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  1. I would just like to give a quick up date on this matter. Lowell admitted their mistake and have closed the account. They also admit that they dont have enough information to actually proceed with any collection of the debt, and that the account that was held by hoist had a lot of inconsistencies. They didnt have any proof of the loan, the amount of the loan or the amount that was outstanding. Compensation has been offered to me but I'm not sure if they have offered anything to my ex husband.
  2. Hi dx. If it was just myself on the debt, I maybe would ignore it. However I need to find out if there was a judgement and if so what would the outcome be if I didn't pay it. My ex is a little more cautious and worries about this far more than I do. So I really need to get this sorted. He has far more to lose than i do, especially if it goes bottom up. However, I am a little concerned that the amount they are after is far more than what it was and because of this amount, could they possibly take it back to court for enforcement. And yes you're right, I fully believe neither of us owe them a penny, I'd like to prove this to them. It was TSB now Lloyd's The data they have given me, I would not have any knowledge of and it has nothing to do with the debt. This is personal information. Also financial information that I would not have privy to. Certainly not after being divorced for 20 years. It's certainly a breach of private data. They redacted his name and date of birth on the first page, why redact something I already know? Then not redact his financial details as recent as a few months ago. His sons health and financial details, I'm certainly not privy to these. They even state that payments are coming out of our joint bank account. We havnt had a joint account in over 23 years. I've no idea who he now banks with, I'm sure his wife wouldn't want me to know these details either. Thank you I hope you're well.
  3. I just want to give an update with regards to this debt that Lowell have purchased from Hoist. I have since found out a lot more information and a few complaints have been made. The debt accrued in sept 1999, not 97. The loan was started in January 97. After a failed claim with the insurance it went into dispute in the summer of 99. around 26 payments were made on the loan. The loan was for 3 years. so around 2 thirds had been paid. From records that my Ex husband has, it was Robinson Way that first took on the debt in 1999. Hoist took over Robinson Way and took on the debt in around 2008. There is no CCJ on record. Not that has been found or been shown to have taken place. Because of so many discrepancies with times and information and not to mention the amount, I placed a SAR with Lowell. It took a few weeks, hence why its taken a while for me to update this post. I wasn't surprised to see a huge amount of paperwork that landed on my doorstep. It was pretty overwhelming and took some time to get through. Over half of the paperwork was just their policy with regards to the SAR. 0ne page was my details, which was my married name and a an old address that wasnt spelled correctly. No date of birth, nothing else at all, only to state that a complaint had been made and they upheld apart of it and an apology was sufficient. There were a couple of redactions that I also expected, because they had stated in their paperwork that some information that belonged to other people would be redacted. So after the first few pages that was not their paperwork, I started to try and find the judgement and records of the initial loan and credit agreement. There was no record of either. The information only went as far back as 2014. Also stated was 113 payments had been made, but records of payments only went back as far as 2015. Records also showed that hoist where taking payment via a standing order and a direct debit, so two payments for the same account were being paid. This has shown up a few times on the records they sent. Hoist had lied when they stated that they had spoken to me in 2000 and 2001, Lowell first told me in was 1999, which would have been impossible. But hoist wasnt involved back at that time. This wasnt in the SAR, so not sure where they got this information. What is disturbing and I'm sure breaches data protection is 21 pages of personal and financial information regarding my Ex husband. 29 times Lowell have mentioned my ex husbands personal details, they even mentioned his sons health and financial details. This is a son from his marriage after we were divorced. Personal family details were also mention, things I cant repeat in here without his permission. You could say that they thought that we were still married and that I would know these details, but they had already redacted his name in the first couple of pages, they even redacted the word "Mr", it was obvious what it was. They had redacted this several times. Not only that, but I had emailed and had a response 3 weeks before I had even requested the SAR and stated in that email, was the fact, that we had been divorced for over 20 years and that I had very little to do with my ex husband, so they were well aware of our status. I have passed on this information to my ex husband and placed a complaint with Lowell and their DPO department. My ex husband called them with this information and they clearly denied that they held this information on record. My Ex stated he was "looking right at it" so it was obvious they did hold this information. A complaint was lodged. My ex husband also told them that my name had been removed from the debt 20 years ago. so why after 20 years were they contacting me. Ive requested a CCA and they now have 12 days to respond to that. If Im wrong with that information can anyone enlighten me to what steps I can now take to try and get more information with regards to this debt, as its clearly not correct. The information is, to say the least not correct at all. It shows the value of the loan (01/01/1997) and the day the debt accrued (01/09/1999) is the exact same amount. Thats totally not right as over 24 payments had been made on the loan. I feel someone had made a huge mistake on the figures at the very beginning or near as, this would make more sense and roughly in line to what was actually owed at the time, otherwise, fees added would been over £4000. Can someone inform me if fees stop once it goes to a debt company. Thank you. I will update as and when I get more information. The insurance refused to pay out when we made a claim, otherwise the debt would certainly not exist, ive since found out we were miss sold the insurance, but its too late to put in for a PPI. Another thing, Hoist stated in the records that they have never made any attempt to try and contact me, despite the fact that the account was put on indefinite hold because of my ex husbands personal circumstances. IF that was the case then why didnt they try and contact me so to get some form of payment. Wouldnt this prove that my name was in fact taken off of the debt? I just wish there was more information. So much is missing.
