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  1. I had my first bill generated and my direct debit cancelled for some reason (you need to set up a DD to go for the quick start option) however they inststed I never set one up and my bank confirms it was. Due to issues with wifi I was given a free powerline adapter. I shortly noticed a £58 credit on my account which I believed was a goodwill gesture as the first bill came to close to £95. As the DD was cancelled I was only able to pay on the website which stated £34 was still left to be paid. I paid this and the account clearly stated the balance on the account was £0 and everything was settled. Great I thought! I've got my second bill this month and its £95 again! Went on the live chat to be told I never paid the bill in full last month. I have screenshots which show the balance was all paid and the account had a £0 balance. No explanation, just that oh it must just be our billing systems updating and then they ended the chat. Where do I stand with this?
  2. So on the 25th April I was given the opportunity to have my contract penalty free. The line was to cancel off on the 25th May..... as of today it's still active! Contact them on Tuesday and was told it was an error and it would be cancelled within 24 hours...... back on today and told under no circumstances will it be cancelled off penalty free! I have a text message to my phone confirming this, an email from Lee confirming this and serveral chat logs confirming this yet they will not budge without charging me a fee so as such the line has to remain active!
  3. So the chat this morning is vodafone now denying there are any issues despite their network status page showing this. They are also linking me to the said checker and then saying they cannot see anything from their end.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. It really is a joke and the advisors are totally unhelpful. I will get a letter drafted up and sent to them. They are insistant that the sure signal is the only option!
  5. So I have yet more issues with vodafone. This is the final straw unfortunately. I've had over 2 months of constant maintenance in my area and despite several chats to advisors, all I am being offered is a 'free' sure signal device which I've to pay for and have the money credited onto the account. I don't have the money to pay for this upfront especially since it needs my broadband to work! An advisor on friday apparantly placed the order for free alongside a free mifi device as a gesture of goodwill however this was cancelled by vodafone who didn't tell me until I enquired today to find out where the missing delivery was. So yeah, 2 months of constant maintenance and they state this isn't grounds for any cancellation as the engineers are working on it and it will be sorted 'soon'. What are my rights with this, if any?
  6. So I upgraded about a week ago as my upgrade date was 1st August and the plan ended 15th October. The first upgrade advisor said I had to pay an upgrade fee of £210 because ; I didn't necessarily mind as I thought I must have got my dates mixed up and new my current phone would have paid that off. The advisor discounted this down to £168.67 so I wasn't too annoyed with that. The more I thought about it though, I felt I shouldn't have paid anything so I got back on to the chat and was told ; Obviously I thought that was quite a nice offer so I agreed to continue ( I had already paid £43.67 as they told me the bill couldn't have a charge higher than £125 added at one time?) So, the upgrade arrives and all seems to be well....... until my bill arrives! £138.94 charge! No idea where this figure comes from as it doesn't add up to what the chat advisors had even said. Going onto the chat I have been told I have to pay this ; trying to return the device is a nightmare as I keep getting passed from pillar to post. Then other advisors are just simply saying All well and good saying that but not when a bill of nearly £200 is on the line :mad2:
  7. I received a retention offer via email so I had to speak to the live chat team to accept it. I was quote the price and all was good. I then received a confirmation email a day later that noted there was a price increase of £3 per month. Yeah it's only £3 but it's the principle. I got onto the live chat and was told recontract offers are immediate and there is no cooling off period and the misinformation I was given was not a valid reason to 'nullify' the contract. I'm absolutely livid at how sneaky they were!
  8. Thank you That's me send the email along following the steps above.
  9. Okay, for about 6 months or so there is constantly maintenance work happening with the service and the 3G service is usually about 0.2mbps which is terrible. I was on the webchat again today for what is about the millionth time since joining in January (exaggeration maybe but you get the point ) Today, the advisor actually admitted there is a network problem with half of my postcode ; actually confused how half the postcode can get coverage yet the other half have issues. Nevertheless the advisor then offered a penalty free cancellation if I returned the device to them. The problem here being I changed my handset on my own accord and the one I actually have is not the one I got through the deal. I was therefore offered £5 off my deal because of the lack of internet services being available. I've been promised many phonecalls from a manager to discuss this however none of these calls have materialised! Do you think this is an acceptable offer? I'm not an unreasonable person ; I just want a service that works and is reflective of the level of service they advertise on their website
  10. Here we are weeks later and the issue is still not resolved! Received a response from the Executive Office 3rd September and nothing else has been done since then. Still have the faulty freezer in my possession!
  11. This is on behalf of my Mum ; She ordered a fridge freezer from Very.co.uk on the 26th of June with delivery expected to be on the 24th July. The delivery was successfully booked for this day and the delivery couriers phoned and said they would have been with her by 2pm. They then phoned on that day at 8pm saying they ran out of driving time and it would not be delivered. Appreciate this isn't very's fault so the delivery was re-arranged for the Sunday. It arrived and once the couriers left, it was all set up and the water dispenser was all set up ready for use.... only to find it was broken. After £40 worth of calls to very, they kept passing my mum from pillar to post. She was then advised to contact LG who sent out an engineer. The engineer confirmed the internal workings were smashed to pieces and the unit was badly damaged by the couriers. They provided an uplift reference to re-contact very with. The first email to very was on the 5th August and the uplift reference was provided on the 12th August. Very have still not contacted my Mum in regards to the uplift and we are still sitting with a unit that is not fully operational. We phone very only to be told to contact another department with a waiting time of over 40 minutes which on an 0844 number is not acceptable i'm sure you'll agree. So £40 worth of calls and £50 worth of food that was lost due to the freezer not being delivered the day it should have been, this shambles doesn't appear to be reaching a conclusion anytime soon. What can we do as very are being very unresponsive!
  12. For the past 2 weeks the 3G on my phone has been way below 1mbps which is unacceptable. I've been on to vodafone several times who blamed the phone despite the 3G speeds being good elsewhere, the sim card to which they replaced it, then numerous masts not working correctly despite their live coverage checker saying everything was fine. Now I have been back on today and the advisor tried to sell me a Sure Signal box for £75 which I wasn't prepared to pay. The advisor later stated that " We can confirm that it is not fault at all, and there are no faults or anything reported in the area as we got the confirmation from the team it might get updated more in the future and you have a service working Ryan yes it could be slow but at the end of the day you are able to use your service for calls, texts and internet " They are now basically trying to say they have too many customers in my area so that's the reason the service is poor. I pay a great deal of money to them every month for them to take this shocking unhelpful stance. It was basically there is nothing we can do. Absolutely frustrated!
  13. My stepdad currently has o2 and more recently he's had to start using his 3G service rather than wi-fi due to us switching to a capped broadband service. Upon doing so, his 3G is non-existant in our house and the coverage checker states there is 0% 3G signal in our area ; something he wasn't aware of before. We've contacted o2 who are adament there is nothing they can do but drop his contract from £36 per month to £26 as a goodwill gesture. They keep stating it's a problem with the masts despite their live network checker saying network is working fine and despite the fact our street shows no 3G service. Is there anything he can do or will he need to fork out for the ETF?
  14. I had aquired last November a SIMO deal for £8 which was being advertised as £0 per month for 12 months. I still have all the documentation stating this. However, this month (also being the first month I won't be paying for my other contract as it's been settled), my balance online is showing as £12.18 and that the SIMO contract was renewed on the 26/05/2014 which co-incidentally was the day I also used the PAC code to get my other phone number with them ported over to Vodafone. Absolutely shocked that if I hadn't checked that they would have charged me £12.18. Shame it's as late or I'd be on to their Customer service right now
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