This was last December. Cut to Sept this year and it's been nearly 12 months since the last service (start of Oct), and I want to book a service for the end of the month. I call up EON, only to be told that it had a service in December 2013.... I can state for absolutely certain that this is not true. I watched what the guy servicing the boiler did, and he stripped it down completely, cleaned it all out and tested everything, emissions, sniff tests... the whole works. They guy repairing it never took any of it apart or did anything other than replace the receiver and check the emissions. They're telling me that I have to wait until Dec for a service, which is actually 14 months since the last one... and more importantly.. 2 months into the next year and 2 months after they double the payments for the cover. Now I shopped around for better buildings and contents insurance, and managed to find cover that included essential boiler servicing and emergency repairs... Eliminating the need for a separate policy. That cover started in August and the only reason we didn't cancel the other cover right away was because we knew they had to service the boiler before the price doubled... That's what we paid for. But now they are trying to screw us out of the service we are due as part of that contract, saying that they fully serviced the boiler last December... Which is an outright lie. The mindless drone in customer services is only capable of saying 'computer says no' So I've been paying for 12 months for a service that they won't do and are lying about having done already. I'm not looking for some long and protracted fight here... I either want them to service it as they are supposed to under the contract or a partial refund of the policy to cover the cost of getting it serviced locally... which is about £60. So... what's my next step?
  21. A friend of mine who does not wish to be named receives his electricity from British Gas but is still getting bills from Eon addressed to the previous tenant and also to the occupier. this is distressing and needs to be closed. he has just recieved six letters in one week. help
  22. Hi everyone; I apologise if this thread is long winded, but I will put everthing that has happened in cronological order. Basically, I have lived in my property for 16 months and have never received an electricity bill. Ok here goes: March 2012 I moved into this current property. Eon were informed of this and given meter readings. March 2012 Received a welcome pack from Eon stating they will be supplying my electricity. July 2012 I have not received any bills to date. I wrote a letter to Eon informing them that I have not had a bill and please could they send me one. 02 July 2013 (twelve months after my letter requesting a bill) I received a bill from Eon for £1255.47 from 01/03/2012 to 19/06/2013 approx 16 months!!!! 11/07/13 I sent a complaint letter to Eon outlining the Back Billing Code. Nothing heard back letter ignored. 16/07/2013 Letter from Eon saying please pay bill 17/07/2013 Missed call from Eon 18/07/2013 Missed call from Eon 19/07/2013 Missed call from Eon 20/07/2013 Still no reply from Eon Re: my complaint so i sent a formal complaint letter/account in dispute letter via email to their director of complaints. Nothing heard email ignored. 22/07/2013 Missed call from Eon 23/07/2013 Missed call from Eon 24/07/2013 Call from Eon saying I owe £1255.47 and how would I like to pay. I informed them of my complaint and the back billing code of practice. Adviser states he can see my complaint and will investigate. 31/07/2013 Threatogram from Eon saying pay up now or account will be passed to debt collectors and will incur further charges. 06/08/2013 Formal complaint lodged with OFT. 07/08/2013 Another call from Eon asking to pay the bill now! I informed the advisor that account was in dispute and I have lodged a complaint with the OFT. Also stated the back billing code. Unfortunately she had no idea what the back billing code was. She asked why I havent paid the bill in 16 months. ( Because i never received a bill ) WAS GETTING ANGRY HERE!!!! As i pointed out to her: 1 Eon knew i was living at the property 2 I contacted Eon because i had not received a bill 3 I received a bill after 16 months 4 My complaints have been ignored. Her reply ' so why have you not paid your bill' Because you never sent me a bl*@dy bill. Arrrraggggghhhhhh Apparently after going around in circles like this for 10 mins she will investigate!!!!! I have lodged a complaint with OFT they are pursuing an account that is in dispute and have no idea on backbilling. What do I do Please help
  23. Im lost for options now and this has resulted in seeking help online as E-On are just unbelievable. I live in a small 3 bed house from the past 4 years and around 1.5 - 2 years ago my boiler starts coming up with error (E34). In the past year alone i think E-On engineer has come to resolve the issue 5/7 times. In this time the gas bill has increased. My average bills are between 200-400 per bill and there is no way we are using this much and in fact we have started using less yet the bills have increased. There is no one at home during the day time and when we all get home we put the heating on and within 10/15 min the error comes up and the boiler/gas continues to run but there is no hot water nor heating in the house. To reset the message i have to turn off the boiler and turn it on again but there again it will work for 10/15 mins and the error will come up again. Sometimes i wont notice the error and realize this when im using the water. This would result to an hour of gas usage to the property but no hot water or heating. Today, when the engineer came out i told him the same problem i have told 101 time to engineers and the customer service dept. He then advised me that the boiler is missing a part!!!! How the hell can this get missed by the previous engineers. Based on this he turn off the gas supply as it wasnt safe and i agreed with him. Once he turned the gas off he checked the gas supply to the property and to his surprise he said the the meter is still going. What can i do get someone to look into this as E-On representative say that the gas entered to the property so i have to pay for it. Why should i pay for something that i didn't use and feel that there is a problem. Can anyone help??
