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  1. This is a little long winded so I will try to make it breif. Sometime ago i had a mix up with Southern water and ended up owing them money. Its a fair cop and I agreed a payment plan that had to be done through UK Search. For some reason they kept using my wifes contact details, such as email and phone number despite being updated. For some stupid reason they could not set up a direct debit and it had to be done by card payment. I had been paying over a year no glitches until september when the bank issued a new card due to expiry soon. I honestl
  2. Thanks Andy, I do vaguely remember opening one as it was a new branch that opened. However I am sure we never had overdraft facilities as we were quite flush at the time. The message she left my mother said last time she tried to use it it swallowed her card. I am concerned she organised an overdraft with the fella she left me for as he posed as me many times milking my credit cards and bank accounts. Sadly I never was able to gather enough evidence for a criminal or civil prosecution.
  3. I will just keep quiet. Hopefully it is something she has seen on a credit file. No ones pursued me yet so I will keep fingers crossed. I feel after 12 years of being divorced these things should have been settled by banks and companies by now. Like I said it has been so long I have no recollection of it.
  4. My concern is she may have been making small payments over a long period of time. If that resets it then I will probably get collared for it. Just find it very unfair an agreement could have been struck up and they have made no effort to contact me.
  5. Hi, Like explained in the title I have been divorced 12 years and remarried. I don't have any contact with my ex wife however she often hassles my mother usually about wanting money. I pay regularly by direct debit maintenance for my son who I do see through family. Anyway my mother has received a message from my ex saying she is trying to sort her credit rating out and I owe £400 to Royal Bank of Scotland. To be honest I never recall having an account with them and she claims it was joint and the £400 is my half of the overdraft.
  6. The debt goes back to before I moved in. The guy had a stroke who lived here an was moved to a nursing home. The water charges are for my one bed flat are more then my parents 3 bed house down the road. I asked for a meter and they sent a local plumber who only spoke to me on the phone saying it couldn't be done. After paying a years inflated charges they sent me a letter saying a meter would be installed. That has never happened and I continue to receive bills will arrears before I lived here. There have been many debt collectors over the years that
  7. Orbit visited my home whilst I worked the night shift 01/04/16 at 20:54 regarding an alleged Southern water Debt. They were told by my recently moved in wife I work shifts from 18:30 until 06:30. They tried to call at 08:00 on the 02/04, then sent a great big fat bully boy round at 10:00. Without an appointment he demanded I was woken up then got all aggressive. No joke the guy was about 170 kilo's. He wanted national insurance numbers and the amount of PIP my disabled wife receives. My partner set a £10 a week agreement in my name. She also asked for a manager to call her
  8. Just to update I was stitched up. The breakdown came out and I opened it today. The information they gave me was not accurate. The £239 I will have paid WILL include the £55 court fee. So the calculation error was £184 not the £400 on the court summons. So I am paying a court fee for a calculation mistake by the council. WTF has happened to this country? I am dogged with debts caused by incompetency of civil servants (I have another thread with the CSA). Imagine if I was a business and took and individual to court for under charging them and not informing them, I wo
  9. This is unbelievable. Yet another calculation error leaving me in arrears when I just paid off the last calculation error. After another stressful week with the CSA I have finally got to the bottom of the latest arrears and this takes the biscuit. In September my partner moved in with ONE of her Two children. The child who didn't move in was 16 and living with the Grandmother so she could commute to the college of her choice. The 13 year old lives with my partner and I. I declared this situation to the CSA and the tax credits were made for just the ONE child. The grandmother
  10. I have had major problems with the CSA for over a year. Wrong calculations, invented arrears and money not reaching my ex. Every time I pay off arrears they come back with more over the last 3 weeks I have been given figures ranging from I am £30 in credit to £170 in arrears. This week I decided enough was enough. Complaints and appeals go nowhere so I wrote to Independent Case Examiner with full details. The CSA called me again today with further requests for money, £48 today. I told them I am paying nothing than my weekly amount until the case has been looked at by Jim Edwa
  11. Hi, I haven't had to post on here for ages as I feel I am finally making headway. Just a brief background I had a period of homelessness and illness, then struggled to find work when I had a home. Last April I got work and have worked so hard to get on my feet, after mistake after mistake from the CSA and Council I am making headway. Unfortunately another council bombshell hit me on Monday. I have been paying an agreed amount of council tax monthly and have kept up payments so assumed everything is fine. On Monday my day off, I walked in to a summons on the
  12. She is a very bitter person even though we split up 6 years ago. She is very close to my mother and told her some cock and bull story she thought I was paying too much. The reality is she wants more, a lot more. My retired parents look after our child every other weekend and all the school holidays for nothing. I pay them what I can when i can but I even end up taking from them. I just phoned the CSA and offered them top whack what I can pay week, about £10 more than my regular weekly payment. They have rejected it and will write to me in due course. In all honesty it is
  13. Just had a further conversation with them. They have concluded their investigation and find I owe arrears of £181. They have broken them down as £50 for the alleged cash in hand work I never did. £30 for the short full in payments from 14/04 to date as the original assessment was wrong. The final one is a short full in payments whilst I spent 20 weeks on JSA. During those 20 weeks I had the money taken straight from my benefit which a call just now with the DWP has confirmed was done. I phoned them back and said I understand the short full from the 14/04 but the rest is
  14. Well that is there get out. Because my bank statements back up my version which I was broke and only receiving JSA. They causally turned round and said 'it isn't showing in your bank because you probably got paid cash in hand'. I am at my wits end. I am not being tight I don't get much more than minimum wage. I am struggling to make ends meet as it is and they are demanding this payment which I simply cannot pay and don't even owe.
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