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Found 24 results

  1. Some of you are aware of the colossal screw up the DWP made when moving people from IB to ESA over the last 5yrs. Some 75000 were wrongly placed in the incorrect ESA group which has led to them being underpaid for years. I got some advice from a local community service, got the ESA3 forms from the DWP and asked to be moved from Cont Based to Income Related ESA... and pointed out that this would need to be backdated 4yrs due to their mistake. 3 weeks later I call to chase it up, spoke to a very helpful lady, who looked into it, awarded me IRESA immediately, and passed it to the team d
  2. Hi all I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP. I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this year, after doing more research I now believe I may be entitled to having my SDP backdated further. I was originally on DLA middle rate care and low mobility as well as Income Support before I was transferred over to ESA and PIP.I was transferred over from DLA to PIP last March.I was
  3. I have worked as a temp for an agency that pays out for “holiday pay” where the holiday hasn’t been taken. The problem is I wasn’t aware that I had to manually claim these payments during the year and that, according to them, they cannot be rolled over. I worked for them in 2015 and 2016 (and this year) so I have in effect lost these payments as I have not adhered to their policy. (their policy is on their staff portal website and I think their contract, which I don’t recall ever seeing). I am annoyed as in the various numerous training I have had with them in terms of being compliant w
  4. Hi, I rent some therapy rooms and book via an online system. These rooms are billed at £15 p/h and I make payments via PayPal. The booking system is quite bad and lets you mark rooms as paid (without paying) and can cancel and re-arrange appointments without notifying the owners of the therapy rooms. The owners stipulate that if you do not pay for a room on the exact date it is booked the a £50 fine will be added. They also stipulate that if you do not ask permission before re-arranging or cancelling an appointment a £50 fine will be added. This is not a signed contract, just simply
  5. I invited a local estate agent to view my property for evaluation in early May 2010. I also invited another agent for the same purpose a week later. I invited agent (a) to revisit my home to take the listing. They backdated their signature on the Sales Agreement by nine days, without my knowledge or authorisation. My signature reflected the correct date of the Sales Agreement. The agent did not advise me that by placing my initials in a box contained within the Terms and Conditions of the HIP Pack, I was waiving my rights to the seven day "cooling off" period. They said that they had
  6. Hi, My relative applied for PIP approx. 8 months ago and finally has an appointment this month by ATOS at his home. If he is awarded any kind of award within PIP, is he entitled to backdated payment from when he first made the claim? or from the date of his assessment/home visit please?
  7. Hi! Somewhat confused about the situation I have with a bill from Eon. I moved out of a house that used a pre payment meter roughly 15 months ago, and into a new property which I've been paying via Direct Debit. The supplier was initially British Gas whom I moved away from and back to Eon - the Tesco Club card points are a big win! However, this past December (roughly ~ 14 months later) I received a bill from Eon asking for a low triple figure sum as a final payment for that address. This striked me as odd at the time as I used a pre payment meter
  8. Hi, I have quite a simple question ... I think .... I have been signed off work by my doctor since March last year and have been claiming ESA at £72/week (the assessment phase). The claimant is supposed to have a 'medical' assessment after 13 weeks of claiming and dependant on the outcome, for me at least according to online benefit calculators, should receive either £101/week if put into the WRAG group or £123/week if put into the support group. My question is ... I have only just been sent an appointment for this so called 'medical' - not 13 weeks after claiming but more
  9. Not sure if someone else has come across this But I am facing 2 HMRC Issues which shows their non professionalism and inadequacy: Issue One (1): Last year my Spouse was on Maternity for 1 year which included paid, Statuary and Unpaid 3 months of Maternity pay. Since it affected our overall income I rang up HMRC and requested them if we are eligible for any Benefits due but they did calculation based on previous year and said we do not qualify for any benefits as we earned over £32000 for previous year and requested us to call them back later. However few months after my son was bo
  10. Hi, Can anyone give me some advice please. Thames Water have suddenly announced that a meter was fitted to my business premises in 2001, and that since then no-one at the premises has ever been billed. They state they have a right to backdate bills for 6 years, and took a reading over an 18 days and have promptly delivered to me a bill for £26,575. I took the premises over in Aug 2006, but pay within my Landlord Service Charge a contribution monthly under the heading 'water meter'. We therefore assumed this was for the water. The landlord now says the meter that Th
  11. I would be very grateful if someone could provide clarification on this please; I *think* I know the answer, but not certain. My appeal was upheld at a tribunal in June of this year in relation to ESA benefit which had been suspended in December 2012. Shortly after the tribunal I had a letter to this effect from the DWP and I anticipated receipt of backdated benefit approximately 8 weeks from the tribunal hearing. What I had forgotten, of course, was that they would need to reassess my eligibility from January 2013, i.e. immediately following benefit suspension, and I duly received an ES
  12. Hi, Advice would be much appreciated. In January we received notice to quit from our private landlord, as the 4 flats in our block were going to be demolished and new apartments built. Our landlord had put a second planning application in and had been accepted by our council. I didn't want to wait to go on the council list, so we looked privately, asap. anyway we found a lovely house that would also accept our dog, and moved in on the 15th March this year. My question is can we get help with housing benefit, i've done the online calculator on the council website and can get
  13. I am looking for advice for my daughter, I will try to keep it brief. She is a single parent and works, she was self employed but has back problems and thought her job was making it worse, also not making enough money so she gave that up and started a paye job. She informed the council as she thought she would be entitled to some help with the rent/council tax.she got a refusal, they said she had 2 jobs and din't qualify, also apparently she should have made a separate application for housing/ council tax benefit , she wrote back to inform them that she only had 1 job and I wote her a letter
  14. Hope someone can help me here, I use to live in a council house 12 years ago and was only for a very short time before going back to private renting again. I recently received a CT Bill for over £500 which was backdated for 12 years ago, Now they are taking £8.50 per week from my benefits to cover the backdated costs, I asked at my local office and staff told me it’s for water and drainage? This sound right to you? I always thought that when on benefits and living in a council house that you get everything paid for you?
