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  1. I didnt agree as such i just didnt seem to get a choice they said thats what they were doing n the court processesit.
  2. Im going to dig the paperwork out tomorrow. I read somewhere on here that if they dont write to you telling you of interest to be apllied they cant charge it is this true? It also says that it can only be added to ccjs for credit agreements and that a default notice should of been served. I had non of this and absolutely no correspondence from them after going to court.
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. 4 years ago my husband passed away. He had been poorly for some time during which i had taken a career break from my work to be his main carer. When he passed we were in quite a mess financially after having had no proper income for some time (couldnt claim anything as i was on a career break, not unemployed as such). I paid what i could for his funeral but had a balance outstanding of £2500 which i failed to make arrangements to pay and quite honestly was struggling to pay our mortgage had bailiffs at the door for council tax so h
  4. Hi, Thankyou for the reply. I will dig out what i have on the charge listing and post. He didnt forge my signature as such. I dont want to use my real name for obv reasons so lets pretend my maiden name was smith and my married name was gardener. The agreement has my details as S Gardener. At that point i wad still s smith we wernt married. The only S Gardener at that point was our then 18 month old daughter! Does that make a difference? In effect their agreement has totally the wrong name on it!
  5. Hi Folks, I hope someone can provide me with some helpful advice! Several years ago my husband passed away after a long illness with cancer. I am now in a position where my daughter and I would like to move home. Cut a long story short about how I found out but it appears my husband took a loan out with Welcome Finance some years ago (approx. 11 years ago) which was somehow without me knowing secured on our property (joint names, now in my sole now since he died). At the time he would of been in full time employment. I have since found in his paperwork some informatio
  6. Hi folks, After some advice. Yesterday i went in to my local branch to deposit some money. Handed my card over, got the recept and off i went to see my clients for the day. Lunchtime i try to go buy some shopping and my card keeps saying incorrect pin. I pay with the only cash i had come out of the store check my balance online see it is ok and assume it must if just been a problem with the stores card reader. Later on in the day i go for a costa coffee with a client. Same again. Obviousely very embarassing and frustrating at this point! Pay with my costa points luckil
  7. Thankyou and yes that is correct, no voucher, no expiry date just a "future credit". Should i insist my "complimentary" stay is of the credit value do you think? Is there some sort of rule i can quote to give them a bit of a wake up call? Shell
  8. Hi, I wonder if i may be able to get some advice? 3 years ago my fiance and i got married at a lovely hotel down in sandbanks. It cost a fair amount of money and all of our family and friends attended and stayed over at the hotel. My family all clubbed together to give us what they thought was a lovely wedding gift...a £250 "voucher" to return to the hotel on a date of our choice. The hotel didnt issue a voucher as they said they didnt do them but told my sisters that when we wanted to book just to call and quote my name and the wedding date so they could match it up with t
  9. Thankyou for the reply. I certainly feel vulnerable so its hard to accept i wouldnt be seen like that to others. Asking for help or admitting defeat is not something i am familiar with and after fighting cancer and waking each day for 3 years wondering if my husband would still be breathing beside me youd think this would be easy bit i feel like im 2 steps forward 3 back all the time. i will make another application to the court to get the ccj set aside but if they dont what happens will marstons just keep coming every week for the rest of my life!!!!!! Does the fact all of my po
  10. Hi Folks, update on this Marstons have made about 6 visits now and last week sent me a letter telling me that on the 27th they wil be attending with a "removal contract". Is this different or should i continue as normal and not let them in? I have also made them aware i fit in to the vulnerable category but they have just ignored this. I am a single parent, recently bereaved and limited income. I rang the court today to see what had happened to the application i made and they said they wrote back to me on the 9th september to say that i hadn't filled the form in correctly so now
  11. Hi, Thankyou Mikeymack2002 for the info , i have just downloaded the form to get it set aside and downloaded my bank statemetns. I have just had a Wftc award notification through so will send that and it says on the form that widowed parents allowance is not required (proof of) so will save me hunting for that. I will post it all off tomorrow. I'm just worried about the bailiff coming. The enforcement people said unless i agreed a "realistic" payment plan today and made the first payment they couldn't stop him coming and that i should let him in and talk it through
  12. Thanks all, i have spoken with the citizens advice and have an appointment tomorrow. The LA have not been too horrid and had agreed to give me 4 weeks to get myself sorted. They have said they will spread it over 12 months so it works out at around £300 pm. I have a CCJ that was issued at the business address for an EA that has come to my home address from severn trent. They wont accept an installment plan but the CIB said i could apply to have it set aside. That would be ok if i could afford the £155 fee to do that I have considered an IVA but dont know if business AND perso
  13. Hi all, This is a rather long story sorry, i will try to shorten it! 3 years ago i took a career break from my bank job to care for my husband who had terminal cancer. He died 1.5 years ago. He had his own business at the time which was struggling since he hadn't been able to be proactive in it for some time. At that point he had 2 pubs with a well known brewery. The brewery asked me to keep the pubs on and promised support both financial and operational. This never came to force i ended up ploughing my own personal savings in to the businesses with the conti
  14. Hi, I hope someone can advise me as i have 2 days to get something straight in my head about my situation To cut a long story short, my husband was a tenant on a 5 year Retail Partnership Tenancy with a well known pub company. The agreement was in his ltd company name of which he was the sole director. He passed away 2 years ago nearly and the pubco asked me if i would continue with the pub. It was my husbands dream so was a hard decision but financially it was not doign well and they promised me lots of help and support. They also said that they could
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