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  1. Hi Mal It was monthly direct debit, was £52 a month at first but we were told that wasn't enough. It was an economy 7 heater and all bills were estimated. Thanks
  2. Hi No no problem appreciate it, as we really would like to know what's happened ourselves as it just seems so excessive for a small flat that was only occupied in the evenings. From just reading the letters it's based on actual readings and yes a reading was taken when moving in and out. The meter is inside and yes there were occasions when they attempted to read the meter some successful some not so. If these are actual meter readings we just want to know why we wasn't informed that we wasn't paying enough sooner. Why was the issue not calculated after these readings were taken
  3. Hi Rebel No we didn't take any readings ourselves, Eon ofcourse did. It's a final reading.
  4. Hey guys Our electricity was covered by Eon in a flat we rented, the bill was coming in at £72 a month which is very low but nobody was there all day 5-6 days a week etc it went on like this for almost 2 years, just before we moved out earlier this year Eon are now saying that we were not paying the correct amount and are demanding a total sum of £1,300 from her. Do we really have to stump up this amount due to their mistake ??? Thanks
  5. Slick Just received a reply from Harlands to my original email Dear Mr, We thank you for your recent email. We can confirm that we have marked your account as Non-renew. Therefore your final payment will be collected on the 28th September 2014. You may use the gym until the 27th October 2014.
  6. Hi Slick Should I also send a copy to the Harlands office ? I'll be going to the gym later so will keep you informed. Thanks again
  7. Hi Slick Thank you so much. It's called Kearns Gym don't believe it is a chain, I haven't enquired in the gym yet as I imagine they will just fob me off and after reading all previous posts I kinda panicked. I paid the first payment by card and yes after checking when they took my first payment the 11th is due 28th September. I shall follow your advice, thanks so much for your assistance, much appreciated. Oh I didn't mention that it was a 12 month contract so although I'm at payment 11, I joined the gym on 7 November 2013, wouldn't I wait until that month to cancel the DD man
  8. Hi Guys After just reading all the annoying Harlands stories I want to get myself prepared for cancelling my membership with them. The contract stipulates ; • Once you have completed the minimum number of direct debit payments you can cancel your automatic renewal payments by contacting our helpline (you should give us not less than 30 days notice). My minimum number of payments is 11, this payment will be due on 28th I haven't given 30 days notice, as I've just become aware thanks to this forum of what they get up to, I first tried calli
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