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  1. My Mrs cannot remember if she signed it, I have never signed anything so I assume she did. The misrepresentation to gain entry is my concern and complaint. I filed a formal complaint on the 12th March 2020 regarding this. Last night I wrote all the details into an email and sent it to Rossendales, our council, LGO, CIVEA, HCEOA and a local Councillor. Rossendales have today officially recorded the complaint although their own system shows notes from March onwards which mentioned said complaint. I have paid the full amount due to avoid any increase in costs and I am waiting for responses and advice now on how to pursue the complaint. The original agent is apparently well known for his dubious behaviour and is known for similar and may no longer work for them
  2. A list was made and taken away by the bailiff. We logged an official complaint on the 12th March 2020 and have heard nothing until 8th September 2020 when a ROG notice was received, we then called and spoke with a manager but got cut off and couldn't trace who he was when we called back. Then nothing again until yesterday
  3. They are due later this morning to remove goods at which point the fees increase. I have tried to pay online but it states that the reference number is incorrect It was for council tax from our previous and current address. Its a very long story but the council lost over £1800 of our money and it took months for them to find and try to sort out. It caused loads of issues and caused a nightmare I do not recall an NOE and cannot see one in my file. We have letters from the council and the court fees added but the first bailiff visit was the ROG order, there was no prior communication from the bailiffs
  4. The first visit listed items, so I guess a removal of goods notice. I have tried paying online and by phone but they are saying the reference number is invalid
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. I choose to pay the council as I didn't want to deal with the bailiffs after the issues. It was more making a point. We received a possession order on the first visit which was stated as a council inspection and the man was from the council, it was when he started listing items that it became apparent what he was This is issue, they entered under false pretences is there anything we can do or do we just have to pay to avoid even more fees?
  6. Hi, we had a council tax debt that was settled in full with our council back in July. However the bailiffs are continuing to pursue us for their fees. We had an initial incident where the first bailiff had no ID and stated he was from the council and needed to inspect our house (council house). My partner let him in and he started listing items at which point my partner questioned who he was and he then told her he was from Rossendales reference outstanding council tax. After a discussion she set up a payment plan and he left. Things went on and we missed 1 payment, we rang them and explained and they said it was fine if we can pay double the following month to catch up. We agreed but before that date arrived we had a doorstep visit. It all became silly and stressful, i spoke with Rossendales who just were not interested and so rude its hard to not get agitated and stressed I took out a loan and paid the council directly. I paid the entire debt with them. This did not include any bailiff fees. I logged an official complaint with Rossendales over the conduct. It transpires that the bodycam from the initial visit was miraculously unavailable and also no complaint was logged by Rossendales, however there are notes on our account regarding the complaint!! With the virus etc I guess this has delayed their action today I received a phone call saying I have to pay the council tax debt now or they will remove goods tomorrow. I tried to converse and explain what had happened and was shut down, the agent said he wasn't interested, either pay now or I'll visit tomorrow to remove goods, every time I tried to speak, he spoke over me so we got nowhere. I'm at at a complete loss as to what to do, I cannot raise a complaint with them without evidence and they're not interested in anything other than causing stress and trying to obtain money or goods. Please can anyone offer advice, do I just need to pay their fees, even with their conduct? Can they still charge fees for a settled debt? What if they do visit? What can they do and what can I do?
  7. I tried the writing only and they refuse every time. I will try the SAR We have prepay for electricity but not gas yet and are paying £120 a month on the meter. This does include the electricity debt but not the gas Thanks for your advice
  8. Thank you for such a swift response Yes we have the funds to pay them but there are hundreds of pounds of charges that I am not willing to pay as it was in the hands of the ombudsman at the time It is the principle that is in dispute and the fact that they have made it so difficult to sort this out. I have stated to them that when an apology is received along with a full breakdown of charges then I will review and pay but they will not supply any information or apology. I spent months trying to speak with them on the phone, by email and social media and they refused to discuss my account as it had gone through the ombudsman, even after the case was closed. I am happy and willing to pay what I owe but not the charges.
  9. Our first bill from eon after moving into our current home arrived after a few months and was for a total of £13. This was clearly incorrect and we called to query it. We were told it's right and to pay it. After a few more months of nothing we then received a bill for almost £1000! No explanation from eon. We contacted eon again and was told there had been an error and that this amount was correct and now due. We argued and stated that we had been contacting them prior to this to sort it but was assured all was ok. They then demanded immediate payment and I was told that no payment plan was available. This again went on for months, emails, phone calls until I finally received a call whilst I was at work. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of actually speaking to eon I took the call. During the call it was clear that eon were blaming me for the error when I tried to question the eon employee I was promptly told to "shut up!" I was amazed and voiced my disappointment at which point he hung up on me I put in a formal complaint and was initially told that no complaint could be made until the debt was paid. This is clearly not correct. After a few more months I finally got a complaint registered. No action was taken it was escalated to the ombudsman. Whilst the ombudsman were reviewing the complaint an eon representative arrived at our home to fit a prepay meter. We were charged over £200 for this! When we finally heard from the ombudsman all they said was that they were closing the case as eon would not supply the recording of the phone call and as such there was not enough evidence. I was far from happy and called eon several times only to be told on several occasions that as I have gone though the ombudsman then eon will no longer speak to me. I asked again to set up a payment plan and again was told this is not possible. I contacted the ombudsman only for them to say that the case is closed and they can do no more After numerous more attempts eon still refused to speak with me until I eventually put a post on social media. They then contacted me demanding that I pay up. Finally, after several more calls one lady actually agreed to a payment of £120 per month By this time our debt had amounted to almost £2000!!!! Still no apology and no resolution to, what I see, is their mistake All I wanted was an apology and a payment plan and now we are in a huge debt with them. I am not happy to have to pay all the charges that they have added whilst in dispute and cannot begin to describe how frustrating this had been over the past 3, YES 3 YEARS My question is, do I really just have to shut up and pay up or is there any recourse or action I can take?
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