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  1. Im talking to a customer care manager now at bulb, its them that are not helpful and want me to pay the £250 per month. As for the ombudsman, im just going to give up, Ive contacted CAB to see if they can intervein.
  2. Im registered on their priority care, however Ive just read that 1000s were accidently taken off of it between March 2019 and the end of last year, they were all compensated, but obviously I wasnt. I should have been offered the home front grant, which Ive had every year since 2013, apart from last 2 years. If they had offered it I would have found out their mistake sooner.
  3. just a quick update Bulb have back dated the bill but seem to be pulling a fast one saying that mow Im using £240 a month in electricity, That was my last bill. Estimated. The final bill is almost £1300, from August to August. They want me to pay £250 per month to reduce the debt. They are not allowing me to change suppliers. The ombudsman are willing to help but have not sent an email to an account they have set up, this has happened twice now so they have been as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Im happy to pay off the bill, but I cant afford to pay the amount they are asking and they have refused a lower amount unless I give up my bank details to a debt company that they are in partnership with.
  4. youre spot on, I live in notorious Jaywick and I reckon he was rubbing his hands when he saw what was sitting outside of mine. Think this is why he was so disgruntled that I wasnt the person he was looking for, he would of got a nice little earner out of my car and the bike.
  5. I have now. I got a 3 page letter from them stating that basically he was just doing his job, however they did find that he was a little rude and uncooperative, so I had an apology. Im off their records now, if I want to take it further with the ombudsman I can, but my health has not been good and with my other issue with Bulb going on, Ive just dropped it. If i was any better I think I would of taken it further. I just dont understand why these people just cant act human. You can close this now it you wish, many thanks for your support.
  6. Again my apologies, Ive not explained how its their fault. When my meter was changed over they didnt register it, I was their customer, but a prepayment customer under a different account number. They didnt change the account. They didnt send me bills or read my meter because they had me as paying PAYG, this is why they were confused when I called to give them a meter reading. But in hindsight I thought, regardless of what method you pay you would still need to give a reading.
  7. My apologies for not keeping this updated, but its just been so long winded and Im constantly waiting for Bulb to respond. They have admitted that it is their fault, but want the ombudsman to get involved. I have put a payment plan forwarded to them and they have completely disregarded it, since telling me that I should involve the ombudsman. In the meantime, they are charging me £100 per month for my bills and every month I dont pay they are charging me £15 on top for late payment fees. The £100 doesnt include any repayment for monies owing. Its just been calculated that over the summer months, using the last 4 weeks as a rough guide, I used £42, including standing charge. I have been in touch with the Ombudsman and they are willing to get involved. Ive just sent the details over to them and I need to make an account with them, however Im having issues with that too but Ive emailed them to get this sorted. There was for about 10 months an issue with a faulty water heater, so I can see why the usage was high. The faulty water heater was put in 10 months ago and had no idea until a 4 weeks ago that it had been leaking, so it was constantly heating up, i suppose like a kettle constantly on the boil. I was losing a tank of water every day. Yes my basement was incredibly wet but I rarely go in there. This was in no way my fault, the company who manufactured the heater has admitted liability, however they may not pay towards the bill as they wont know how much it would of used.
  8. Im still no further in this, they are taking almost two weeks to respond to my emails and they keep asking for the same info that Ive already given, Ive now requested that this complaint be escalated. Ive reminded them that they cannot charge for the two years but only back date it for the year, which ive now got the funds to pay and happy to do so. They cant even get their dates right. Ive never known such an incompetent company. Im getting daily emails now requesting me to have a smart meter. Ive heard so many bad things about these and not sure I want one, especially after such a cock up.
  9. just a quick update on this, its now been escalated to the 2nd stage of their complaints process. Sorry for the delay but they have been dragging their feet in responding
  10. No they havnt stated an amount, its been set at zero at the moment however I can adjust that. Ive looked to see if there is another way to make a payment but so far I cant find anywhere, I keep checking and a bill or statement hasnt been generated yet. Im presuming once one has been generated then I can make a manual payment
  11. Ive emailed them again as it seems they dont even know what they are doing. They are asking for my bank details and to set up a Direct Debit with them, which at this stage im not prepared to do as Im worried they will just take what they want to, Ive had that happen before with Sky. I dont have DD anymore I alway use standing orders, but I cant set one of those up as there is no information on where I can set this up.
