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  1. Hi everyone. A few years ago me and my wife got an application form through the post for a Vanquis credit card. She applied by post and I applied online. We were both accepted. They used to mess us about saying we had made late payments or gone over our limits despite them taking a direct debit successfully they chose not to take enough money. they ended up spiralling out of control with fees and as I had just started a new business cash was tight and we couldn't pay. I sent both of them this letter- CCA request. then sent FORMAL COMPLAINT/ ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE
  2. Hi all, Below I have attempted to outline my dealings with Pounds to Pocket. Agreement No:7166*** Interest Principal 14/06/13 £1150 borrowed 28/06/13 £173.79 repaid 061.75 112.04 31/07/13 £173.79 repaid 131.38 042.41 30/08/13 £173.79 repaid 114.55 059.24 14/09/13 LOAN REFINANCED £155.00 disbursed to my account £1145.18 new loan amount (no idea how this was calculated) Confirmation email: "Please note that the status of loan #7166*** will be "paid off" as it's been rolled into your new loan #7734***" Agreement No: 7734***
  3. Happy New Year to all and thank you for taking the time to read this. Myself and my husband have always struggled financially but always managed to keep our heads just above water but now we are in over our heads and not sure what to do. Without giving the whole story, due to no work, mental health issues and a huge amount of wrong decision making we have got ourselves into a mess that we dont know how to deal with. We have racked up loads of debt on credit cards, Loans and Payday loans just to try and survive and we are sinking. I know we have to deal with this and Bankrup
  4. I am hoping someone could offer some advice, it is a little complicated and will try my best to explain. I moved to an address in Jan 2009 and left April 2014, during that time I had EON energy. I have not used then since. I checked my credit files today (first time in years) and found it was showing three accounts from E-ON - two in default but settled, and one still running (ALL GREEN) 1. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY Account Opened June 2012 and closed October 2013. Its all green until October 2012 where it says I had (5) missed payments and then November
  5. Morning everyone, Hoping you can help with another Harland’s mess. Tru gym- first joined 28th April, £19.95 p/m. As per sign up email; “You are committing to a single £0.00 Admin Fee payment and £19.95 per month for a minimum of 1 months. After this minimum term your membership payments will continue on a monthly basis.” First payment came out on 12th May- £19.95 Second payment was taken on 30th May- £19.95 Monday 12th June, notices went up around the gym saying they were closing down and would ‘cease trading on Wednesday 14th June 2017’. My direct debit was then cancell
  6. hi all after getting my latest credit report i think its time to try and sort it all out my debts total about £4000 probably a bit less i also have one ccj and have just recieved another one of the claim form things , other debts are still being paid because when i fell on a real bad patch with health and work they helped while some just refued to try any help . i know i should pay every single one of them but i cannot i thought i would ask some advice on where to start seeing if any of them are enforcable any help is appreciated
  7. Hi All, Firstly, apologies if something like this has already been discussed. I have seen similar posts but I think my predicament is slightly different...it's a long story but I hope that some of you will take the time to read it and have some advice for me... So, some years ago, in my clearly very naive and gullible early 20s, I met my ex husband. We got married in 2010 when I was 23, less so because we thought it was the best thing to do, more so for 'financial reasons'. About 6 months before we got married, my ex had started to have some money problems and I noticed some un
  8. My current mortgage is with capstone/preferred I didnt keep up with my order and now I have an eviction notice or pay £3700 Can anyone help me on this?
  9. Hi, I was unfortunate, some may say silly to get involved with Pay Day Loan companies over the last few years. I am trying to clean up my credit report and have found four registered on my report. One for over £1000 on what was only a £100 loan. I have attached a copy of the information from my report. Can anyone help me sift through this and advise on the best route. I think the Kapama debt was from Mini Credit who have ceased trading. Just need to know what is the best way forward with these . Many thanks.
  10. Hi all, I could really do with advice on this: This morning I received an email from UCLAN citing unpaid tuition fees from 2010. I called them as I believed it to be spam because my fees were paid and I didn't stay longer than 1 year. From the conversation with UCLAN and looking at my online info it turns out I was overpaid £2500 by Student Finance... 6 years ago. Student Finance have never contacted me about it and I am currently a student again elsewhere but UCLAN have said they're getting in touch with SF to make them aware of the overpayment. I contacted SF myself bu
  11. I have 3 payday loans showing on my credit file as these are in a DMP. I made the mistake just over a year ago of borrowing money from them to help pay for my mothers funeral expenses but then it kept rolling over. The companies are Quick Quid £361, Think Finance £782 and instant cash loans T/A Payday UK £557. The credit file for these loans show monthly periodic payment amounts for not what I am paying them but for amounts varying from £782 / £1440 and £557. Surely this is incorrect information ? Is there any way I can get rid of the payday loans off my credit file as whe
  12. Hi, im sorry this is a rather long story but i really need some legal advice... my husband had a tenancy in his ltd co name with a pub company. when he passed away 2 years ago the pub co regional manager asked if i would continue with the pubs, he had another one at the time with them. Both pubs were struggling and i told them i wasnt sure. They assured me of financial and business support. Obviously they didnt want two closed pubs on their hands and i felt a responsibility to my husband to keep them. i struggled to manage both pubs without my husb
  13. So I upgraded about a week ago as my upgrade date was 1st August and the plan ended 15th October. The first upgrade advisor said I had to pay an upgrade fee of £210 because ; I didn't necessarily mind as I thought I must have got my dates mixed up and new my current phone would have paid that off. The advisor discounted this down to £168.67 so I wasn't too annoyed with that. The more I thought about it though, I felt I shouldn't have paid anything so I got back on to the chat and was told ; Obviously I thought that was quite a nice offer so I agreed to continu
