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  1. Thank you for your advice, I will try the postal order method. Should I send the repayment amount I am offering to their registered address? also should I keep emailing them everyday or post a complaint to them?
  2. Just an update on my current payday issues. Unclebuck have emailed me a number of times and I have replied so it looks like we will come to an agreement soon regarding my repayment offer. They supplied me with their bank details and I have made my first repayment. Minicredit however have totally ignored all my emails which I have sent everyday to them - (coll ections @ mini credit.com). As expected they keep adding charges on daily which has me very concerned as I can see the loan increasing to a substantial sum all I want is to pay them back. Can someone advise me please should I keep emaili
  3. Hi, I am trying to come to an agreement with a Payday loan company they have asked me to provide a list of creditors of whom I owe money to. Should I provide this to them?I want to get this agreement setup for piece of mind and wellbeing. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your assistance, I will keep you updated. Nervous about the next few days as the loans are due.Hope it all works out.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Is the debt now written off? how did you clear it? I was checking for bank details for them but I cannot locate any. I checked my credit file and they have marked the loan. I just want to pay off this debt and get on with my life.
  6. Can you state who the lenders are please? I suspect I know both of them.
  7. If they add on excessive amounts which I expect them to do is the right procedure complaining to them initially by recorded post or going straight to the fos with my complaint?
  8. Hi, Due to the demands of Christmas I stupidly took out two payday loans one with Minicredit and the other for Unclebuck. Both are due next week but there is no way I can afford to pay them back in full. I owe m.c. approx £300 and u.b. approx £200, I will offer them a reasonable repayment amount tomorrow via email. I have cancelled my debit card and instructed my bank to cancel the CPA on both. However I am terrified of the extortionate amount both of these lenders seem to add to loans if they default (reading other posts). I have learnt my lesson and just want to repay both but I expect the
  9. Hi dunomike can you tell me how you got on with Minicredit? were you able to come to an agreement with them, I have a loan due with them next week for approx. £300 but I cannot afford it. I am worried sick at the moment as reading this and other posts is looks likely it will increase to thousands
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