  12. Ok another update and its all rather confusing, ive been trying to work this out for hours now and I cannot make any sense from it all. Apparently the meter was put in on the 1st of April, I was sure it was July. However what makes sense is that I gave a reading in August, which I thought was for the month but it was for the quarter. I must of written it down wrong for a monthly reading, when it should have been written down as a quarter reading. I may have wrote the date down wrong when to read the meter. However I do know that I contacted bulb a week before the meter went in, that I am very sure of. Which would of been about the 27th, They have it registered that I gave a reading on the 29th of March. However they have an opening reading from the 12th of March. Im confused with that date as I know I contacted them a few days before and they put the meter in as an emergency and was definitely done the following week. Despite my memory being shot at the moment I do have some dates written down and the date of the change is on my meter. However its a little hard to read, it does look like the 1st of the 4th but it can also look like the 1st of the 7th. I was with 2 previous companies so July would make better sense. I moved into the property mid January, EON was the provider and I changed that within the first month so would have been February, then I went with OVO and changed them as they couldnt provide the normal meter for about 6 months at the time so changed to Scottish power. I know I was with them for at least a month before I contacted Bulb as they also couldnt change the meter to a credit meter. So April doesnt seem to fit here. Im still trying to find any paperwork I might have to verify all this but I know everything was done via phone and online. I wish everything went back to paper bills, it was so much easier to try and trace back. Anyway they have done a closing account for the prepayment and im a little confused at this. The charges from the 12th of March 2019 to the 4th of April 2019 are £376.91. Now I know that there is no way I put this amount in the prepayment meter. I had no heating on in that month, I remember it was such a mild Spring and I rarely had any heating on as this bungalow is very well insulated. The most I topped up in just one week was £25. So how they can justify that amount, I cant even guess. Im worried they will use this amount to estimate my usage. I still cant get to read my meter, even if I stand on a ladder as its so high up and it just looks like a bunch of zeros, Ive even taken a photo but it still looks like a bunch of zeros, even when blown up. It was hard to balance on a step ladder as it was with one hand trying to take a photo, so not the best. Ive managed to get into a link they sent me, its a portal. The balance is showing nil owing. and there are no statements showing. So basically all they have sent is a closing balance on the prepayment meter and log in details for a portal with zero balance. Ive requested the meter be read. Which I keep asking for, but my landlord will come and try read it for me so I can send it. Im just worried when I do im going to get such a large bill I cant pay. These people just seem so elusive on what I should do despite asking these questions. The only answers im getting doesnt seem to make any sense. I know its partly my fault, I should of kept at them, but its not been an easy couple of years.
  13. A quick up date Have received an email from their welfare department. They found he wasnt rude to me. Throwing a letter at me addressed to the debtor and telling me to read it to get information off of it wasnt rude? They told me to contact Essex Magistrates Court, Im unaware that this court even exists, Ive done a search. She stated that an external investigation team gave them the details of the debtor. Apparently this was her last known address. Not sure how they come up with this information as I found her on 192.com after she had vacated this property. No information on where he was certificated, however I managed to find that out. Ive escalated my complaint and requested the footage.
  14. Quick update on this. Ive been contacted by bulb, not sure they know what they are doing at this point, but here goes. When the new meter went in, it was not updated to a normal meter on their system. A request has now gone in for me to be registered as a credit account. An account has never been generated for me, not a prepayment or a credit account. Once one has been done they are going to send me a link to an online account. I havnt been told a time scale, (its been requested) have not been told if I will be billed for the previous 2 years, (also been requested)
  15. Yes BA, my mistake, I didnt mean to put "county" court. The court that sent notice to me 2 years ago was for an unpaid motor offence. However there has been so many debt letters sent here for this person, so im not so sure whats what.
  16. Ive attempted several times to give them readings in the first year. The second year was via their portal but with no account number it just sent an error. Ive noted every attempt at trying to resolve this. Im not trying to attempt to get any free electric here BankFodder, far from it! I wouldnt be here trying to see what else I can do to try and get this resolved, as contacting them seemed futile. I didnt know I could send an SAR which Ive done and sent it to their contact email. Would you like me to keep you informed of the outcome?
