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  1. Hi all, I could really do with advice on this: This morning I received an email from UCLAN citing unpaid tuition fees from 2010. I called them as I believed it to be spam because my fees were paid and I didn't stay longer than 1 year. From the conversation with UCLAN and looking at my online info it turns out I was overpaid £2500 by Student Finance... 6 years ago. Student Finance have never contacted me about it and I am currently a student again elsewhere but UCLAN have said they're getting in touch with SF to make them aware of the overpayment. I contacted SF myself but they couldn't give me any info at this stage and I would be contacted by their collections team in due course Is there a length of time by which SF would have to have notified me by? 6 years of not knowing is a pretty long time... Many Thanks Kx
  2. Ultimately it was a chain of failures by Thomas Cook that lead to us making the complaint. Without going into too much detail - I raised a complaint with Thomas Cook about circumstances on the flight that exacerbated my partner's (insured) medical condition that is still affecting him. This was alongside being given very incorrect information by a TC rep that was supposed to help our situation but quite obviously didn't. We were then let down at the airport by the complete lack of rep to support us. I had offered to provide insurance documents and doctor's information to Thomas Cook but they never requested it. Today, exactly 28 days after the complaint was made, I received an email (despite asking to be contacted by phone) with no more than an apology. If that wasn't maddening enough some of information quoted back to me in the email was incorrect to the original complaint... Not massively incorrect, but enough to make me believe that the complaint was only glanced over. The question is - do I pursue this or will I just be wasting my time? I'm not wanting a refund or anything like that but we were expecting to be compensated for the inconvenience and the fact that my partner is still struggling now he's back to work. Any gesture more than an apology would have been enough for us but now we just feel angry. Like we've been swept under the carpet. Any advice or similar experiences would be a great help Thank you Kxx
  3. Thank you for your advice. Hopefully I will now get to the bottom of all of this
  4. Ok are the Lewis Group stating they are acting on behalf of the creditor or are they saying they bought the debt? I asked them on the phone but the said they were unable to provide the information Did you receive a notice of assignment from the creditor saying Lewis had the debt? No I have only received letters from Lewis Group Has the account been defaulted? Yes What shows on your credit reference files? I haven't accessed them I have just read up on what a SAR is and I have found a strong example letter. Am I expected to enclose a payment for £10? I can see that this may be requested to cover the cost
  5. I've had no correspondence from the creditors to say my debt was passed over but the Lewis Group must have control of my account as I tried to use it at the weekend and it declined even though it had worked at the beginning of Feb before the letter was sent from them. Neither parties have been helpful or informative at all and my statement shows nothing out of the ordinary BRIGADIER I missed two consecutive payments last summer but once I paid I had no trouble using my account and I was contacted once during that time by a debt collector called Viking (I think). I'd had no issues with my account since until now. I have contacted the national debt helpline and they are sending me sample letters to forward to the Lewis Group
  6. Hi, I'm pretty new to this but I found this forum online and I am in desperate need of some advice... Last year I missed a payment on a store card, I brought the balance into check at the end of January so I'm no longer in arrears on payments and the minimum payment I needed to make was well exceeded. This payment cleared on the 1st of Feb from my bank account and shows on my recent statement for the store card. On the 6th of Feb I started getting letters from the Lewis Group. The first letter was dated the 6th of Feb so it was sent after the payment had cleared. It said I had to pay my remaining balance in full or bailiffs will be sent to my address. Naturally I ignored it but since then I have had another letter and persistent phone calls from them saying the balance needed to be cleared completely. I have explained the circumstances to them but they are having non of it. They want the balance in full otherwise I am getting a court order! I told them there are no longer any issues with my account and all payments have been accepted but I can't/don't want to clear the balance in full. I have contacted the original creditors with my concern but they say they have no access to my account information now the Lewis Group has it but I have still received my monthly statement from them!?! I am very confused and a bit distressed by all this as no one is being clear and all the Lewis Group say is that I need to pay immediately. It's like they just won't listen to me and it is so frustrating. Even though I will not be paying the balance in full does the Lewis Group have the power to affect my credit rating even if I keep my payments in line with my statements? If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
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