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  1. Also wondering how they got my new address as I have had zero contact with them.
  2. I suspect this was from when I was living and working in Canada for 6 months. I never received any notification of a fine or a court date which means I couldn't let them know or attend. Can I trace this back or appeal in any way?
  3. Hello, I just received this through the post. I honestly have no idea what it for but looking at the amount it seems old. Can someone advise what I do next. [ATTACH=CONFIG]57560[/ATTACH]
  4. Hello, I am in a very difficult situation with Wandsworth council over council tax. This started back last year with when I moved into a shared property with some other people and for some reason the Council tax was put under my name and the name of someone else that didn't live here. The council never sent me a bill or any correspondence until I received a summons for none payment of council tax. At this point I emailed them and explained I live in a shared house with other people and I had not received any bill and the bill should not be in my sole name. I was then informed that someone would look into this and get back to me. The next thing I heard was a Bailiff coming to my door threatening to take my stuff away or I have to pay the full amount plus over 20% of fees on top. I contacted the council again asking about any appeal or the fact that the bill is not solely mine, it took them 2 weeks to reply by email which they told me that I have had the chance to appeal and that they sent me a multiple occupancy form, which they never did. They also told me to contact the Bailiff from now on. The worse thing about this is I suffer from PSTD and extreme bouts of depression and I have recently been laid off because me taking time off because of this situation to go back on medication and into therapy. Before this I had been medication free for over a year. I feel I have been treated most unfairly and all I wanted was the chance to pay the bill in installments and for the bill not to be solely my responsibly. Is there anything I can do? as the situation seems to be getting worse no matter what I try. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have been fighting a long running battle with British gas since last year. To cut a long story short this is the series of events leading up to now. 1. I moved into a property in Jan 2013 and a meter reading was given by the landlord to British Gas 2. British Gas send me an estimated bill between Jan and March of 2940.00 kwh. I know this this is stupidly high as I lived in a modern studio flat on my own and the electric heating was out of action for this time (the flat was warm with out it anyway) 3. I queried this bill and explained I lived in a massive block of flats and I have no access to the meter so could they send someone, British gas said they would send someone round. They didn't. I carried on trying to request a meter reading every other week until the next bill came. 4. The next bill came where they estimated 2245 kwh an hour for the time between March and July, I carried on requesting a meter reading (this time in writing), British Gas said they would sort it out, they didn't. 5. I moved out on the 16th of August and they sent me a final bill for 13 days that was 319 kwh which was also an estimate! So now they have sent a debt collector after me and even though I know the landlord has sent them a final reading for me they refuse to produce me a final bill that isn't an estimate. I am not sure what I can do to force British Gas to re-evaluate my account? Thanks Webmonkie
  6. I submitted it because I want to see all the information regarding this case as I have had no communication at all, i wanted to see the Liability order. But they have not complied with the SAR anyway. Well does anyone have any suggestions how I can challenge this? Also possible visit fee? they haven't been to my property, I didn't even get a chance to defend myself in court. Also as the letter states, have Phoenix managed to get a default notice issued against me after all this time? I haven't even been offered an arrangement or anything! I just asked them to put it on hold so I could get all the facts together.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I was contacted out of the blue about 6 months ago from Phoenix Collections regarding a Liability Order dating back to 2007 with Bradford Council. I had no had any notice or contact about this before so I contacted the council and they stated that I owed £236 pounds dating back to a property that I moved out of in 2005. When I left that property everything was fine but I found out that the Rental Agency (Who are now closed) told the council I had left at a later date and it was my fault for not leaving the correct forwarding address, but I had at the time and I move once a year around the country where the work is. My problem now is - The council offered to put the account on hold while I submitting a SAR to find out all the details regarding this case I submitted a SAR following the procedure listed here over 2 months ago The council wrote back stating that I need to provide Identification before they would send any information (is this correct) 2 weeks later I receive a Letter from Phoenix (attached) titled DEFAULT NOTICE and they are coming to collect my goods, and that I don't even need to be there. How can they do this despite not visiting me before and also the amount has jumped to £330.82! Any advice or next steps? I really don't want to let them win this one yet.
  8. Can anyone suggest a plan of action I can follow? I am going to contact the council in the morning and see if I can find out what this is about. Also what is strange is it states 'Liability order dated:' but no date
  9. Well the only thing I can think of is when I was moving out, my car was parking in front my house and 1 wheel was out of the packing zone so I got a ticket, I wrote to the council and had no reply, I phoned them and was told that the fine was withdrawn. This is just as I was moving out. I have heard nothing about this since then (if it is that). Can they start this kind of action with no previous contact? If i knew I still owed something I would of paid it.
  10. Hello I have just come home to find a letter on my Door Mat from Rundles. I have no idea who these people are or what this is for. It states in the latter that it is for Guildford Borough Council and it states they have tried to contact me before (No they haven't) and they will be returning in 48 hours to remove my goods. First of all, I have no idea what this debt is for, I lived in Guildford for 6 months while I worked there and I paid the landlord a fee including council tax so it is not that. Can the Bailiffs do this is I have no idea what this is for and any idea what I can do about this? Thanks Jody
  11. Hello, I have recently moved into a flat in North London. The price I am paying is above the normal because of location and the type of flat I was moving into but things are not what they seem... I was show the flat by a letting agent and fell in love with it right away (btw the Landlord has dropped the letting agent now). I paid my deposit there and then and went to collect the keys 3 weeks later. When I came to the office I signed the contract and once I had done that the letting agent told me there was a mistake and its the flat next door I was renting but he assured me it was exactly the same. So I took the keys and proceeded to move in, now surprise, surprise the flat is the same layout and everything but in a very poor condition, here is a list of some of the problems - None working radiator Broken cupboards Missing curtains Stained cushions and the fact that all the electrics shut off in my flat when I fold the bed up into the wall (i mean come on that really worries me) I am trying to get the landlord to repair these issues but now I have been contacted by a Management Agent (Who i didn't know existed) and they are trying to tell me that the flat is fine. I am wondering with all the current facts, where I stand legally and what can I do Thanks Jody
  12. Hello, I moved in to a new flat on the 23rd of Nov 2011. I phoned the Council office to register for the electoral role and for council tax. I spoke to a lady there and gave my bank details for Direct Debit and I was assured I would receive a breakdown as well as an electoral role form. Dec and Jan came and passed and nothing. No Direct Debit on my account, no letters nothing. So I contacted the office again and explained and they said they would rectify this straight away. I opened my post this morning and I have a summons asking for the full amount for between the dates of 23rd Nov to 31st of March 2012 with a Tax date of 24th of Feb. This can't be right, I followed everything they requested of me. I couldn't even pay myself with a card or something because I didn't know the amount. I am wondering if this all happened because the last person living got reminders or something has gone wrong over there. They have added £145 costs to a £300 bill! I dont even know if I have my single persons discount or anything. Any help or thoughts?
  13. Well I sent the seller a email along the lines of Bookworms suggestion and I have had no reply yet. If you guys need any more information please just ask some questions and I will answer them as clearly as I can. Thanks for all your help so far.
  14. The seller wanted £100 to make this all go away. I offered him £25 pound to cover his fees in the first instance but I will not give £100 to someone who bullies his way into getting money. As I said earlier today he has now been harassing a innocent person as he as started sending messages to my old number even though I requested he keep all his messages to the eBay system or in writing. Do you think I should just give him his money as it's not that much and it would destroy any chance that he could take me to court. Or can I make a offer to settle out of court if it gets that far?
  15. Does that mean if it goes to court I have already lost? Also do I not get to defend myself in regards to The events of the sale and the problems with the car?
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