  4. The court claim was in the early 2000s. I stated to them after they had told me that it was a debt from 1997 that it was statue barred, because at this time of the call, I had no idea that the ex had, 1. Not paid it from the sale of the house, 2. Been to court and 3. Had been paying it all this time. To be honest I had no idea what this debt was. I did think that it may have been from the time someone had a phone out in my name back in 2005 but I know I had dealt with that. I requested the documents and placed a complaint before I spoke to the ex and before I had posted in here, or I would have ignored. I was just concerned someone had run up a debt in my name again. I have a really good credit score and didn't want this to go against me.
  5. My apologies for not being clearer, apparently I wasn't added to the mortgage after we were married. As for the loan, this was taken out after we were married. To be honest I don't remember much about it, I suffered a massive stroke about a year or so after, and my memory was affected, amongst other things, there was no issue paying it at that time as we were both working. I couldn't work after the stroke, that's when the insurance should have kicked in but the insurance company refused to honour it. The ex had to cut his hours to help look after me and the children. It was just incredibly unfortunate. We were both quite young. You just don't expect to suffer a stroke in your early 30s. It wasn't long after this that we sold the house and went our separate ways. I'm still not really sure why this debt wasn't paid out of the sale of the house. Could be because it was being disputed still. I wasn't involved with any of the paperwork with regards to the mortgage and what was to be paid to who etc. I did ask for a copy of the signed agreement, for the loan, lowell said they didn't have it. However I do know the ccj was solely in my ex husbands name. I also stated that the debt was statued barred and it has been over the six years. At this point I had no idea about this debt. Thats when she stated that my husband had made a payment last month, so I asked if that was the case why are you contacting me over it. She couldn't answer. Not once did they state that an agreement had already been made by the ex and that he had been paying it for all these years. Only that one payment was made, so they basically lied. I've requested all paperwork with my name on it, they've refused, but said they will investigate and put the case on hold. I've put in a formal complaint.
  6. No, it was a straightforward divorce, very amicable, I vaguely remember signing something about an agreement that all debts must be paid before I had a payment from the sale of the house. This debt should have been included. Trouble is it should never have been a debt as it was covered by insurance if one of us became ill and couldn't work. I had 3 strokes which prevented me going back to work, but they never honoured it, it was disputed, but I really can't remember what happened to it. It was such a long time ago and I don't have any paperwork from that time anymore, didn't think I would need it. I've definitely not had any ccjs in my name so I know I was never chased for this debt. From what I can understand it was taken over twice before it went to lowell, the ex has paid every month without fail, when lowell took it over a payment wasn't paid as no one informed the ex that lowell had taken over. But all this was sorted on the 3rd of last month and a new agreement was done and all payments were caught up. They started chasing me a week ago. I got the letter today. So 5 weeks after an agreement was made with the ex, they decided to chase me as well. I had no idea that there was a debt still as stated, all money owing was meant to have been paid from the sale of the house. I was too unwell to deal with it, plus I wasn't the mortgage holder, I was just named on there due to being married. Just seems ridiculous to be honest. I just think because only a nominal amount is being paid they're coming after me to get it paid off quicker. If they do pursue it via the courts, it would be less than my ex is paying so they wouldn't gain much. But surely I wouldn't be responsible for the court fees ect if I wasn't on the judgement.
  7. Thanks guys. I've requested all documentation on the matter, I've a feeling it won't be sent. I shall keep you updated. Just seen confirmation from the ex hubby, that a settlement agreement with lowell, was made on the the 3rd of last month, solely in his name. If they've already made an agreement with him, can they still actively chase me for it.
  8. You came across incredibly patronising, and not helpful at all. My name change was not the issues here and certainly wasn't trying to not pay a debt that i would have been liable for, but as stated, i was on the understanding that ALL debts were paid from the sale of the house. My point was, could they still chase me for the debt if it was being paid.