  17. They were meant to lower the meter as its pretty difficult for me to read the meter, its 7ft off the ground, but it wasnt lowered. I can no longer physically read the meter. You can only read it via climbing up a ladder. Even an able bodied person would have difficulties, but its possible. Will get on to them with an SAR. but I feel im just going to be going round in circles again as no one seems to know anything about this account. Thank you
  18. Its definitely in my name. I know this as when they came out to change the meter, my name was on the paperwork I had to sign. Can they back date the bill for the whole two years? I didnt know I could send them a SAR, but I will get one sent off.
  19. When I moved to my present address there was a prepayment meter in the property. I discussed with the Landlord if I could change this and he was happy to have it changed to a normal meter. Ive always had normal meters and always paid my bills. not to mention that the meter was 7 ft high off the ground and couldnt reach to put the cards in. Bulb was the only company that would do this. Happy days! A month after it was put in I sent a reading to bulb, however it was rejected. I called them and they couldnt find me on their system. So I thought I had made a mistake and called a few companies, but no one seemed to know. So I called the national grid. they said they would look into it. I heard nothing. Then out of the blue almost a year later I received an email from Bulb requesting I log into my portal. I couldnt as I had no account number. I called again and again they said someone would get back to me. Due to covid, everyone has been working from home and information hasnt been very forthcoming. Its now been 2 years and Im so worried im going to be hit with a massive bill when someone picks this up and sees a mistake has been made. I was told right at the beginning of all this that Bulb only have prepayment customers not those on a normal meter. Not so sure how true this is and if that was the case Im suspecting my account has been lost somewhere. I had almost £900 saved to pay the first years bill when it came through, but its slowly dwindled over the past year, for essential things as I wasnt allowed to leave home etc. No one seems to know whats going on and just fobbed off at the moment. Any ideas on what I should be doing to try and resolve this further. Its not been through the lack of trying, its just no one seems to know whats happening.
  20. Yup had the same problem, thought I was safe to use them and have been for over a year with no issues, but then out of the blue my sewerage pipe blocked up and had raw sewerage over the garden. got it looked at and there were quite a few blocking the pipes up amongst other things that were nothing to do with me, Ive a shared system. However my wipes that are supposed to dissolve within a few hours certainly had not. so have stopped flushing them now. I thought about contacting the company about this but I doubt I would get very far.
  21. Looks like it was a county court Judgement as on the notice of intention to take control of goods, it stated HMCTS warrant of control, The company is CDER group.
  22. Thank you, I will get this sent off if I dont get a satisfactory response from the complaint thats been sent.
  23. He was an enforcement officer, he didnt show me his ID after I requested to see it though, he wouldnt show me the warrant after I requested to see that either. Just asked why I wanted to see the warrant. I have since found out that he was certificated 2 months ago at Dartford County Court. It was just her name on the envelope with Private and confidential written on it. I had to open it, because I had no idea who he was or what this was for or where he came from so that I could deal with it. The person in question lived here about 3 to 4 years ago, I have dealt with a few debtors and a county court summons a few years back, I opened one accidentally and glad I did as it was a court summons. This is when I told the court that this lady hadnt lived here for 2 years, I sent copies of my CT and a copy of my tenancy as they requested and stated that they would take my address off their system. I even asked what should I do if anything else came for her and she told me to just send them straight back, which is what I did with "not at this address" on the envelope. but Ive not had any more court letters sent, but I think I sent a couple of enforcement letters back, but I didnt open them, which was a couple of weeks back. There were 2 and both came on the same day. Now Im thinking if theres more than 1 debt Im going to get another visit. I wish I was a bit more with it that day as I would of possible dealt with it better. But I wasnt expecting a bailiff visit. Im just hoping that my complaint will be enough to stop any further visits. He did threaten to come back and next time start removing goods, after he saw my licence. I am a bit concerned he will try and take my car or clamp it. Its fairly new, but it is registered in my name and insured and I have the paperwork detailing its my car. but when do they ever check, I just dont need this aggravation. I forgot how depressing this can get.
  24. I did look at his camera a few times and it didnt look like it was recording, I know many have a red light when recording on body cams. I did ask him if it was on and i didnt hear his response. This was after he threw the letter at me and told me to get details from the letter if I wanted to complain. His conduct, i doubt would be as bad as it was if he had his cam recording. Im just glad my CCTV was running and recorded quite a bit of it. Its been such a long time since I dealt with this kind of bailiff that I cant remember if I need to send payment for an SAR. My MP is as useful as a chocolate tea pot round here and I doubt they would do anything, but just send out the usual garb.
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