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  1. Ok that’s a shame would have loved that wiped out early. Once this one is out of the way it’s time to start work through other debts very old ones
  2. Would you suggest I contact the credit agencies as it’s only ever lantern that registered the default this year ? It is due to drop off in Nov anyway but it would be nice to get it gone
  3. Good Morning All, Another letter today now saying no default notice date ? no default in place correctly then I assume so does this mean credit file needs to be amended fast too ? IMG_2208.pdf
  4. Ok cool thank you I don’t want to say something I shouldn’t be to a mediator, and to be honest I feel very daunted now by this
  5. Ok so I discuss that lack of paperwork then I assume with the mediator
  6. After now completing the form to agree to mediation after reading a few threads on here that I could manage to find about mediation am I mistaken but is mediation just a way to agree to pay them back something? As I don’t wanna really pay these scumbags anything
  7. Ok so I’ll do that then but I don’t wanna pay them something they don’t own
  8. Yes but do I mediate or not do you think please
  9. good morning all just received this what do I respond now please ? combine mediation.pdf
  10. good morning all another letter today ref my defenceIMG_2183.pdf
  11. Logged all that was there is statements and loan reference details and a copy of an agreement and a so called spreadsheet showing supposed dates of contact of various types,
  12. Yes but there is an option for forgetting log in details just unsure if I should log in as it will recognise I’ve done it that’s all just unsure at this stage
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