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  1. I/we don't have any other debts, but I am speaking with StepChange and CAB now/again. Yeah. But realistically I think running home to escape E.ON isn't going to happen, if only because I have my (British) husband to consider and also the fact I'm at the point of applying for UK citizenship - and I don't want my years here and the money I've spent on immigration to have been wasted. If I go home without citizenship, I'll have basically wasted my 20s. So, really, one way or another, E.ON has to be settled first before I make a decision on going home or not. Thank you for that
  2. Hi, Thanks everyone for your thoughts and help. I put off dealing with this further as we were on the prepayment meter, and that stopped everything, as we were paying both for usage and an amount towards the bill (though it somehow still seems to be creeping up?). However, we've now moved out and into a shared house, so E.ON is no longer a priority debt for us as we have a different, current electricity bill to pay. I just got the paycheck from my new full-time job, and, after rent/bills/food, we have 70p leftover each month. I thought I would have £20 leftover to o
  3. The back bill does only go back 12 months, but it covers 2013/14, since that was the 12 months prior to us receiving the bill. Prior to that, I paid the estimated bills we received in full but not necessarily on time. I think it's way too high, too. We have 1.25/2 bedroom flat, don't have heating on, turn everything off at the plug - and my mother-in-law, who lives in a giant two storey 5 bed house, has lower electricity bills with EON than we do. EON's suggestion was to hire a private electrician, but we can't afford that and I don't know anyone. Rental company doesn't seem keen on havin
  4. In the last 12 months? Not nearly as much as I should have, most likely. From March - February, I've only paid like £350. At the time of the back bill, we were in extra bad straits. I didn't have a job and we were running out of money. Rent got behind, it was a mess. Then I got a job in June 2014 but wasn't making much, so I was only sending EON like £10-25 or so every time I got paid. But now that I've started earning a little more and am very slowly getting EON figured out a bit, I've sent more. February, for instance, I sent £95. I believe £65 a month would cover usage + a little debt
  5. When I spoke to them a long time ago and asked why this had suddenly happened, they said it was because they'd realised it when updating systems. I don't have that written anywhere except from a letter I sent to them on 31 March 2014. Evesir's question I answered in response to another person's questions - they did apply the backbilling code as they should have. Timeline: Jan 2012 - 1st Bill (husband's name) Jan 2012 - Jan 2014 - Bills come as normal Feb/March 2014 - Get account put into my name March 2014 - Back bill arrives 31 March 2014 - Complaint letter asking fo
  6. The first complaint was 6 April 2014. I have a letter from 12 August 2014 stating they can't write off the debt, but they could put in a prepayment meter and set up a repayment plan of £385 a month. Then I have a follow up to that from 18 August 2014, which I unfortunately responded to via phone and can't remember what was said. The second complaint was 16 November 2014 and received a response in February. I believe they said "prepayment meter" and £188 a month. Supposedly they looked at the financial statement we sent, but they must have got ours mixed up with som
  7. There are individual meters for the apartments, but they're all housed in a little locked room with the door located on the street. Each tenant (I think) has a key to the cupboard/place but the meter reader person does not. So unless someone is home and able to let him in, he can't access the meters to read them.
  8. Complaints: We've been in and out of complaints for a while. But I know now that I need to re-open a complaint and ask for a deadlock letter, yes? Checking Meter: If by that you mean reading it, they've been like twice in the 3.5 years we've lived here. The cupboard is communal, and the reader doesn't have his own key to it so relies on tenants to let him in. Home Front: Is that the one that has applications open for a bit and then closes? If so, I only just heard about it a few days ago. I've registered for updates about next year, but... Amount of Bill: The original back bill was for £
  9. We have been updating them with meter readings. That is when I noticed the stark difference between the estimated bill and the actual bill. I do have all the old bills - but they are nearly all estimated, because before then, I didn't understand why I was being asked to take my own meter readings especially when they have a meter reader. I understand that was my fault, but I do have a niggling feeling, now, that they were still wildly over-estimated. How to prove, though, I don't know. I will add a subject access request to our list of possibilities. But wouldn't I need t
  10. No. The only other debt is council tax, we arranged to pay it in installments through the end of March. Then, of course, we'll get the next year's bill. Other than that, we have no debts and don't spend. We pay food, rent, council tax, electricity, phone, and that's it. I've also noticed, since I got an estimated bill last time, that their estimates seems to always be more than double what we actually used. So I'm wondering if the back bill was similarly over-estimated, too.
  11. So. This is a long story - sorry about that! In March 2014, my husband and I received a very large back bill. Apparently, they discovered they hadn't input what few meter readings they had into their system upon changing the account from my husband's name to mine. We'd originally wanted the account in both of our names, for visa purposes, but they refused. We were completely shocked, and there was/is no way for us to pay it, as we just barely scrape by paying the normal bills. The amount was also very high for our living situation, and I still don't think the
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