  14. Hello all, I am very new at this so would appreciate any help available. The long and short of it is, that I have just found out my wife has run up debts by taking credit cards out in my name, without my knowledge, and has been paying the minimum payment on all of them, thus incurring interest, to the extent that my account is maxed to the overdraft limit every month. She finally told me about this as my mortgage finishes in September and I will be unable to pay it off. As I was unaware of this until this week, am I liable for all the debts (including past
  15. Hi guys, I went to the hospital today with my heavily pregnant wife and spent 10 mins queuing first of all to get into the car park, then 10 more minutes to try to find a space after being let in at the barrier... there were like 5 cars circling the car park looking for a space and I found it ridiculous that the barrier (usually would say FULL and not let anyone in) would let cars in without actually having any spaces available. By this time (after 20 mins!) I was already late for my wife's appointment and my wife was alone making her way upstairs. In the end I had to just find a space next to
  16. Hello, I am in a very difficult situation with Wandsworth council over council tax. This started back last year with when I moved into a shared property with some other people and for some reason the Council tax was put under my name and the name of someone else that didn't live here. The council never sent me a bill or any correspondence until I received a summons for none payment of council tax. At this point I emailed them and explained I live in a shared house with other people and I had not received any bill and the bill should not be in my sole name. I was then informed that
  17. Two policemen radio into their station "Hello Sarge?" "Yes?" "We are at a house where a woman has shot her husband forstepping on the floor she had just mopped clean." "Have you arrested the woman?" "No sir. The floor is still wet."
  18. A little bit of a complex one this but I am really hoping that someone can advise! We are managers at a pub. We work for another company who hold the tenancy, deal with all of the utilities etc and organise the TV. Basically, we are responsible for the day to day running with no responsibilty or say so on finances, contracts etc We get paid for this (self employed basis), along with our accommodation as part of the deal. We organise TV, broadband and 'phone for the private acommodation only. As we are only managers, we have to abide by our gaffers decisions and rules or be ou
  19. Hi I'm a sole trader, and at the moment I'm busy paying off a council tax debt. The council were round last week doing a load of work next door, making noise from 8 in the morning and stuff, didn't bother to inform me despite the fact this is their legal responsibility. Anyway, the path I share with my neighbour is now a mess, it's not that bad but the guy didn't hose all the detritus off right which has left it in a worse state than it was before. I have been keeping very clean this summer, and now I have to sweep it and hose it again. As a sole trader, if I was to perhaps go
  20. Hi, I have been a sporadic user of payday lenders, primarily WDA for about 6 years now. Anyway, my latest borrowing was £750... a repayment of £937.50. Now I won't trouble you with the usual sob stories, I accept ultimately this is my own fault but... This level of repayment is too much for me, indeed it is >50% of my income. In the first instance, I have contacted my bank. They said "unusually", in their words, it is a Direct Debit set up, not a CPA, so I can (and have) cancelled it by myself...I simply can't afford to have that amount of money to come off in a g
  21. My sister has applied for a mortgage and has been declined due to a debt with a collections agency that was sold to them by Lloyds TSB. She had a bank account with few pounds in credit that had been dormant for a few years she moved house and forgot about it. Apparently a cheque was written (she says it wasn't her) it bounced resulting in a charge this has then increased + interest + more charges etc and turned into a £200 debt. All correspondance went to her old address as she moved and didn't give them her new address as she'd forgotten about the account. I think maybe t
  22. Another one from Scoop, bailiffs sent to collect from a pensioner who owed nothing, this time it was the council who messed up, and sent bailiffs to collect the debt from an innocent pensioner. who was worried anout their threats to seize goods whether he was in or out, the usual implied threat of forced entry. http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/11477720.Bailiffs_threaten_to__break_into__innocent_pensioner_s_home/?ref=rss " Somerset County Council has since admitted there was an error due to an incorrectly registered vehicle and apologised to 85-year-old Michael O’Lou
  23. Basically I had a period of unemployment and started work 18th May (Sunday). I called the CSA on Monday 19th and informed them of a change in circumstance. At the time I was on a zero hours contract so didn't have guaranteed hours. I soon got 40 hours per week and informed them all the way of the changes. I calculated an average over a month of 15% of my salary and paid every week from my first pay packet. Basically they sent me a letter saying I was in arrears as I had not paid for the weeks commencing the 7th May. I explained to them I didn't start work until the 19th but
  24. Hi All, I'm hoping there's someone on here that can help? I'm just in from work and a lovely letter through the door from IRS an investigation and recovery company on behalf of Peugeot Finance. I'm crying as I type this as I don't know what to do, They're not chasing me, but my husband, he has missed 3 payments on his van and due to him burying his head I assume, theyve handed it over to this lot and they've added their charges of £300 for a doorstep visit. My husband is away to a work course this weekend and I won't speak to him till tomorrow. I'm a scare
  25. Hi folks, Sorry this is going to be a lengthy one. September 2011 After an unsatisfactory experience with Spark Electricity I decided to switch to nPower in September 2011. In the beginning everything seemed to go smooth, monthly payments taken out and meter readings reported timely, everything worked out just fine. Until.. January 2013 We decided to move house in January 2013. Between September 2011 and January 2013 I had been making DD payments on my old address without any interruption. As a result; there was a surplus credit of approx. £230 in my nPower account.
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