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  1. Thank you for your replies. No my partner doesnt work or claim any other benefits. My partner is a joint claimant on the tax credits. We stay with my parents because my dad and sister are disabled and need to be looked after.
  2. Hi I have been wrongfully claiming working tax and child credits since June last year. I am an idiot, I should not have done it and the whole year i have been guilt ridden and on the verge of tears. I have the renewal claim pack come through and as I have had no job, I can't put down any income, I want to own up that I have been a major fool, and want to pay the money back, can I write to them instead? I am really scared of phoning them. I have let everyone down, I've let my partner and my children down, I wish after paying this off(if they let me) I can kill myself for the shameful
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