  15. Hello - First post from a long time reader, first time poster. Background story is that I am currently in dispute with my previous employer with regards to my leaving date and as a result I am commencing legal action trough an employment tribunal. Essentially, they claim I resigned on 25th September verbally on the telephone, but that was not the case, it was simply that I was beginning negotiations with regards to my departure. Instead those chose to take that as an immediate resignation and they claim the 25th September was my last date. This dispute is being settled with my soli
  16. Hi, Having suffered with severe depression bordering on BiPolar for the past 5 years i've hidden my head in the sand regarding my Council Tax until now. I have to be honest & say that i've totally ignored all letters & requests for payment so my bill is now around £5,000, which i'm totally embarrassed to admit to. In those 5yrs i've lived alone with my 21yr old daughter who has either been a student or unemployed in that time but as i said i ignored all correspondence & didn't apply for the single adult discount so question 1 is this.. ..can i ask for the di
  17. Hi, I had my appeal for ESA turned down and having lived off savings for a few months have decided I need to claim. I cannot go through the whole medical/ appeal process again so will try JSA. Do you have to wait 6 weeks before receiving payment? On the direct gov website all it says is payment is made from 3 days after a claim is made. Is this correct?
  18. Hi Everybodyl, First time poster here (although i have been keeping my eye on various posts for a few weeks now) so forgive meifi i am the wrong section. I am currently employed but off work with doctors 'fit' notes as i have been struggling with a lower back problem or over 2 years now (25 years old ) I recently was told i was entitled to ESA (assessment phase) and it would be paid from 28.06.13. This was the not the date i gave when i put my telephone claim in on 01.07.13. I rang fairly late on the day and the Welsh lady on the other end was speaking at 100 mph and seemed
  19. Hi, I am currently on JSA and housing benefit and income support. There is a big possibility that I will be receiving a backdated lump sum from the CSA for arrears owed. This would amount to approx 17 thousand. I have spoken to JCP and because csa is from 2008 onwards they say csa calculations aren't taken into account and therefore won't effect any benefits I receive even though it will be a lump sum. Is this correct? Surely if that amount is paid into my bank account it would be classed as savings? I really want to spread it between my childrens trust funds for when they are older as I belie
  20. Hi Does anyone have any idea whether or not HMRC are still issuing backdated refunds to 2003-04 as part of their exercise after the new system was installed in 2009? If so, any idea when any will still be sent out or has anyone received any recently? Thanks Just wondered as an indication as to whether to expect anything.
  21. Hi All, my first post here wondering if anyone can help please? Me and my mother are renting a property from my father under Assured Shorthold Tenancy. I am a Carer for my mother and both of us are receiving Housing Benefit making us not liable for Council Tax. We have seperate tenancies until now. The Housing department visited us recently saying we were being paid as one bed self contained person when we should've been under 1 tenancy and a house of shared facilities - ie with one Tenancy and both our names. We've been liable for Council Tax for over 3 years and have been exempt througho
  22. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Hi All, I have been unemployed since 20th July and was told by loads of people including my previous employer that I couldn't claim benefits as I resigned. I now believe that this is not true but in the meantime I have gone nearly £2000 into overdraft. Can anyone advise me on the best way to try and get something from DWP. To make things worse or better I start a new job on Tues but still leaves me with a huge debt. Help please
  23. Hi, I would be over the moon if someone could possibly give me any information on my dilemma Ok, back in August 2010 I was transferred from Income Support to ESA, I was in receipt also of low rate mobility which I received a 4 weekly amount and an extra £20 something included in with my Income Support. When I was transferred on to the new ESA benefit, I was told that I would continue to receive the same amount of benefit I was getting with Income Support. I finally, after many re-booked medical assessments got a decision stating I am fit for work. I appealed with the help of an a
  24. Hello I have recently changed my house into 2 flats and obtained a certificate for lawful use. The council have now sen me bills for both properties dating back to 2007 - it adds up to almost £6000. I've always paid my bills, which they have graciously (!) taken into account, but I am unsure of whether they are allowed to ask me for backdated payment. I was only afforded the certificate of lawful use in September 2011 - surely that is the date from which I would owe council tax on both flat?!?! Can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance.
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