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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all i was recently called into work and was suspended for false accusation of theft cut a long story short my father in law is a motor trader who has an ebay account he gets my partner his daughter to advertise and sell items on ebay for him my company has got a third party investigation firm in to investigate as my company is in the motor trade also the only link to these items is me being in a relationship with my partner they have hacked my father in laws ebay gone rather in depth despite account being registered at his home address
  2. Hello, Please help. I was a Vodafone customer and wait till my contract expired in July 2015 to move to another service provider. Please check - I have paid my mobile phone bills by direct debit faithfully for the past 2 years I was with them. The issue occurred on July 2015 when I have trouble trying to pay my final bills! Vodafone said that as my account has been closed they can only send me the final bill to my old address and I have to pay by cheque. They refused to accept my payment over the phone! I explained that I have moved to my new address in February 2015 and there
  3. Hi, I'm new here and wanted to see if there was anything I can do about my current situation. I took my 2006 Mustang to a garage for electrical issues...lights, taillights, signal etc. Shop said I needed a new 'smart junction box' at a cost of $400. Once they got the box, I was told I'd have to take it to a Ford dealership to have it installed and reprogramed, at another cost of $200. I did this, but it turns out this didn't fix anything and Ford said that the junction box wasn't my problem, it was a wiring harness in the engine bay causing the electrical issues, which now is going to cost ano
  4. Another one from Scoop, bailiffs sent to collect from a pensioner who owed nothing, this time it was the council who messed up, and sent bailiffs to collect the debt from an innocent pensioner. who was worried anout their threats to seize goods whether he was in or out, the usual implied threat of forced entry. http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/11477720.Bailiffs_threaten_to__break_into__innocent_pensioner_s_home/?ref=rss " Somerset County Council has since admitted there was an error due to an incorrectly registered vehicle and apologised to 85-year-old Michael O’Lou
  5. Hi I have been wrongfully claiming working tax and child credits since June last year. I am an idiot, I should not have done it and the whole year i have been guilt ridden and on the verge of tears. I have the renewal claim pack come through and as I have had no job, I can't put down any income, I want to own up that I have been a major fool, and want to pay the money back, can I write to them instead? I am really scared of phoning them. I have let everyone down, I've let my partner and my children down, I wish after paying this off(if they let me) I can kill myself for the shameful
  6. Hello, I've returned to work yesterday, only to walk through the door and get suspended, the reasons given, were for allegedly making threats to the business and/or individuals. So let me give as much background as I can, I was off work for nine weeks with depression. My employer insisted I saw the oc.nurse, attended 'meetings' about my situation (with a manager) and also offered the services of a counsellor,which I agreed to. I met the nurse a few times, and in one the the meetings(with my manager and a member of HR), I refused to see the nurse anymore, because I felt she was ham
  7. Hello All, I am really looking to make sense of all of this so constructive and factual feedback is what i would value... I work at a construction company as a site based manager and have been there just over 6 years to date. Back in April `11 i was suspended and subjected to an investigation and disciplinary hearing over an incident that happened on my site at the time. A member of the senior management team, the head of the department that i was part of, had become exceptionally attentive towards a female member of staff that was part of another department. As time went on it
  8. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with MS ( multiple sclerosis ). I was diagnosed whilst being in hospital for which was quite a lengthy stay. It was my third time in hospital this year. I wasnt surprised at the diagnosis as I had been ill for quite sometime and it had been suggested in the past that it is possible that this is what I was suffering with, but never had an official diagnosis. I left hospital a few days later after being given a course of steroids to help with inflammation. which is a common treatment for MS. I was sent home with Morphine and some other drugs. . I spe
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