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  1. Donation sent and Letter from the court today, my pdf subscription expired but I’m sure these 2 pics are ok as no detail shown. Round 2 now will probably start as they are now trying for the other loan on the cca that they supplied incorrectly IMG_0408.pdf View recent photos.pdf
  2. Good morning all just got back from court I won claim set aside, due to no true letter of assignment incorrectl orig cca supplied and no default notice,
  3. Ok so just very briefly explain why I thought it was paid for the last 5 years and now this bunch of T come along and quote that bit of the cca you said ? Don’t wanna P judge off by quoting law stuff about no default notice. If he does find in their favour would he accept putting it in a DMP instead of a ccj if say I gotta pay
  4. Yes I hope the judge has already seen no default notice so throws it out otherwise I’ll have to try and just argue that as my point as I thought I’d paid it all as OC never sent me one
  5. Oh well this weds is the day absolutely dreading it to be honest
  6. Ol thank you for that it will run it’s course then and hopefully I’ll get a good judge
  7. When I agreed to mediation this never seemed to kick in so should I try for full and final s ment at a lot of money off if I contact the claimant?
  8. Mmm ok what would you advise chance it for the judge and wIait and see if moriarty pay the fee ?
  9. Yes I knew I may have been a bit longer paying it but thought I had done eventually. No default notice ever received no
  10. So it looks like I underpaid by £120 as it looks like for some reason they kept adding on £240 ?
  11. Oh looks like I still owe it off the capital then I can see after the last big Payment I made small £1 odd payments and it’s still not cleared then. So I need to pay it do I even though these **** are not the orig lender ?
  12. Yes I think so as I was sure it was all paid but looks like I’m wrong ?
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