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Found 5 results

  1. http://news.sky.com/story/cancer-often-being-diagnosed-in-ae-despite-patients-seeing-gps-10849984 Does not surprise me. Given that it can take 3 weeks to get a GP appointment and then they only have about 8 minutes to diagnose or refer for tests, it is most likely to be a Hospital A&E that finds patients have cancer. The last time i had a blood sample taken, between booking the appointment and getting the test result back, it was over a month. Two weeks before GP appointment, rebooked to see a Nurse to take sample a week later and then two weeks to get the result back. The NHS has gone backwards over recent years.
  2. Hi all. After having a routine blood test last week that showed a very high platelet count and seeing a consultant (was refered urgently) I now have a condition called essential thrombocythaemia which is a blood disorder - obviously I was very worried as I thought it was leukemia but my red and whte blood cell count is normal. I now need to be on aspirin for life and have regular blood tests and scans to see how I am getting on - as well as losing weight and getting a proper excercise regime. I am sure you are not concerned about that, I will obviously deal with it my own way and after reading it seems life expectancy and prognosis is very good (practically normal) if I make changes to my lifestyle. I am on ESA(assessment) at the moment and not been called to ATOS or whateverf it is now for assessment yet (nearly 6 months) but: (a) Do I need to inform anyone about this diagnosis? (b) Money is not my priority but would I be entitled to anything else (worth asking)? © What happens if I am classed 'fit for work' and have to go back to JSA? The stress of being back under that regime and Ingeus will make me ill My condition although very mild and not life threatening is still classed as a blood cancer even though it is very treatable and prognosis is very good. Many thanks.
  3. My 5 year old as been accessed for adhd we.ve seen the doctor this week who as said it looks like he does have it but can.t be formely diagnoised until he gets the school psycologist report but the school is just dragging their feet i asked months ago for this the doctor has now written to the school to speed it up. The school and i had to fill a qyestionare out schools score was worse than mine, he.s getting behind at school cause he finds it hard to concontrate and keep still he.s forever getting into trouble and being sent to the headmaster along with another boy who as just been told he also as adhd them to bind really well together. My son is also sensitive to some foods aswell i notice cause some make him very more hyper just like some medications. So would i need him to be diagnoised first or should i just go ahead and see what happens mind time they get round to going through the forms he.d probably be diagnoised with it.thanks in advance
  4. Our 02 Toyota Corolla got flooded up to the top of the front wheels a couple of years ago, and the only problem since was that the airbag light was constantly illuminated. This is now part of the MOT, and my local independent was unable to reset it - the light was now flashing. So I took it to a local Toyota dealer. The car was also subject to a recall notice also related to the airbags so that work was carried out (for free) first. They then said that the (still) flashing light was due to a faulty side passenger airbag, which would need to be replaced at a cost of £1300:!:. A huge sum given the age/value of the car. We agreed to have it replaced. That was on July23rd. Eventually a replacement airbag arrived on the 28th August - yes 6 weeks later (none available any where in the would according to Toyota GB!) - was fitted in under 4 hours - but the flashing airbag light remains. The technician said that they now thought it was a wiring problem - but couldn't get a replacement wiring loom as these were now discontinued by Toyota - so called in an auto-electrician. Speaking to the technician this morning - yes 12 days after I last spoke to him - they are now fitting a replacement ECU and they hope to have the car ready by Thursday the 12th. Note that the only work I have actually authorised was the initial airbag replacement. I am interested to know where I stand legally with payment for this work. I firmly believe that the problem was initially miss-diagnosed - and 6 weeks was wasted waiting for an airbag that wasn't required. And given the circumstances of the light coming on (which the garage are aware of) I would have expected them to investigate the wiring first (given that this would have been the cheaper option). Stephen
  5. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with MS ( multiple sclerosis ). I was diagnosed whilst being in hospital for which was quite a lengthy stay. It was my third time in hospital this year. I wasnt surprised at the diagnosis as I had been ill for quite sometime and it had been suggested in the past that it is possible that this is what I was suffering with, but never had an official diagnosis. I left hospital a few days later after being given a course of steroids to help with inflammation. which is a common treatment for MS. I was sent home with Morphine and some other drugs. . I spent the next 4 months not knowing how I was going to cope with this. I wasnt told what type of MS I had. I wasnt told what I was going to expect. I was informed that I would be treated with Physio for the stiffness in my legs, but then again I was told in March of this year that I was going to have physio but never had an appointment through. just before I was due to see my consultant neurologist I rang the appointments department and was told I had only been referred in September and that it could be another few months before I was seen. This was for an urgent referral in March. I find walking extremely difficult and very painful. Any way going off track a bit here. After 4 months of trying to come to terms with MS, which isnt easy even though it had been suggested in the past, actually knowing hit me more than I thought it would, especially after I had been so ill this past year. I saw my consultant and he queried why I was there. I told him that an appointment had been sent after I came out of hospital and I explained that I was there to get my results of the lumber puncture and to see what treatment I was going to have and what I was expected to happen now I had this diagnosis of MS. he said I didnt have MS. I told him that I was diagnosed in July whilst I was in hospital, he said I was mistaken, I said I wasnt. I was getting quite upset and he kept showing me my file saying no where does it state I had been diagnosed with MS and he said that he had seen me in March and told me then that I didnt have MS. He made me feel as if i was lying and I was completely mad. I gave him a run down of the conversation and that the neurologist who had diagnosed me wanted me to stay in hospital for 3/4 months to see how the MS progressed. I explained that was impossible and I explained that I thought this was the reason for why I was to see him that day. As soon as I had explained this he looked rather sheepish and realised who I was talking about. The neurologist that diagnosed me had left the hospital but he had been told not to keep telling patience that they would be staying in hospital for such long periods of time as it was unnecessary. Finally he found my discharge notes and there in black and white it stated that I had indeed been diagnosed with MS. At this point my consultant couldnt apologise enough. he then came across some more notes on my stay and saw that I had another diagnosis of a relapse of MS in my notes from another stay a few weeks after I had been discharged. These notes were copied and sent to my GP. When leaving and after he had told me what was actually wrong with me, sort off, he said something about making a complaint with regards to what had happened and I was quite with in my rights to do so. I didnt feel up to start making a complaint. I just wanted to go home. I feel now I want to make some sort of noise about this. Not really sure whether it is worth it or not. Not looking for compensation, but changes do need to be made to stop this sort of thing happening again. Some help would be very appreciated thank you.
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