  9. The loan was in joint names as the bank account was in joint names. As was the mortgage. After we were married I was added. My point here is, can they chase me for a debt that is almost 30 years old. The debt was a little over 2 grand, it went to court because the loan was disputed because they wouldn't honour the insurance claim made against the loan due to illness. That was being disputed well after the divorce, which I was led to believe that all debts etc had been paid off. I had no knowledge the debt had even gone to court. The bank was TSB. I don't even know who took on the debt and took it to court. But I know I wasn't on any judgement. Court costs were added, so would I be liable for those that have been added to this debt as well? The original loan was £3000 The debt was a little over £2000, With the court costs added, it ended up over £5000. Just over £4200 is now owed, despite my ex paying every month for the past almost 20 years. It just seems wrong that if the debt is being paid regularly for all that time, lowell takes over and decides to now chase me for it as well. It's just shocking to see this after 20 years of thinking that all the debts with regards to the marriage were paid off.
  10. Haha, I couldn't tell him what to do when we were married, no chance of telling him what to do now lol. Good to see you're still here DX, hope all is well with you. Ex has assured me my name was not on any claim forms from the court. And? That wasn't my point!
  11. And I stated that where? Did you read my post? The loan would have been joint, the court papers were solely in his name. I had no judgement against me. In my married name or my maiden name, which I use now.
  12. I received a letter from Lowell today for a 4 grand debt I had no knowledge of in my ex married name. I havnt used that name for over 20 years. Trying to get any information out of them was like pulling teeth, but they stated information from when the debt accrued, which seemed accurate. However all debts were paid off when the sale of the house went through, so I thought. To cut a long story short, it was an amount of about 2 grand that was outstanding, from a loan, which should have been covered via insurance due to ill health, but wasn't. In 1997. After the divorce and sale of the house in about 2002, I had, so I thought, no debt. However unbeknown to me, and my ex holds his hands up to this, he was in court for this debt and made an offer to pay, my name was not on the papers for this. He has paid a nominal amount, without fail, every month for the last 15 plus years. Lowell took over the account last month, and a month was missed due to a mix up on Lowells behalf by not informing clients of the takeover, so a payment was missed. However, despite the payment being paid and sorted on the phone with lowell by my ex husband, lowell still decideds to chase me for the full amount owed, despite the fact the debt wasn't in my name and its being paid monthly. Now, can they chase me for this debt after all this time, despite the fact that this debt isn't even in my name and its being paid. Its not even on my credit score and now worried it will be added because lowell has added me to this debt. I've asked for an investigation. Im wondering if they are now chasing me because they're only getting a nominal amount from my ex husband, and think they will get more from me. Can they do that after all this time, especially as I was told all debts were paid for via the sale of the marital home.
  13. Sorry guys, this is a long complicated one, please bear with me. I've been helping a lady with her housing/landlords issues, (complete horror story) and it came to light that she claims separately from her partner and she's not sure what benefits she's in reciept of. Both her and ger partner have learning difficulties and both on a disability benefit and claim benefits separately. They both came out of the care system 13 years ago and have claimed this way since they moved into this one bedroom attic flat. They were moved in there with the help of adult social care, who seem to have abandoned them some years back. Her partner is approx 34 and she is 32. He is on full DLA and his money is controlled fully by his mother. I can't get to any paperwork or know at this point how much he is getting. This situation is quite shocking if I'm honest and at the moment I can't go into his details. This lady is claiming separately and states that her money which she gets monthly is just £120 approx a month, she then gets £170 disability. They get the rent paid fully by housing which is £600 pcm. Now this lady claims she has been getting the same amount (£120) per month for the last 13 years, since she moved into this property. She doesn't understand her finances very well and not sure what her benefits are called. Over the Christmas period her money stopped but was reinstated, at the same amount once she was able to talk to someone. I'm appalled, if I'm honest that she has no support at all. Her partners mother and her do not get on at all, so she hasn't support from her, in fact quite the opposite, but I can't go into detail in here. I can't get any advice from any benefit office as they need to know what benefits she is claiming, but she doesn't know, either that or she's too afraid to tell me as she has stated that if her claim is looked at she will lose it or its reduced further. I've a feeling her partners mother has told her this. Any help with this, so I can move forward would help immensely. She's too afraid to go to the CAB Took a lot for her to trust me. As I stated this is quite a bit of a horror story and a clear case that she has fallen through the net. I'm trying at the moment to get social adult care involved but she doesn't trust them either because of the situation they put her in.
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