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  1. Thanks Brig and Rene Great advice as always. Will keep you posted as to what develops. Grumpy x
  2. Hi All, Still looking for the agreement. Paid next months payment this afternoon to Peugeot Finance, which is a total of £585.04 paid, all arrears and Julys payment. I have told the lovely collection agency that I will only communicate by letter and as far as their charges are concerned, I am not agreeing to them and will contest. Peugeot will not answer any of my letters, so I have raised an official complaint. Let me know your thoughts? Grumpy
  3. They said they needed to talk, that dealing by letter was not an option to resolve the matter. I know i have done wrong. Grumpy x
  4. No SAR back as yet, but they have cashed the cheque. Grumpy x
  5. Hi All, I'm back with an update and more advice required. Sent off all letters, Peugeot Finance will not deal with us, so had to speak to IRS. The office manager was so helpful and so nice, all a ruse. She said they were there to help us and try and sort out the mess. Peugeot Finance would only take the agreement back once the arrears and charges were all paid up to date. The arrears and June's payment were £544.11 and their charges were now £400.00. A lovely sum to try and find! I went away and done my calculations as the van arrears were t
  6. No default or termination letters, the only correspondence they sent was monthly late fee letters and 1 letter saying that arrears of £400 had built up on the account. No registered or recorded letters and no phonecalls. The outstanding arrears are now £700.00, making IRS charges £300.00. Grumpy x
  7. Thank you guys for all your help. I have sent a letter to both Peugeot Finance and IRS. I will await their response. The van is now at my dads, will leave it there till Monday. Not sure what a SAR is, so if someone could advise me regarding that would be much appreciated. Not going to surrender the van, but my Dad has offered to help with the arrears, is that a good idea, Many thanks again, Grumpy x
  8. Just another point guys, the registration numbers on the debt collectors letter and the Peugeot Finance letter are not my husband a van registration. Both are wrong! Grumpy x
  9. Hi Rene, after a good nights sleep I'm feeling a lot more positive and I'll fight this. The dca pulled the rug from under me, but with all the great advice I will do all I can o get this mess behind us. Grumpy x
  10. Hi All, Sorry, went to bed exhausted. The company who visited and left the lovely letter are IRS, which stands for Investigation and Recovery Scotland Limited, company no 192639. As for letters, I was just going to compose one of my own. As mentioned previously, Peugeot Finance are not the easiest to deal with, when husband wasn't working, they wouldn't help with reduced payments etc and I had to struggle to keep the payment going. He needs the van, he's working now, but very low paid, he's an electrician and has no other transport. When not working an
  11. No Rene, your advice is great. Will do the letter and take the van away to my dad's and the letter from IRS will be filled away under b for bucket. Thank you so much x
  12. Thanks everyone. The finance agreement was 60 months and minus the 3 unpaid, 36 payments made. Don't want to hand the van back. I had a nervous breakdown last year, so dealing with a dca has got me panicking and scared. They have said that if I don't contact the dca they will force legal action and repossession. So how come they can charge £300 costs and how come no official letters have been sent from Peugeoit Finance apart from a missed payment letter sent 2nd class? Grumpy x
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