  24. I have been trying for months to get an ECO Grant for a new boiler and insulation, and have encountered non stop problems. 1) I went through a website "Fine Energy Savings" they went over the criteria for myself and the boiler and advised I qualified, it was referred onto 2 companies, one for a boiler the other to do insulation, however both firms thought they were doing both, so a lot of confussion, it settled on one firm and they also checked that I qualified and arranged a free survey, I heard nothing so I contaced the firm, who advised me that all funding had been stopped until the new tax year in April and it would have been impossible to inform everyone. 2) I checked online and could not confirm anything about ECO funding being stopped, so went to another website "Energy Savings Advice Trust"? They said they checked with the DWP and I was not on the correct benefits, I advised I was and had already been approved and I could send them copies of letters from the DWP, they then said you may as well apply directly to your energy supplier E-ON and gave me a number to call. 3) I telephoned E-ON and they advised even though I was on the correct benefit and the boiler which is faulty was D rated complied, that we could still not get an ECO grant as the boiler has to be not working at all now, I advsied it was not working last week, that I am disabled and the council had to pay for a repair, she just said apply next time the boiler is not working, no mention of any insulation grant? 4) I looked again online and could see nothing to cofirm the criteria had changed where the boiler had to be not working at all so I contacted the "Energy Savings Advice Trust" again to see it they could throw any light on these new changes, all they kept repeating was they were impartial and cannot comment on any advice given by others, I pushed them and they said they were not aware of any changes to the criteria for obtaining an ECO grant. Has anyone else had this problem, I believe it has something to do with the Government not pushing the energy companies so hard on ECO in return for freezing their energy prices? Not sure where to go from here, I am severely disabled and our home has not had any inprovements in 25 years, all windows doors all faulty with draughts and rain. I know there is the Green Deal but that would involve a large debt with high interest. Any advice greatly appreciated Bernie
  25. Hi everyobody - this is my first post here. I've been battling E.ON over nearly £200 in penalty charges, and I'm not getting anywhere with them. Briefly, I wrote to them in October 2012 to tell them I thought my meter might be faulty. They didn't reply. I then wrote something like eight or nine letters between then and February of this year but they replied to NONE of them. Then, in mid-February, I was so worried they were going to fit a prepayment meter that I sent a letter by recorded delivery (none of my previous letters were recorded deliverey because I'm housebound due to illness, and my village doesn't have a post office). They didn't reply to that one, either. What they have been doing, though, is adding penalty charges: three charges of £55 for visiting my home (though I never heard a knock on my door for any of them - just came from next-door's flat to find a note saying they'd called and would be charging me £55 for the 'visit'. They've also been sticking on a few £10 late payment charges. This is depite the fact that in all my letters, I made it clear that I had every intention of paying E.ON what I owed, but I just wanted to be sure the meter was OK. So the position I'm in now is that I'm maintaining that E.ON should not have imposed these penalty charges, because I've been in dispute with them since October 2012, and the OFT says a company shouldn't impose such charges while a dispute is in place. But E.ON says we weren't in dispute, because they didn't get any of my letters (and of course, I can't prove they did). I can't dispute these charges by saying, "if you think they're valid, go to court to recover them", because they can just fit a prepayment meter - and because my meter's outside my flat, I can't stop them. All my requests via email to E.ON to have them remove these charges have been in vain, so finally I've asked them for a 'deadlock letter' to enable me to go to the Energy Ombudsman. They say they'll send one in 7-10 days. So I have two choices here: (1) I could go to the Ombudsman first. (2) I could pay all the charges to get E.ON off my back, then try to recover the charges by suing them in the County Court using the small claims track. What I'd like to do is try the Ombudsman first then the court, but I'm worried that if the Ombudsman sides with E.ON, it'll weaken my case when I go to court. The thing is, I'm not sure just how impartial the Ombudsman is. I've already approached them, and I have to say, they didn't exactly bend over backwards to help me. The first thing they said was that they couldn't take the case because my complaint had been going on for over 9 months. I asked them how on earth any member of the public could be expected to know this rule, but the bloke just repeated the mantra, 'that's the rule'. He then said I should ask for this 'deadlock letter', but added that E.ON weren't obliged to give me it! I pointed out that if a company couldn't be forced to let a customer go to the Ombudsman, it was in their best interests to refuse to do so. Again, all I got was 'that's the rule'. Throughout our telephone conversation, I got the feeling he was being as obstructive as possible. So I'm worried that the Ombudsman might not be as impartial as it's supposed to be, and that they'll accept E.ON's excuse of 'we didn't get any of his letters'. Then, if I go to the county court, I'm worried E.ON will say, "Well, the Energy Ombudsman found in our favour", and that will scupper my case. So, does anyone here think that going to the Ombudsman first would weaken my case if I have to go to court afterwards? I'll be very grateful for any advice people can give here.
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