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  1. dx100uk thank you so much i have just been and bought a new keyboard button stuck down think spring has gone in old one first one was sent from mobile im punctuation dyslexic which does not help
  2. any specialists in car dealers and garage problems on here please here is most of the saga car make Mercedes car model e250 cdi blue efficiency sport coupe date of purchase 07/09/19 mileage at purchase 86399 current mileage 101000 i visited the showroom at the beginning of sept 2019 and saw a Mercedes for sale i said to the salesman was looking for a long distance motorway type car as my partners dad is very ill but lives in Lincoln and we have to keep travelling back and forth to his home a round trip of around 310 miles f
  3. haha lets hope so mate they already issued one ccj against me that i never even knew about or had any paperwork for but seeing as they won in court waste of time trying to fight it now i suppose
  4. thats great thanks guys i have other issues on my credit file that i need to sort out but i will get this one out of the way first all help is appreciated
  5. received a reply from capquest saying account on hold for 28 days while they contact original creditor anything i need to do
  6. So once its stayed can it be removed from my credit file
  7. Do i have to get it stayed or does that happen on its own
  8. on that friday the court wrote to me saying it had been accepted the day after i heard from the people who raised the ccj attempt saying they were going to request information from original company so how long should i wait please
  9. thanks guys what should happen next and how long i dont want to screw it up again
  10. done that thanks guys fingers crossed im useless at this stuff
  11. hi all just an update whats next as still not heard anything from the solicitor or capquest
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