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  1. Thanks, I might try local papers etc as well. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. I have written to PALS and will definitely consider local papers!
  3. I assume the terms of parking would have to be displayed on the signposts at the entrance barrier? I will go back and check later this week! Thanks! Would you know which case it was regarding the university?
  4. Thanks for your advice! I will do a bit of studying!
  5. Ah Genuine Pre Estimate of Loss... I'm starting to feel I need a solicitor for this...
  6. Thanks, do you think I have a chance though? I did park not in a space after all, but only because there was literally no spaces... I assume GPEOL is Genuine Pre Estimate of Loss? Thanks!
  7. Code summary Issuing operator: Local Parking Security Limited (Code: 371) Date code generated: Tue Jun 16 2015 Code sequence number: 006 Deadline information Your appeal deadline is Tue Jul 14 2015 You have 28 day(s) remaining for your appeal to reach POPLA
  8. Hi it's Local Parking Security Ltd and they sent a verification code, is that the popla code? Thanks!
  9. My angry email : I am writing to appeal against a parking charge notice issued today. I acknowledged that I was not parked in an allocated space but that is only because there were NO spaces available and 5 cars including mine were let in at the gate and I could see that more were being let in. We deliberately arrived early anticipating heavy traffic at the car park, but after close to 10 minutes of going in circles without being able to find a space to park (during which time I was being charged parking fees) and at the time I was already late for my heavily pregnant (34 weeks) wife
  10. Hi guys, I went to the hospital today with my heavily pregnant wife and spent 10 mins queuing first of all to get into the car park, then 10 more minutes to try to find a space after being let in at the barrier... there were like 5 cars circling the car park looking for a space and I found it ridiculous that the barrier (usually would say FULL and not let anyone in) would let cars in without actually having any spaces available. By this time (after 20 mins!) I was already late for my wife's appointment and my wife was alone making her way upstairs. In the end I had to just find a space next to
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