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  1. Hi, is ignoring the right move? If I’m disputing the amount owed surely there is something I can do?
  2. Hi, default date is 29th August 2012. Had two email default notices but not in writing, doesn’t look like an official default notice. on 03/05/2012 had an email stating balance outstanding was £237, another email on 20/05/20 stating balance was £404. Sent a CCA request on 29th August 2013, no response to this. Received an email on 16/12/2014 from Kapama stating I owed £1075! They are not chasing me but I feel they have put excessive charges and interest.
  3. Hi, I was unfortunate, some may say silly to get involved with Pay Day Loan companies over the last few years. I am trying to clean up my credit report and have found four registered on my report. One for over £1000 on what was only a £100 loan. I have attached a copy of the information from my report. Can anyone help me sift through this and advise on the best route. I think the Kapama debt was from Mini Credit who have ceased trading. Just need to know what is the best way forward with these . Many thanks.
  4. Okay, I will go through the statements tonight and work a figure out. The settlement letter they sent me included a form which would be sent to the court for them to “Stay” the Judgement based on my offer. Should I complete this or just put the offer in writing for now until they agree?
  5. Okay, I see what you mean. What do you reckon would be a reasonable but low offer, as you say it is a large sum. Realistically I can only afford around £30 a month. Was thinking of offering 25% of the debt which is approx £1600. In your opinion is this reasonable?
  6. Hi Andy. Have been thinking over the situation this morning trying to decide my next move. Have taken your valuable advice on board. I think with my current financial situation and the effect long term this could have I feel it might be best to try and cut a deal. They may well not be able to prove their claim but I fear this is a bit of a gamble. But I am still thinking about my defence/set off and wondering if I should not cut a deal and pursue the fact that the majority of the debt is made up of excessive fees/interest charges. Also, the fact that they have not provided the documents r
  7. Thanks Andy. Will look at it tomorrow with a clear head and post my thoughts tomorrow. Many thanks.
  8. Okay, now I have conflicting advice. One saying ignore the letter as it is their usual blurb sent out in these situations and secondly I should consider their settlement offer. But as stated they have not provided proof of the debt yet. They have offered a settlement based on monthly payments but I could only afford monthly of around £40 based on my financial situation. So if I did make them an offer they could still decline my offer. Going back to my defence/set off, can this still come into play or do you think they will go straight for a strike out if I fail to reply to their offe
  9. Okay, fair enough. Sorry for further questions but this is all new to me and just wanting to make sure I don't fall into any of their traps. So, you advise not to reply, but what about their claim of requesting my defence by struck out at the hearing? Is this just scare mongering?
  10. A further update today. Received a Settlement letter from solicitors (attached). I need to reply within 7 days or they will apply to Court to have my defence struck out at hearing. Any advice please?
  11. Okay, that makes sense. What about the fact that they have not responded to the CCA and CPR requests? I noticed that they cashed the cheque for the CCA request fee but sent no documents.
  12. Sorry to sound stupid, but what do you mean by "proceed...await the DQ"?
  13. Well, I submitted my defence on 23rd September and received acknowledgement from HMC on 27th. Today I have received two letters from the Solicitors. One is a copy of a letter they have sent back to the court acknowledging receipt of my defence. They have stated that the Claimant wishes to proceed with the Claim and they look forward to hearing from the Court with directions. The second letter to myself states that the Claimant "agrees in principle to mediation. We should also be grateful to hear from you in relation to without prejudice negotiations and to contact them". I have still
  14. Okay, will do. Am I okay to contact you as and when I receive further correspondence?
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